Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Week on My TV: September 26, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Big Bang Theory, 9x01 The Matrimonial Momentum) Sheldon: Some important new information has come to light. Women are the worst. I thought it was paper cuts, but I was wrong. No piece of paper ever cut me this deep. -- Sheldon standing in the window, being a creeper. So. Funny. -- I am as big a fan as any of Disney but Penny's Toy Story vows? Wow. Leonard gets a free pass for some future bungle. -- Could Stuart have been any more hilariously inappropriate with Amy?? -- Oh for Pete's sake. Can we just allow Leonard and Penny to be happy for a little while before we thrust them into some new version of misunderstanding? -- LOL. Sheldon's hands were full and he couldn't knock on Penny's door. -- Penny: I told her to be true to herself and do what makes her happy. Sheldon: Do what makes her happy?! She plays the harp and her car is paid for. How much happier can she be?? -- LOL! Sheldon telling Penny to "slam the door hard because I'm mad" when he makes his exit, again with his hands too full.

**(The Middle, 7x01 Not Your Brother's Drop Off) Mike and all the "you're dead" lessons for Sue, in an attempt to "prepare her for life outside the nest." -- Only Sue would burn her own hair off with a used curling iron. That was funny and all, but I am *loving* her new short do! -- My heart hurt for Sue, sitting there, waiting for her roommate to show up, because for all her hope and optimism, you know it's going to be a disaster.

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