Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Girl on the Other Coast: April 13, 2013

Here we go again! Another collaborative post with my west coast friend, G. We'll take a little peek at what's going on in California in the form of a little list this time. Curious how my east coast list compares? (Humor me. Pretend you're curious.) Take a virtual voyage to Little Italy and find out!

4 Things on Your Weekend Agenda
1. Spending the weekend with Mr.'s his one weekend off a month.
2. Going to the LACMA to see one of my students play the violin. She is the featured soloist!!
3. Riding bikes - I'm hoping this will take place in Santa Barbara :)
4. Enjoying this sweet spring weather.

4 Things on Your Current Grocery List
1. Eggs - preferably organic.
2. Coffee - I really need to get on this since it has to be ordered online.
3. Fresh fruit.
4. Eggplant - I waited too long to use the last one :(

4 Little Things You're Grateful For Right Now
1. Finally getting to a place with my students where we can laugh and enjoy each other's company. It ALWAYS takes until this time in the year. I don't know why...I wish it could happen sooner.
2. The realization that it pays to be a nice person.
3. Feeling healthier due to some dietary changes.
4. All the little details for this year's prom are falling into place. Thank goodness because May is a super busy month for me!

4 Things That Made You Happy This Past Week
1. Breakfast for dinner. SO good and so easy!
2. After a very stressful Tuesday, Mr. Smith made me dinner. This is monumental! It's the first time in 3.5 years that he has made every.single.thing. And? It was delicious!!
3. Celebrating the hard work of so many students on Monday night's Academic Letter Awards Celebration - and being the one to announce the names of the Senior Class.
4. My new car!!!

(edit to add mine)

4 Things on Your Weekend Agenda
1. Round Two of Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT.
2. Transplant the potted Easter lily into its permanent new home in the ground.
3. Return a library book I just finished and pick up the one they are holding for me.
4. Clip back the basil and make a little pesto!

4 Things on Your Current Grocery List
1. Grape juice.
2. Refills for my Swiffer duster.
3. Toilet bowl cleaner. (Yeah, I know, keeping it real. At least you know I keep them clean!)
4. Linguine.

4 Little Things You're Grateful For Right Now
1. My new work computer. So fast!
2. My weekly cleaning routine. Someone can drop by unannounced anytime and I am never worried about the state of the house.
3. 28 blossoms on the cherry tomato plant and the fact that I haven't killed the thing.
4. They didn't have to replace my DVR yet again, causing me to lose all my recorded shows for a third time in less than two weeks.

4 Things That Made You Happy This Past Week
1. Those people on social media who tend toward cheerfulness rather than bitterness.
2. The photo I took for my daily photo prompt which was "dreamy." It came out *exactly* the way I set out to capture it.
3. The new color of our master bedroom, every time I walk in that room.
4. Jasmine in bloom. Smells almost as good as orange blossoms.

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