Sunday, April 5, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 13

Checking in for the week of March 29 through April 4.

A Cookbook Conspiracy (Kate Carlisle) - This was a fun, easy read. As always, from this series, a page-turner. I managed to guess whodunnit correctly, but I like that they never reveal the motive til the very end. Looking forward to the next installment!
Goodnight Nobody (Jennifer Weiner) - I'm not quite halfway through this one. I wasn't sure what I expected, but it isn't half bad. Sort of cozy-mystery-meets-chick-lit. Total brain candy, but engaging nonetheless.

Holy Week is a bit of a logistical challenge for dinnertime, since I have church on both Thursday and Friday evenings at 7pm. Add in rush hour traffic and the fact that these services tend to have a higher turnout, and I need to be out the door around 6:25. And there are only so many sandwiches we can eat, know what I mean? This week's menu brought: Roasted marinated chicken breasts, boiled potatoes (with a little butter, salt, and fresh parsley), and cucumber salad. T's delicious clam chowder. Spaghetti and meatballs (from the freezer!). And some tilapia (done on the grill in a foil packet) with grilled yellow squash, and some wild rice.

Holy Week is busy. I accomplished things like getting to the special services, picking up some last minute goodies for T's Easter basket, and switching up my usual Sunday grocery shopping to Saturday, since none of the stores I shop at are open on Easter.

Red Velvet Cupcake (BBW) - This is the candle that never ends...
Blueberry Scone (YC) - One of my favorite scents of all time, never mind spring. It's blueberry and vanilla and a hint of lemon. It makes me want to eat scones or muffins.
Midnight Jasmine (YC) - Maybe the closest candle scent to orange blossoms.
Clean Cotton (YC) - Smells like fresh laundry. Gosh, I love my airy scents for this season!

Coming to you know by the truckload. Consider yourselves warned.

New month, new calendar art. I've only ever seen Denver from the airport.

Maundy Thursday. The altar has been stripped. Christ has been arrested. We leave in utter silence to resume Holy Week worship tomorrow.

Maybe seems strange to hear, but this is my favorite service of the church year. (I got there pretty early to feel comfortable taking this photo though. It wasn't during the actual service.)

Good morning, good morning to you.

Wee pineapples!

Saturday virtual Dunkin date with a friend back in Connecticut. We do this every so often, since we can't actually go together. We speak the same language: pass the donuts.

Friends who care send See's.

No, *you* decide how many M&Ms you're going to eat by removing all of one color.

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