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This Week on My TV: July 26, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Turn, S1E3 "Of Cabbages and Kings"Simcoe. Most punchable face in the Revolutionary War? -- Anna: You'd be surprised what spills out of a soldier's mouth when I lower the price of ale. -- Nice. Abraham's father is selling off Anna's produce without her knowledge. His father is a real piece of work. -- Abraham's wife is clearly unhappy to learn he's been spending time at Anna's tavern. I figured it would mean he would be coming home to a furious wife. I never suspected Mary would go to Anna and tell her that she would turn her head to the affair she thinks they're having, as long as it's kept a secret so it doesn't ruin his name or hers, because he's a good man for honoring his family's promise that Mary would wed his deceased brother. I like Mary. -- Clever boy, Abraham! Get the Hessians to divulge information without realizing it by peddling your cabbages! -- General Scott is not a nice man.

**(Murder in the FirstS1E1 "Pilot") Blonde female lead sure was being aggressive with her toothbrushing, especially with an electric toothbrush. And do they even make pump-style toothpaste still? -- There are quite a few faces on this show that I recognize but can't place. -- I have such a difficult time seeing these rundown tenements and believing people actually live in these conditions. It's not that I think it's impossible. I just live such a comfortable, sheltered life. Charmed, even. -- Erich Blunt is clearly a jerk. Also, how do you fire a flight attendant mid-flight and tell her to get out of your sight? Where exactly is she supposed to go? -- Dead biological father. Dead employee/lover. Not looking good for Erich at the moment. -- Consensus: It's dark and a little jumbled. But I'm intrigued.

**(The BridgeS2E2 "Ghost of a Flea"This is, hands down, one of the weirdest and creepiest shows I have ever watched. What is the deal with that tattooed woman? Why was she groping that teenage boy? What was she thinking when she was staring at his sleeping younger brother? When the taxidermist called her peculiar, that was the perfect word to describe her. -- OMG, that human body the taxidermist had! Related: I have to admit, I never thought how taxidermy worked, exactly. Who grows up wanting to do this for a living?! -- I think Daniel Frye forgot he was still talking to a dude when he got himself punched. His reaction when the guy got into the backseat with him was hilarious though. -- Sadly, I saw that boy's demise coming from the first scene of the episode.

**(RecklessS1E1 "Pilot"As I was trying to place the location of this show, the palm trees really threw me for a loop. I never would have guessed Charleston! I like that it isn't the same old, same old. And all that sultry heat and secrets around every corner make it the basis for the perfect steamy summer soap. -- There are a lot of interesting interactions in this show. Between those two cops. Between those two lawyers. -- Three characters I recognize from other shows! Henrietta Bishop from Fringe is the disgraced female cop, Paul Kinsey from Mad Men playing the Deputy Chief, and Delko from CSI: Miami is a police officer. -- Roy: You know, the gentleman thing with me...that's not an act. ... ::fans self:: -- They picked the perfect guy to pull off the douchebag cop, Terry.He just looks like that kind of guy. -- OMG that last scene, when Roy was watching the cut footage, on the flash drive he received in the mail. Cruz?!

**(The Last ShipS1E1 "Phase Six"There something undeniably impressive about a big military ship. Big points for this show's visual effects. -- The suspense obviously doesn't lie with the health dangers, because they are known: some pandemic level virus and radiation. It's wondering who else is still alive, where they're coming from, and what their plans for you might be. -- Things Eric Dane does well: anger, brooding, acting indignant. -- The XO is clearly going to be trouble. -- That final scene sure dropped a bomb (not literally) (this time, anyway). Dr Rachel's assistant (whose name I haven't retained yet) is working with the Russians??

**(TurnS1E4 "Eternity How Long"I wish I could get a handle on the names of all the characters on this show. There are so many of them. -- As soon as Abraham confided in Mary and asked for her promise not to tell, I knew she would. I just can't figure out if that was his plan all along or not. -- That little braid on the British officer who is working with the prostitute-turned-spy (John Andre! Finally another character with a name!), anyway, that little braid drives me crazy. -- Richard is not a nice man. (I feel like I make this sort of statement a lot with this show. Classified: not nice or I like.) He treats Abe like he's second rate. -- I wonder if we will ever meet General Washington... He sure does have a lot of intelligence to read! -- I'm thinking that when Abe suggested to Richard that the British don't want to risk losing Setauket, Richard's decision to volunteer the grave of his beloved son in service to God and the king wasn't exactly what Abe had in mind.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Sunday, August 03, 2014 7:35:00 PM  

We watch Murder in the First within a week and rarely have them queued up on the DVR. Just curious, how many do you have? We have already watched last week's and they said two more episodes remain. Based on where we are now, I'm more than mildly curious to see how it is going to end. And curious if this show is coming back. I admit, we like the premise, taking the whole season and not solving a crime in a 45 minute time frame. :)

~**Dawn**~ Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:28:00 AM  

Stacy: We had only watched the pilot, as of this blog post. We just watched two more last night. =)

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