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This Week on My TV: July 19, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Bridge, S2E1 "Yankee"That was quite a lot of blood in that opening scene. Possibly more than Dexter levels of blood. There is also something very dark and sinister about Flagman. -- As if Sonya isn't awkward enough on her own, her exchanges with her sister's murderer's brother were awkward to the extreme. And that was before she booty called him. -- I don't know who the "accountant" chick is that is associated with the bathroom full of money, but based on her meeting with the banker, I'm guessing you do not mess with her. She is *way* scarier than her thug. -- What a crazy, all over the place episode. I can't figure out if the first scene was the start of something yet to be explained, or if it is the final scene being answered by the rest through flashbacks.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E21 "Snow Drifts"Nice nod to Disney in Emma's flashback with the stuffed Mickey. -- Emma [to David and Mary Margaret about the naming ceremony of the new prince]: You're not going to hold him out in front of the clock tower like Lion King, are you? -- I like this softer side of Regina. I'm worried we won't get it for long. -- I have to admit, I'm pretty mad at Rumple's betrayal of Belle's trust. -- Hook [to Emma, who is complaining about the corset she has to wear to disguise herself while they are in Fairy Tale]: Your discomfort is a cross I am willing to bear. -- That is a lot of pressure on Emma and Hook to not change the past after they get sucked into Zelena's time travel portal back to the time when her parents were supposed to meet. -- Haaaaaa! Hook is jealous of himself because Emma is going to flirt with his past self.

**(Motive, S2E7 "Pitfall") I was convinced the paramedic killed the skydiver to avenge the little boy he couldn't really save after being hit by a car. I totally fell for the "he was in a car accident and that's how they found his lung cancer" red herring. I didn't suspect mercy killing until just before it was revealed, even though they tipped their hand with the widow saying "the insurance policy covers us, no matter what." I did see the paramedic's suicide attempt coming though.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E22 "There's No Place Like Home"Wow, Hook has it *bad* for Emma. I suspect when he called her "his princess" that he wasn't just playing the part from the ball. -- I love the animosity and disdain Snow has for Charming, in the past. Such a far (and amusing) cry from their True Love state. -- The irony of the conversation between Charming and Hook about Hook being good enough for Emma made me laugh right out loud. -- Who is that princess (I assume?) that Emma rescued from prison and execution by Regina?! Are we supposed to recognize her? -- Awww. Nicely done, naming the baby after Neal. -- Emma: You outran a curse? Hook: I'm a helluva captain. -- Oh holy moly. I love Regina and Robin together, but Hook gave up the Jolly Roger for Emma? I swoon a thousand times. -- The woman Emma rescued was Marian?? Oh nooooo. Oh, poor Regina.

**(Reign, S1E22 "Slaughter of Innocence"Oh for heaven's sake. Henry seriously plans to off Francis, his own son, and take Mary as his wife? Creep! -- Maybe I'm getting old, but I want to smack Greer for even hesitating about her engagement to Lord Castelroy, who adores her. Leith is a nice idea, Greer, but Lord Castleroy will give you happiness, despite Leith's guilt trip. We don't guilt those we truly love. -- Who *is* that person Henry keeps "seeing" in his madness? -- Soldier [about the dead men from Henry's botched mock naval battle where he replaced fireworks with gunpowder in the cannons]: There will be twice as many tomorrow when they do it again. Francis: That's impossible. No one would do this again. Soldier: I'm begging your pardon, but you would think no one would do it the first time, wouldn't you? -- Catherine: I miss the girl you were. Mary: Many will. She was easier to kill.  -- I did *not* expect it to be Francis who took out off the helmet after jousting with Henry and mortally wounding him. I didn't think he had it in him. -- *What* is the deal with The Darkness and Pascal?? -- Ohhhh... The vision is Henry's older brother, Francis, the king of France before him, whom he killed to gain control of the throne. And with that, Henry is gone. -- Oh man. Lord Castleroy has a daughter Greer's age?? -- Oof. What a difficult ending. The Plague has returned and Mary has to watch Francis risk it to rush to Lola's side as she struggles to birth their lovechild, while she has yet to conceive. And on his way out, he jabs Mary with "perhaps his only child." Francis thinks he is acting nobly and compassionately, but he is often so cruel to Mary.

**(Mad Men, S7E4 "The Monolith") Roger Sterling: Well, we're getting a computer. It's going to do lots of magical things, like make Harry Crane seem important. -- Pete, calling Peggy "a woman or whatever she is," is pretty low. He thought she was woman enough for him to conceive a child with her, or has he forgotten that? -- Peggy wore an orange, black (navy?), and white outfit that I really liked. -- It must be weird for Don, being in Lane's office and answering to Peggy. I noticed he took Lane's Mets pennant that he found under the air conditioning unit out of the trash and put it up on the wall...tribute to Lane? -- I have to wonder how that typewriter bounced off the window instead of going through it, when Don threw it? -- Llyod, the computer guy: Sorry to bother you. Have a light? Mine crapped out on me. Don: Perils of technology. It's 1969 and you're unable to make fire. -- Don: So why am I even here? I could have gone anywhere. Cooper: Why *are* you here? Don: Because I started this agency! Cooper: Along with a dead man, whose office you now inhabit. ... That was a vicious jab by Cooper. Quite the verbal imagery. -- It sure didn't take Don's humble acquiescence to SCP's terms for his return long to unravel. -- I would not have been cut out for the early 70s with all that commune nonsense. -- I'm not sure whose "pep talk" made me want to cheer more: Freddy Rumsen telling Don to stop throwing his last chance away in the bottom of a bottle of booze, do the work, and climb back to the top, or Roger telling Margaret/Marigold that she doesn't get to run off and play at the expense of her son, no matter how tempting it is.

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