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This Week on My TV: April 11, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Scandal, S4E18 Honor Thy Father) This was a *much* better episode. -- I'm trying to figure out the purpose for giving Mellie a deep South half-sister. Was it to give Mellie backstory? To flesh out Mellie's character? (Because I thought we already learned that Mellie's cold shrewishness is a result of Big Jerry.) Or just because they couldn't figure out another way to keep Mellie's looming Presidential campaign on our minds? -- I'm glad they gave Olivia another case. This show needs a "case of the week" to be the show I liked at the beginning. -- Wouldn't waiting to turn over cell phones until you're in the safe house be a total security risk? Like B613 couldn't have been using the signals to track them there? -- I'm pleased that Abby and Olivia are back to having "girlfriend chats" on the phone again. -- Huck: Do you want to know what I would have done if that was my kid? Everyone: NO! -- I loved Fitz's obvious amusement during his conversation with Mellie about their role reversal. -- One thing I suspected correctly: I knew Jake hadn't gone "B613 mad dog" and killed all those B613 witnesses. Two twists I never saw coming: That Holly was B613 and gunning for David as a result of his attempt to take down Command. And Olivia's new lover, Russell (or whatever his real name is), was planted by Rowan.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E18 When I Grow Up) Mer: I have everything I've ever wanted. ... This reminded me of one of my favorite Charlotte scenes from the first Sex and the City movie.-- Another thumbs-up throwback: residents chattering about dating between cases. -- Jackson: The Plastics Posse (snort) and reminiscing about Sloan (sniffle) and that beard (meh). -- More awkward question from the school field trip group: "what's a womb" or "is that officer going to die"? -- Amelia needs to let go of this whole "Amelia vs Derek" thing she insists is more of a thing that it really is. -- The words of the mother who lost both of her police officer sons "I woke up a happy mother of two this morning, so proud..." was somehow both a mirror and contrast of Mer's earlier conversation with Maggie about her own family. -- Mer: If i'm that happy does that have to mean someone else is that unhappy? ... Oof, my heart. Mer still says things that I identify with so much. -- Bailey and the kid and the donated liver felt very similar to a much earlier episode of Grey's but I don't know which. -- Amelia: I think I'm falling in love with Owen Hunt and I'm really afraid that it's going to destroy me. Derek: Wouldn't be love if it didn't.

**(Elementary, S3E18 The View From Olympus) Sherlock: Agatha is not in love with me. Joan: Oh. Then what's the problem? Sherlock: She's asked for a donation. Joan: To an environmental group? Sherlock: To her uterus. -- Things you hear only from Sherlock Holmes: "The bearskin run is gone. It's now safe to move about the brownstone." -- Once again, I found the case, itself, rather uninspired and unmemorable, but the development of Sherlock and Joan continues to intrigue me. Also, I wonder why Sherlock's father insists on attemots at tricking and manipulating Sherlock into procreating, but not his brother?

**(The Good Wife, S6E18 Loser Edit) I'm a bit bewildered why someone would be doing the Alicia piece now that the election is over.-- The Diane/RD case was very thought provoking. The lines are shifting and easily arguable for *both* sides. -- I like that Finn (Finn!) is giving Kalinda legal advice on the faked meta data from Cary's trial. -- The scene with Peter and Alicia in her kitchen, being civil, friendly even, was so real and believable. -- Waaaaait a second. There is concern over ballot tampering being responsible for Alicia's win over Frank Prady. Didn't we already do this with Peter election?

**(Madam Secretary, S1E19 Spartan Figures) Elizabeth: If men knew how sexy they look fixing stuff, they'd never stop. -- LOL: Henry's grin after teasing Blake about being a "city mouse" was positively impish. -- Matt: Oh there we go. Nadine: I beg your pardon. Matt: Oh...I didn't realize I said that out loud. -- I have no idea how Elizabeth didn't punch Russell for stealing her fries right off her desk. Joey Tribbiani never woud have stood for that. -- I'm not sure how I feel about this job offer Henry's been given. -- The story line with Stevie and the junkie First Son was pretty meh. It seemed to served very little purpose. -- Poor Blake, getting arrested because he didn't have enough quarters for the pay bathroom (???). -- Conrad sounds *way* too much like 'comrade'. -- Elizabeth: Blake was on a fact finding mission for me last night. although the public urination was his idea. Blake: Nature calls the same in any language. Matt: Wait, so you were talking to her the whole time? Blake: Except for the part where I was in lockup with a skinhead and a mime.

**(Better Call Saul, S1E10 Marco) Jimmy's bingo meltdown was both bizarre and hilarious. -- Apparently Chuck's betrayal kicked off a weeklong spiral for Jimmy, which sent him back to his scamming roots. -- Like everything else in this show, Marco's death was both abrupt and yet, somehow, not surprising. T even called it before it happened. But did he really suffer a heart attack? Or did something else cause his demise? I kept getting the impression he was ill. -- So, we're to assume that, by leaving the meeting, Jimmy is officially done trying to do the right thing? -- They were certainly consistent by making the ending of the season finale as abrupt as every other episode's close.

**(Parenthood, S6E3 The Waiting Room) I really love the relationship between Amber and Zeek. Over the course of this show, it's evolved into one of my favorites. And Amber has grown so much since we first met her, not freaking out at Zeek's slip in front of everyone about the baby, but laughing instead. -- I find it difficult to get interested, at all, in Ruby's story. -- Tears: Zeek telling Camille he was scared before his surgery, then Camille holding it together until she was alone. It was all so very raw and realistic and just...oof. -- Despite his thoughtful hospital waiting room care package, I am not a fan of Julia's new man. Maybe because he kept talking about how tough Zeek is when he doesn't even know him. It's a totally different line coming out of Joel's mouth. -- Ugh. This whole Amber-Ryan-baby thing is hard and awkward and just meh. I don't want to see Amber go back to that but it was soul crushing to have to tell Ryan that wasn't why she told him when he was so excited about it.

**(The Middle, S6E19 Siblings and Sombreros) I cannot decide which part was more hilarious: Brad kicking away the ladder while he and Sue are perched on that giant cow or their rendition of "If I Only Had a Brain" in an effort to shoo away the crow that was blocking the camera set up to take their picture on said giant cow. -- I wholly approve of the way they are maturing Axl's character in a completely believable way. He may not show the world that he can be nice to Sue, but when it's just the two of them, there have been more and more moments when he's really being a nice guy.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E20 The Fortification Implementation) Raj [about Howard's dad]: What if he's in prison? What if he's a spy? What if he's in a Beatles cover band? -- I don't know if it was just Wheaton's beard or what, but he looks like he's put on a ton of weight in his face. -- ::snort:: Amy: According to the codicil of the relationship agreement which *you* insisted upon, we're not allowed to pout or be moody on date night. Sheldon: You know I just put that in because of uterus stuff. -- Oh, c'mon, Amy. The Sheldon face thing was really funny. -- I'm not sure how I feel about this thing with Howard's (half) brother. Let's see where it goes.

**(Law and Order:SVU, S16E19 Granting Immunity) Well, after I saw the previews, I have to admit I was curious how they were going to manipulate the measles/immunization angle into being related to SVU. That way. -- What is with all of Amaro's kids relocating to California?? -- You would think there wouldn't have been so much resistance from these parents about investigating and the collection of all devices when it meant protecting their kids from being put onto...distasteful websites. Sheesh. They were more concerned about privacy and finding ways to lie about immunizations on school records in the name of "protecting their kids," but I would think this would be pretty high on the list of things from which I'd want to protect any child!

**(Mom, S2E19 Mashed Potatoes and a Little Nitrous) I found it amusing that Bonnie and Christy sent Roscoe to "the other room" so he wouldn't hear their conversation, when the other room is connected to the kitchen by an open doorway and a window pass-through. -- Why are they worried about finding cute guys for Bonnie? Did they not see what Alvin looked like?? -- For a sitcom, this show doesn't shy away from the hard topics. Like Bonnie's relapse into substance abuse and Christy's tough love reaction.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E21 Vanessa Fixes Up Eve) I've said it before and I'll say it again: the episodes with the Larabees are always my favorites. -- Mike: I'm not racist. I hate everybody equally. -- Mike [about the Eve-Logan-Brandon "love triangle"]: You know what this situation reminds me of? Romeo and Juliet...boring and I don't care. -- Eve: I'm heading out to the range. Mike: Yeah, well, say hello to the deer and the antelope. -- Mike [to Eve]: I have just as much love for Mandy and the other one. ... HAAAAA. Mike clearly feels the same way about Kristin as I do.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E20 Payback) I got a wee bit concerned with that politician whipped out his "special card" from Frank. I shouldn't have doubted that Frank's morals were not compromised and there would be no favors. -- Did Jamie actually call for a bus without asking for it forthwith? I don't understand. -- I found it almost as amusing when Danny threw the tire iron to stop the guy from running as I do when he Danny Reagan's someone upside the head (which I haven't seen nearly enough of lately). -- I'm pretty sure saying "some cop" to the Commissioner is not the way to win over or convince Frank Reagan of *anything*. Also, saying a favor is in the best interest of "the needs of the mayor" is not a threat that will elicit results. In fact, quite the opposite, as far as Frank and Mayor Poole go.

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