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This Week on My TV: September 20, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(RecklessS1E10 "Fifty-One Percent"Roy in his top hat and handlebar mustache get-up for his daughters' tea party? I die. -- Who is leaking all these details from the police station? First, Lee Anne's tape, now the information about Joyce's pain pill problem? -- I'm not sure I trust Terry telling Lee Anne that they found Arliss's dog tags near a gator's nest. He has too much to gain from her giving up on searching for Arliss. -- Was Judge Embry wearing a neon green shirt with a coral tie under his robes?! -- I can't figure out how I feel about Preston, because I really like Roy. Probably a good thing I'm not Jamie.

**(UnforgettableS3E10 "Fire and Ice") Sure seems like Carrie has found herself in a lot of tunnels lately. First, the case of that kid who went off the grid and lived in that commune on the deserted island, in an old sanitarium. Then, the secret passageways in that private school. Now, the subway tunnels entrances that allowed a bomber to move around undetected between targeted buildings? -- I wasn't all that into the whole bombing story, but that laser bomb trap security system that Carrie navigated was a pretty cool use of her memory. -- There's never any backup when our heroes need it. -- Precious moment where Cherie and her daughter, Maya, remember the husband/father they've lost. Almost made me tear up. -- Carrie and Al carry on, sometimes, like no one else is in the room...except they are.

**(UnforgettableS3E11 "True Identity"Al: A "who's who" of people you'd rather we not piss off? -- Why is there always a client list that's unavailable because the clients expect "extreme discretion"? If you want the benefit of extreme discretion, STOP BREAKING THE LAW. -- Fact: people trying to escape through the woods always fall down. -- I have to admit, I didn't see the direction this episode took coming in the slightest. A victim who worked for a high-end match making service was really tied into a Mexican drug cartel? Whoa. That's a leap.

**(RecklessS1E11 "And So It Begins"Dec: People to sue, hours to bill! -- This entire episode, it drove me crazy trying to figure out where I recognize Vi's ex-husband from. I still can't place it. -- How does a woman who supposedly barely knew she was pregnant and doesn't even show yet happen to know the gender of her baby? -- I still don't give a flip about Terry's illegal arms deal, but so much for that $4000 roll of cash being "all the money he has in the world." Holy toolbox full of stacks of hundreds! -- OMG the jury tampering *was* a set-up! whom?? -- Roy [to Jamie]: Look, I know over the next couple of weeks, we're going to be at each other's throats. We're going to do things we regret and say things we don't mean. But this is my promise to you: No matter what happens, win or lose, when this is over, I'm going to make you fall in love with me. ... ::fans self::

**(RecklessS1E12 "Civil Wars (Part One)") This show does an excellent soundtrack. -- Terry *acts* like he really loves Lee Anne, but I just can't stop being suspicious of his intentions. -- So, it was Chief Flynn that tampered with the jury, and obviously to prevent Lee Anne from winning her lawsuit. -- How did Roy get the footage of Lee Anne and Terry on the night of the Mayor's Ball from Terry's spycam in Jamie's office?! -- Ew, with the guy in the sweat-stained wife beater. -- Holy. Crap. No wonder Lee Anne didn't think Jamie should talk to that former detective who had suffered a mental breakdown. She was using him to get drugs from evidence, playing all kinds of sexual games, broke up his marriage, and when he'd had enough, she moved Terry. Whoa. -- Lee Anne and Dec are scheming together?! They planned this whole thing?! Did they just kiss?! What. Just. Happened.

**(RecklessS1E13 "Civil Wars (Part Two)"I can't believe when Jamie confronted Lee Anne about orchestrating this whole lawsuit, Lee Anne just haughtily admitted it all. And Dec orchestrated all this to...get into the Mayoral race? That's it? -- Shelby left Nolan?? And she thinks Roy should, what, welcome her back with open arms? That's not the way it works, sister. -- Man, all that sympathy for Lee Anne being victimized and humiliated, while she is, in reality, so manipulative and devious. I can't believe I actually feel bad for Terry the way she's playing him. And then he gives it right back to her by throwing her under the bus when he takes the stand as a witness for Roy. They might actually be perfect for each other. -- I can't figure out if Lee Anne actually loves Arliss or if that, too, is all an act, another lie. -- Ha, Jamie freaking out over the jury deliberating for six days. Because she clearly wants that date Roy told her was coming no matter what the verdict. -- I think I was on pins and needles as much as Jamie, while she waited for Roy to show up. (Especially when they showed the feet of a male who had clearly been shot and Roy was late! Ack!!) And show up, he did. ::fans self:: -- Roy [to Jamie]: Then I realized a gentleman doesn't leave the women he loves waiting alone. ... And swoon. -- Dec was shot? By whom?? His wife? His scorned, pregnant former lover? Lee Anne? Any of the other enemies he's made? And now I'm on edge, waiting for the announcement of whether or not I'll get a season two! ::fingers crossed:: ::toes too::

**(DallasS3E10 "Dead Reckoning") I'm glad JR's watch and belt buckle survived the fire. -- How do their phones never break when they get dropped in dramatic horror? -- A soul patch, Christopher? Really? -- I notice, despite her bitter vehemence, Pamela is still wearing her wedding and engagement rings. -- Oh, Pamela. You told John Ross that you're tired of being with men who put greed and ambition before you. You revisionist fool. Christopher never treated you that way. *You* treated *him* that way. -- Mark my words: no matter what she claims, Pamela will end up back with John Ross. They are the new Sue Ellen and JR: destined to be together, whether it's because they are on darkly powerful "good" terms or locked in a destructive pattern. -- Poor Christopher. Why can't he be allowed some happiness? Looks like his new flame is going back to her ex-husband. -- Considering the care they took to show Nicolas poking a hole in Elena's diaphragm, Elena's going to end up with more from John Ross than possession of his letter from JR, isn't she.

**(The BridgeS2E11" Beholder"While that opening scene was a little gross, what with Sebastian's junkie daughter going through an involuntary detox at Fausto's hand, it was still pretty amusing to watch Fausto get annoyed that his gun wasn't loaded for the video he recorded to send Sebastian. -- Did Adriana and Frye seriously break into the dead DEA agent's house?! OMG. -- Diagnosis in Sonya's file?? That's it? No further explanation? -- Muttonchops (aka Linder): My beard affords me special powers. ...What?? LOL. He is such a trip. -- When Fausto asked to dance with that guy's daughter at her quinceanera, despite the expression on the father's face, all I could think was "there's no one who's telling Fausto no when he asks." -- That was a very sweet scene between Eva and Muttonchops, when she shaved off his beard. -- I wish I could remember what Sonya said in the first season about her mother. Was she always a junkie or did Lisa's murder push her to it? -- Well, crap. That rogue CIA agent, whose name I have no clue, sprung Eleanor to "clean up her mess." That's bad news for Sonya with that Ledger of Doom in her possession and Eleanor knowing it. -- Ambush ending! Fausto's goons, I bet, and they're going to grab Marco.

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