Sunday, September 27, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 38

Checking in for the week of September 20 through September 26.

The Book Stops Here (Kate Carlisle) - "Many of the world's problems would be solved if people would just shut up and pass the cupcakes." You probably don't look for nuggets of wisdom in a cozy mystery, but there you go. This has been such a fun cozy mystery, I'm almost bummed to be finishing it soon.

I love making meals that make a lot and keep well in the freezer! Stuffed shells are one of my favorites for that. Pulled pork works well too. We had both this week, as well as some chicken quesadillas; barbecue chicken with potato salad and corn; ravioli with ground sausage and a salad; and White Chicken Chili -- which makes a big batch that freezes well!

Pink Sands (YC)
Pink Dragon Fruit (YC) - Let's get something clear: I haven't a clue what a dragon fruit actually smells like. But this is light and tropical and fruity, and since it's still summer here...sadly, appropriate.

Niles and Frasier send their regards on a pretty Sunday morning. (No, I couldn't help myself.)

I hated the throw pillows that came with our couch and loveseat when we bought them over three years ago, but, in an attempt to be frugal, couldn't justify replacing them, since there was nothing wrong with them (functionally, I mean -- I found them ugly as sin). The seams finally split and the stuffing showed its equally ugly face and now they are history and I love the new throw pillows I found. The end.

So, this is happening when we're in Pennsylvania next month... (eek!)

This pineapple is clearly on steroids or something.

This sunrise, man.


Looks like leopard spots!


Evil cheese.

Fitbit unimpressed.

How precious. Florida is pretending it's autumn.

Just a few more months of "Over California"... I predict I will be here a *lot* between now and January.

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