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I Watch TV 2013-2014 Season: The Broken Road Awards - Finale

I'm getting the "wrap it up music," so without further ado, the Broken Road Awards finale (winners in red italics)!

A reminder of the shows in contention:

Returning Shows:
Dexter (SHO, final season). Once Upon a Time (ABC). The Good Wife (CBS). The Mentalist (CBS). Mad Men (AMC). How I Met Your Mother (CBS, final season). 2 Broke Girls (CBS). Mike and Molly (CBS). Dallas (TNT). Chicago Fire (NBC). Person of Interest (CBS). Revolution (NBC, cancelled). The Middle (ABC). Law and Order: SVU (NBC). Modern Family (ABC). CSI (CBS). The Big Bang Theory (CBS). Grey's Anatomy (ABC). Scandal (ABC). Elementary (CBS). Parenthood (NBC). Last Man Standing (CBS). The Carrie Diaries (CW, cancelled). Blue Bloods (CBS).

New Shows:
Sleepy Hollow (FOX). Mom (CBS). The Blacklist (NBC). About a Boy (NBC). Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC, single season spinoff). Reign (CW). The Michael J Fox Show (NBC, cancelled midseason).

Summer Shows:
Low Winter Sun (AMC, new, cancelled). The Bridge (FX, new). Unforgettable (CBS). Motive (ABC, new).

Most Anticipated New Show
1. The Blacklist - Spader. Spader. Spader. Spader. Spader.
2. Reign - I almost never get into teen angsty drama, but those costumes. And the accents. I was intrigued from the first trailer.
3. The Bridge - We kept seeing trailers for the show. All we could tell was that it was some kind of murder-mystery-ish police drama. That's usually enough to pique our interest.

Most Disappointing Drama
1. Revolution - Oh, Revolution. You had so much potential and you let it slip away. You weren't even "so bad you're good." You were just a dismal failure.
2. Chicago Fire - Are you kidding me? How many things can go so terribly wrong in one fire house?
3. Dexter - I'm still not sure how that series finale was supposed to work.

Most Disappointing Comedy
1. 2 Broke Girls - This borders on unwatchable. The lines are so awkwardly and stiffly delivered. They should have gotten past that midway through the first season. There are three seasons in the books now. What's the excuse? If it weren't for Sophie, we'd stop watching all together.
2. Mike and Molly - Not a fan of this new direction they're taking Molly. She isn't funny. She's obnoxious.
3. How I Met Your Mother - Only one thing: HOW COULD THEY KILL OFF THE MOTHER?? ::weeps::

Most Disappointing New Show
1. The Michael J Fox Show - I do love MJF. I wanted to like this show. I really did. Other than him and Anne Heche, though, this show just fell flat.
2. Low Winter Sun - I was hoping for another summer show. What I got was a depressing, dark tale of dirty cops and druggies that never felt like it had a purpose.
3. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - We knew from very early on that this was designed to be a single season spin-off. And that's fine. But the CGI in this show was so bad, it was nearly painful, to the point that sometimes it was difficult to pay attention to the story.

Best Episode, Drama
1. Parenthood S5E15 "Just Like at Home" - The Braverman sibling dance party, when the four adult siblings show up at Julia's house when they know she's at her lowest.
2. Grey's Anatomy S10E22 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - Who knew the return of Preston Burke would be such a satisfying piece of the story?
3. The Blacklist S1E11 "The Good Samaritan" - The Blacklister of the week was nothing special, but Red "cleaning house" after Anslo Garrick's attack, leading to Luli's murder, all while Johnny Cash's "When the Man Comes Around" plays was masterful. And then, there was the "Janice scene" which was brilliant in its own right.

Best Episode, Comedy
1. The Big Bang Theory S7E15, "The Locomotion Manipulation" - The Sheldon and Amy kiss!
2. The How I Met Your Mother series finale - I loved seeing how Ted and Tracy's life played out...until they killed her off.
3. Modern Family S5E23 "The Wedding (Part One)" - Cam and Mitchell getting ready for the wedding was hilarious, but it was Lily that stole the show when the dropped her in the chute at the dry cleaner and she got stuck on the carousel.

Best Season Finale
1. Grey's Anatomy - Holy bombshell, with the revelation that Ellis Grey may have borne Richard's child and given her up for adoption.
2. The Good Wife - Diane jumping ship at LG and offering to bring all her clients to Florrick-Agos. Whoa!
3. The Big Bang Theory - Penny and Leonard, finally engaged!

Best New Show
1. Reign - Lived up to my every expectation. It's pure brain candy and I do not care!
2. Sleepy Hollow - I actually resisted this show at first, but somehow I got roped in, and was shocked at just how much I ended up enjoying it.
3. The Blacklist - One of those shows we had to watch the next day (it airs too late for T to watch before bed) and we're on edge waiting for the next episode every week.

Best Drama
1. The Blacklist - James Spader never disappoints. Ever. I would watch this show if he were the only one on the screen for an hour every week.
2. Parenthood - It only occasionally fumbles with a story arc, but the emotions, the chemistry, how real it feels. Top notch.
3. The Good Wife - Best season of this show yet. Start to finish, they hit the ground running, with Alicia telling Cary she was in on starting their own firm straight through Will's death and still going with a stunning finish.

Best Comedy
1. The Big Bang Theory - Always good for a laugh.
2. How I Met Your Mother - This group of friends made me realize this is the first show I will miss as much as when Friends ended.
3. The Middle - They did an excellent job weaving Axl into the season, even though he was away at college, and Sue's relationship issues and junior year stresses made for great laughs.

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