Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Girl on the Other Coast: December 22, 2012

Like so many other people, G and I have both been busy getting ready for Christmas, so we decided that for this installment, we would give a little peek at what Christmas looks like on our "other coast." Whether you live on her coast or mine, or somewhere in between, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Curious what Christmas at my house looks like? (Humor me. Pretend you're curious.) Take a virtual voyage to Little Italy and find out!

I love Christmas time! The decorations, the lights, the meaning. All of it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I thought since we moved to a new place I'd really want to go all out and decorate everything! But as it turns out, I really like the simplicity of what we already have.

So here is what Christmas looks like for me!

Favorite drink:

Favorite flowers:

Favorite snowmen:

Favorite ornament:

Favorite way to remember (and include) my father:

Favorite new addition:

Favorite childhood tradition (brought back by a sweet colleague who got me an advent calendar):

Favorite evening sight:

Merry Christmas!
(edit to add mine)
I had tremendous fun decorating our house for our first Christmas in it. Many old favorites that had been tucked away for lack of space (consequence of being stuffed into a tiny apartment) were liberated from their tissue paper wrapped confines to join the few decorations that I had space to use the past six years. Even more fun, they joined some carefully selected new purchases, now that I am getting a feel for my real decorating style. Plus, I have a shelf on our new entertainment center that T built, which is perfect for decorating like a mantel! Festive and merry. I can't think of anything better. Everywhere I look, I smile.

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