Saturday, July 12, 2014

This Week on My TV: July 12, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Dallas, S3E7 "Like a Bad Penny") There are three types of scenes on tv that make me exceedingly uncomfortable. Hangings, people suffering from Alzheimer's, and mental institutions. Sue Ellen looked about as uncomfortable as I felt watching her in that institution. -- John Ross: I'm cute. But I'm not *that* cute. ... Nope, you're not. Now, Christopher, on the other hand... -- I cannot believe that is the same actor playing Drew. Has he been drowning his sorrows in cheesecake while he's been in hiding?! -- The scar between Pamela's eyebrows is so distracting. Every time they do a closeup on her, that's immediately what my eyes focus on. -- I'm not sure how Emma can be both so smart and so stupid. -- I gag a little every time they replay "now go home and kiss your wife." -- Nicolas: They're Mexican businessmen. Hunter McKay: With guns!! Nicolas: They hardly ever use them.

**(Dallas, S3E8 "Where There's Smoke"Now that Pamela has received the "go home and kiss your wife" text, can we be done with it? -- Awww. Christopher shaved. I was loving his facial hair. Except he missed a spot. Ugh, soul patch. -- Harris [to Judith]: Did the little Dalmations get loose? ... ::snort:: -- I'm a big fan of how they've changed John Ross's wardrobe to reflect JR. Less dress-down and more three-piece suits! -- Pamela without makeup looks very vulnerable. It's misleading when she opens her mouth and the harshest of words come out, directed at Sue Ellen. -- Bobby's right. When *will* Ann learn to tell the truth? -- I went from shocked by Pamela's request to join them when she walked in on Emma and John Ross, to falling on the ground laughing at the look on John Ross's face. Somewhere between uncomfortable and suspicious and disbelieving. --What. Just. Happened. South Fork up in flames, with Sue Ellen passed out drunk inside. Nicolas sabotaging Elena's birth control. Pamela unconscious after taking pills. Cliffhanger!

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E20 "Kansas") I'm a big fan of the way they've made Oz look. I even enjoyed the creative license they took with the original story. -- Emma [to David, when he wants Hook to go with her for the confrontation with Zelena]: What is *he* going to do? I have magic. He has ONE HAND. -- Hook: What does the boy think? Emma: He's a kid. He wants chocolate milk in his cereal. -- Emma [to Zelena]: Next time you try to take my power away, try enchanting the lips of a man I actually want to kiss. -- Ahh!! The three non-Zelena witches of Oz represent love, wisdom, and courage!! Nicely woven. -- It's a boy! But no name?! -- Regina with the light magic. BAM. ... Zelena: So now you're a hero? Regina: Today I am. ... The look on Regina's face was marvelous. -- That was such a touching but twisted proposal Rumplestiltskin made to Belle with The Dagger...until he revealed he tricked her by giving "it" back to her as a fake and keeping the real one so he could kill Zelena. So much for the trust you were giving Belle in return for hers, Rumple! -- killing Zelena, somehow she was able to return to her pendant and re-open that time travel portal? How does *that* work?

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