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This Week on My TV: April 25, 2105

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Person of Interest, S4E20 Terra Incognita) LOL! Mr Finch looking up to see Root standing in front of him in a bridal gown and veil. -- I can never hold back a giggle when Fusco refers to "Glasses" and "Coco Puffs." -- The hallucinations/flashbacks between Mr Reese and Carter while Reese was trying not to die were a bit confusing. -- Are we *ever* going to see Shaw again??

**(Scandal, S4E19 I’m Just a Bill) Interesting case of the week, having Marcus be romantically involved with the mayor's wife, witness her murder, call Pope and Associates for Olivia's help, discover that it was the mayor who called the hit, reveal that the police are in the mayor's back pocket, and then ultimately have Marcus make the "right decision" to come clean and step away from the mayor's office that would have been his. Very "white hat" of him. I wonder if he'll end up working for Olivia at some point, since they've lost both Harrison and Abby on the team now? -- I like Susan Ross. I like that she won't vote for something, no matter how helpful it might appear on its outer shell, without reading it first. I like that she asks the difficult questions. I like that she says she'll vote against it without getting answers to those questions. I like that she won't be rushed but would rather work longer to do it right. -- When we first met Olivia's new boy toy, I wondered. And then when Rowan showed up at her door with boy toy in tow, I thought it confirmed. But then I second guessed myself, when Rowan apologized for knocking boy toy out and taping him up. It turns out, I knew before I knew I knew: boy toy is on Rowan's payroll. And he tricked Jake into showing up at an otherwise closed-for-the-night Pope and Associates only to ambush him and stab him repeatedly. Which, for me, begs three questions: Why don't they always suspect someone is going to do that and have some sort of "this is really me" secret code in place? Is no one safe on this show? And who on Shonda's team has an obsession with violent murder? -- I have to be honest. This has been my least favorite season of Scandal, *by* *far*. At this point, I'm just holding out hope that this will be like the airplane season of Grey's Anatomy, and a couple of seasons from now, this show will have regained all the awesomeness it once had, allowing us to look back at chuckle at that strange aberration of a season.

**(Mad Men, S7E9 New Business) I really liked Betty's hair in this episode. But the fact that she's taking psychology classes? That's rich. ::snort:: -- I am entirely unable to take Roger seriously with that thing on his face. -- Don's a little creepy with this waitress obsession. -- How did we get from the clean cut 60s to the lazy schlumpy 70s? -- Don [answering the door in the middle of the night, fully dressed in a suit]. Diana: Do you sleep like that? Don: I'm vain. -- Don: What's wrong? Diana: I lied to you. Don: Already? -- I wonder if Don is attracted to broken people because it's what he knows best? -- That elevator scene was fifty shades of uncomfortably awkward. -- There was a bunch of glass grapes on Don's table as decor. My Gram had those exact grapes. -- More comical: Roger's mustache or Pete's hair? -- More creepy: Harry coming on to Megan. Gross. -- I cannot believe Marie cleaned out Don's entire apartment. I cannot believe Megan's revisionist history about all the ways Don ruined her life. I cannot believe he wrote her a legit check for a million dollars. I cannot believe she couldn't even accept it graciously, much less warn him what her mother did to his apartment.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11W20 One Flight Down) Meredith [opening monologue]: When true disaster strikes it comes out of nowhere. ... Oh, I've got a bad feeling about this... -- Of all the outrageous things that take place on this show, having it be extremely stressful for Mer to deal with wondering why she can't reach Derek while handling the casualties of a plane crash may be one of the most realistic. -- Those scenes with the MerDer pillow talk were so unbearably sweet. True love. Even him watching her sleep and her reaction to it. -- I feel like someone needs to slap Owen and Amelia. Mostly Amelia. -- The residents' conversations on the cots in the hallway! I love this. I love how familiar it feels. -- The Kate and Sam story was sweet. And Edwards' need for it to work. I especially liked when she put Owen and Amelia in their places. -- I would like to think that all the yelling in the ORs doesn't happen in real life. It stresses me out. -- Richard [after April calls him out on all the times he's told an embellished version of the plane crash story]: Because the minute you see all the things you have, you see all the things you have to lose. ... Yes. Yes yes yes. -- Mer is sitting on her couch, waiting for the clock to hit 5pm, so she can officially panic over not hearing from Derek. And somehow it's already pitch dark outside and there are crickets chirping. At 5pm?? -- Oh crap. Police lights flashing. This isn't going to be good...

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E21 How to Save a Life) Derek: No one's gonna die, Winnie. Winnie: You aren't God so you don't know. ... Oh, foreshadowing. (Full disclosure: the outcome was spoiled for me. I think it may have actually been harder to watch this spoiled, because you wait in cringe-mode.) -- I am Alana. I am so her. The good girl who freaks out because she never does anything she shouldn't and can't process how to handle being at a scene go so horribly wrong. -- Derek: Every kiss before the right kiss doesn't count anyway. I've kissed a lot of women. But the first time I kissed my wife... I mean, she wasn't my wife then. She was just this...girl in a bar. But when we kissed, it was like...I gotta tell you. It was like I'd never kissed any other woman before. It was like the first kiss. The right kiss. ... ::swoon:: -- Who stops in the middle of the road to look for their phone??? Do people *do* this??? And I thought there was no reception up there? How is there suddenly reception?? -- Der doing his own narrating as he's failing in the hospital was devastating. -- Heartbreaking irony: when the man who says "it's a beautiful day to save lives" has no one to save his. -- That daydream of Der being ok in a hospital bed when Mer got to him was cruel, even having had the outcome spoiled for me. I wanted so badly for it to be true. -- Mer [looking at Derek's charts and addressing the doctors]: The call to not get a head CT was a bad call. -- That inept, arrogant doctor, explaining "the way it works to Mer" and her giving him the whole spiel because she already knows was sad. So sad. And such a perfect scene. She was absolutely profoundly brilliant through this whole thing. It was like I was living it alongside her. And that is why it was so awful. Not because one of my favorite couples is over, not because I'll miss his presence on this show, but because putting myself in her spot was too hard to imagine, knowing how it is to love someone with every fiber of your being. -- People are freaking out all over the internet, talking about how the show is over and ruined now. Here's the thing: It was horribly horribly sad,  especially knowing what its like to love someone so deeply. I hate that it happened, but that doesn't make it any less a spectacularly done episode. The great episodes make you feel something. The best ones make you feel everything.

**(The Big Bang Thoery, S8E22 The Graduation Transmission) Sheldon: It's all pomp and circumstance, until someone loses an eye. -- Penny: Do you think we'll have time to visit your mom while we're there? Leonard: Yes. We'll also have time to put my junk in a garlic press, but we won't be doing that either. -- Awww! I liked Penny in this episode. Instead of being needy or snarky with Leonard, she was sweet to him, setting up for him to still give his graduation speech via Skype. -- I about died laughing, when Howard finally called tech support for the drone and Raj's phone started phone ringing. -- Leonard [during his graduation speech]: While all the popular kids were off doing...I don't know what they were doing because I was never there.

**(The Middle, S6E21 Two of a Kind) Sue: The worst thing that could ever happen happened to me. I got detention. Axl: What'd you do? overdecorate your locker. -- Frankie's dad and uncle are named Tag and Dutch?! -- Sue: You sing a jingle? I love jingles!! -- Sue: They said 'cause school's ending soon they're just throwing everyone in there on a Saturday. That means I'm going to be in with the skateboarders, the girl with the black lipstick, people who wear t-shirts with offensive slogans. -- LOL: Sue took notes on Axl's detention survival tips. -- Mike: Didn't his wife die? Tag: Yeah, that's how bad she wanted to leave him. -- LOL: Sue in detention, referring to herself as "a bad a-s-s."

**(The Blacklist, S2E19 Leonard Caul) OMG, Red has his own personal emergency medical team on standby. (Of course he does.) -- Sheesh. How many guys have been hopelessly in love with Liz? -- Liz: What are you doing here? Tom: I *live* here. -- I don't get why Liz's surgeon friend had blood all over his surgical facemask. Was he pressing his face to Red's bullet wound?! -- Mr Kaplan [pulling out a suitcase of cash when Dr Liz's Friend wants to get paid for his services]: Mr Reddington insists on being prepared for all contingencies. Shall we continue? -- Leonard Caul [about the code to access the Fulcrum]: I didn't get it. I wrote it. -- There is so much loyalty, so much devotion to Red from Dembe and Mr Kaplan. -- What is this important mission for Mr Kaplan that would convince her to actually leave Red's side when he is in imminent danger? -- Liz wants to rail against all these people in her life, imploring, demanding, to the point of ultimatum, that they just all start telling her the truth...and then on a whim, derides Red with total righteous indignation that couldn't he just lie to her for once to spare her feelings. Like they are just supposed to know the one time she would have been ok with a lie? -- I forget that when Red gives a name from the Blacklist, he always has a reason, something to gain from it. The one crazy cult on the compound procured the case from the car. The other crazy end-the-world cult gave him the key from the bottle. And now we see how it all fits. It's always just a matter of time. -- About that flat Dembe sent Liz to. All those Russian items om display, that photo of Liz presumably on her mother's lap, but the woman's face is obscured by sun rays. Why is her identity being kept so secret? Is it someone Liz knows even now, someone we might recognize? Who was Red before he was Red? Could he have been a US spy in Russia? Could Liz's mother be Russian? Could Red have been the Tom to Liz's mother? Did he think Liz was maybe his? Did her mother lead him to believe that? Why was Dembe so adamant that Red can't know Liz was there? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

**(Modern Family, S6E20 Knock 'em Down) Jay: Not this one. Joe tucks her in. Gloria: How would you know? You go to bed right after you yell at the news. -- Jay (about pretending to be gay to help Cam's all-gay bowling league win a tournament]: Fine. I'll do it. I don't like that guy. But what happens if someone I know comes in here and thinks I'm living a secret life? Cam: Jay, trust me, if someone you know comes in here tonight. *they're* living a secret life. -- Jay: So you tricked me into coming here. You made me gay. Now I have a boyfriend? All these lies, just to win a trophy? Cam: Yes. Jay: I respect that. -- Claire and Phil's dinner with the neighbors being all proper was hilarious. -- Claire: Ronnie, we live in civilized society. We're not those kind of people, ya know? Ronnie: Says the lady who, uh, paired my Cabernet with fish. -- Phil: Hey, Buddy. Amber: Oh don't call a cop "buddy." They hate that. Phil: No, that's his name. I sold him a condo. ... And I thought the scene in the restaurant was funny with the waiter named Guy. -- Alex: It's unbelievable. Mom and Dad are sitting outside with the neighbors they used to hate, yukking it up like they're all best friends. And why? Luke: Because there's wine?

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