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This Week on My TV: April 18, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Chicago Fire, S3E19 I Am the Apocalypse) Blah, another Chicago Med promo. Between the crossovers and the promotion of spinoffs, this show has really started to lose its appeal for me.

**(Elementary, S3E19 One Watson, One Holmes) The screen name of the Every One guy who sought out Sherlock was seriously Sucking Chest Wound?? I was sure I was hearing it incorrectly but... -- Wait. At the opening of the episode, Sherlock was practicing how to fake death?! Of course he was. ::shakes head and laughs:: -- I love that Joan found Watson downstairs "figuring out which music Clyde likes." -- Sherlock [to Joan}: Your friendships continue to present a nuisance. -- Sucking Chest Wound: We know. Detective Bell: You can say 'having sex'. We're both adults. -- I loved, *loved*, Sherlock's speech to Joan about how their relationship relied upon there being "one Holmes, one Watson." It showed that not only did he see what their relationship is and how it works, but he is protecting it! -- Joan [waking up to find Sherlock nest to her]: What are you doing? Sherlock: Tapping "wake up Watson" in Morse code.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E19 Crazy Love) That MerDer opening, with the flashbacks and all the love was perfection. I love seeing them happy. -- Catherine vs Richard: The passive-aggressive third person argument they had via the patient whose wife cut off his [ahem] (sorry, I don't want certain searches, ya know?) was *hilarious*. -- I love that Alex is still very Alex but has also grown enough that he's able to be a good friend to Maggie about her dating situation. -- Oh, Amelia and Owen. Why must everything be so complicated? -- Catherine: Sometimes it takes crazy to love crazy. -- April has become one of my favorite characters. I love that she isn't afraid to back down when Richard tells he not to call Catherine because she knows it's what is best for her patient. And I love that when he confronts her about it, she not only stands her ground with regard to how she chose to treat her patient, but added in a defiant "and she's my mother in law, I'll call her any time I want to!" Richard declaring her the victor slayed me. -- What the heck was that outburst Amelia had on Mer, that Mer doesn't know her at all and should mind her own business. Sheesh. -- Meredith [monologue]: The thing about love is when it's good, it's so very good. And when it's bad, it hurts so much. And if you can't find a way to balance all of those ups and downs, it will make you crazy. -- So...where *is* Derek?? Also, can't we just let them be happy?

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E17 And the High Hookup) That was...not a good Irish accent on whoever this new annoying character is. -- Best part of this whole episode...actually the only good part of this whole episode. ... Sophie [walking into the diner]: I just got hit by a cab and boy am I in the mood for crab legs. ... WHAT?! -- How is this show still on the air. And not just on the air but renewed, when shows like Marry Me and About a Boy and A to Z are all but confirmed cancelled? I. Don't. Get it.

**(Mad Men, S7E8 Severance) Don was enjoying those fur coat auditions *way* too much. I didn't even realize there were more people in the room until the end of the opening scene, when the camera zoomed out! -- What is with Roger's mustache?! OMG LOL. -- Fashion in the 70s was *awful*. There is just no way around it. The colors and the strange cuts. -- L'eggs pantyhose!! -- ::snort:: The customer called Harry 'Mr Potatohead'. -- Peggy: You'll be second which is very far from first. ... Gosh, if that doesn't hang as heavily over Peggy, herself, as over Topaz pantyhose. -- Why does Ken keep wearing that eye patch? Weren't glass eyes an option back then?! -- I was really confused by the scene with Rachel. I went back and forth quite a bit about whether or not that was a dream. (Until we learned that Rachel had died, obviously.) -- Peggy: Should we go to lunch? Joan: I want to burn this place down. ... Ok then! Also, the conversation that ensued really showed the differences between Joan and Peggy. Joan was offended that the Topaz douches weren't such slimy jerks to them, and Peggy would just like someone, *anyone*, to notice her. -- What is the deal with Don and Diane the waitress? He is such a man whore. But I don't understand her response to the whole thing. Her whole demeanor just -- Ohhhh...Peggy's date. She needs a good guy. Why is she second guessing this now? -- Peggy: You don't seem like a lawyer. Stevie: I just left a job in  Boston because they felt the same way. -- Oh ho ho. Ken Cosgrove with the perfect vengeance on Sterling for firing him because Ferg refuses to work with him: now Ken's the client representing Dow and he has the upper hand. I hope he makes them *dance*.

**(Madam Secretary, S1E20 The Necessary Art) This was my least favorite episode of the entire season, which was bound to happen at some point, but it took twenty episodes to get there. And it wasn't even that bad an episode. This show just set the bar so high for itself that I expected better than what this episode gave. I wasn't invested enough in Stevie to really care about her relationship with her boss and her ties to the junkie First Son lack...something. And the whole standoff with Russia and the way the story of the submarine was told felt as though parts of the story had been edited out. But I love that she really seems to have patched up her relationship with Elizabeth. Ezra was an absolute gem; I'm sorry we're just meeting him on his way out the door to retirement, because I would have enjoyed some additional time with his character (Philip Baker Hall was *perfect* in his role). And Henry in his furry hat, OMG, comic relief. -- Where was Mike B? I missed Mike B. I would have thoroughly relished some snark from him in regard to Matt's doomsday laments.

**(The Good Wife, S6E19 Winning Ugly) Marissa is not dumb. She makes some astute observations and never misses a subtle remark. I like her. -- I feel bad for Alicia. She wanted this State's Attorney position for all the right reasons and this has all just gotten so ugly. If this is how it really is to be in politics, it's no wonder we get so few decent people in office and that they don't seem to stay long when we do. -- I cannot believe that waitress had the audacity to say "you don't get to decide when it's my business" right to Alicia's face about Alicia's own personal life! And what's worse, that's how we are. As soon as someone is in the spotlight, we expect we have a right to their personal lives. It's such a gross violation of privacy. -- When Diane was stalking to Finn's office (Finn!), after finding out she used Kalinda's faked meta data, I felt like they should have had Wicked Witch of the West music as her soundtrack. I want to feel bad for Diane but...she went onto Kalinda's computer without telling Kalinda. If she'd said so, Kalinda would have been able to stop her and Diane wouldn't be in the position of potentially being disbarred and sent to prison. -- So now Cary is going to give the State Bishop, after he fought so hard against it, purely to protect Diane and Kalinda? This has to be the means by which Kalinda is written off the show, right? Something to do with this arc? -- Have mercy, there was just so much corruption behind getting Alicia to withdraw from her elected post. So many layers, so many people she thought were on her side who worked against her. I feel awful for her. But the humdinger question is: did Peter know they were going to force her out?? And I almost feel badly about being hopeful and excited, buy will we get more Frank Prady as a result?

**(Mike and Molly, S5E17 Mudlick or Bust) Peggy: Read your contract. I got that months ago. Molly: Seriously? I gotta stop using Vince as a lawyer. ... You think??? -- Meh, the betting parts were mediocre at best.-- The best part of Peggy's story: the tree people vs the crick people.

**(Once Upon a Time, S4E18 Heart of Gold) Emma: I am only the savior because you altered the entire state of my being at the expense of someone else's *soul*. ... Well, when you put it *that* way, Emma. -- The author really is the perfect sneaky shifty character. -- Question: You lose your magic if your hands are tied? Because I don't remember that being the case in the past.-- I knew we weren't guaranteed to be finished with Zelena, based on the way we last saw her not really die, but I didn't expect her to be disguised as Marian! -- Gold: If it's within your grasp, what it is and who it's with, then you should run for it, grasp it, and never let it go.

**(Person of Interest, S4E19 Search and Destroy) Mr Reese: Only the paranoid survive, right, Finch? Mr Finch: It's not paranoia if they're really watching you. -- Does Root just always carry a gas mask around with her? -- Does Zoe not look crazy to anyone else in that boardroom, having a conversation with Mr Reese that looks like she's talking to herself?? -- I have to admit, this really got me thinking how terrifying it would be to be set up so thoroughly, knowing you were innocent and being unable to prove it. -- Root: Sorry, John. Places to be, people to kill. -- What was up with the egg in the case? Was there some reason for all that? Root stealing it, but not being able to open the case, the Machine finally giving her the code, then instructing Root to smash it? -- Are we ever going to see or hear about Shaw again?

**(The Middle, S6E20 Food Courting) Who knew the food court was such a bloodsport? All that luring and sneaking to get employees to move their employment. But did Sue just get excited about a nickel-an-hour raise? LOL -- Also LOL: Mike pulling out his "dad voice." -- When being told to write an essay about why it's important to respect his mother, after being a mouthy teen with an attitude, only Brick would respond with "what font?" -- Did Axl seriously say his birthday plans included a pool party in the back of a truck? -- That last scene where Mike and Axl were having a beer together at the bar to celebrate Axl's 21st birthday was exactly perfect. Slightly cheesy and awkward when they attempt conversation, but just right when they slip back into companionable silence.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E21 The Communication Deterioration) Raj: Well, they're looking to include a message from earth in case one of them is encountered by alien life. Leonard: Hmmm. When I encountered alien life, I discovered the key thing was not to sit in its spot. Sheldon: All right. You can't breathe our air without an inhaler, he's allergic to earth nuts, but I'm the alien. -- Raj: Exactly what I expected: two people forcing their ideas on me and only one gentleman who could be bothered to ask me what my thoughts were. You two are out. Congratulations, Leonard, you're on the team. Leonard [gloating at Sheldon and Howard]: My mommy raised a gentleman. -- Leonard: Just this morning, Sheldon wouldn't let me put almond milk on my GrapeNuts because he said it was a theoretical nut conflict. -- LOL: Raj and Leonard trying to figure out how to be in charge of a project. after dismissing Sheldon and Howard. My indecisive Libra nature identifies. And then the idea they came up with was the idea the other two had originally given. -- Hilarity: Penny goes to Sheldon for career advice and does a Leonard impression. Sheldon's cackle and "aww, it's just like he's here" was perfect. -- Bernadette [to Howard]: Don't take this the wrong way, but how many of those little booze balls have you had? -- Yay for Penny finally giving up on acting! They found a good way to give closure to that part of her character.

**(Mom, S2E20 Sick Popes and a Red Ferrari) I'm kind of over Bonnie's relapse. They're trying too hard to make heavy be funny and it's not working for me.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E22 Daddy Dearest) They picked just the right annoying actor to play Ryan's father. -- Mike [about Ryan]: He hurt his foot. I hope it's not the one he puts in his mouth. -- What a strange way to end the season. Maybe Ryan's dad is terminally ill? We're a week away from the wedding, which would typically be a season finale sort of thing, but we don't get an actual wedding? (Not that I'm complaining. This means there's still a chance it might not happen.) (A girl can hope.) Also, Kristin says "if they wait any longer to be married, she will be so old." She was 17 when she had Boyd, who is, what? Six or seven now? Which makes her 24 at most. I didn't get married until I was nearly, what's your point Kristin? Hmmm?

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