Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A bombing in Boston, two days ago, on Patriots' Day at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Acts of violence are always difficult to comprehend and more difficult to view in their aftermath. Each scene, each detail, shocks more than the last. And when evil strikes something near and dear to our hearts, it settles in deep.

Boston. Beautiful Boston. My favorite city.

Violence of such magnitude hits fast and hard. It takes a profound emotional toll. It leaves us wondering if we should duck and run, hide in our safe places, question what really *is* safe after all.

Living in fear lets darkness win. The best way to fight darkness is to bring as much light and love into this world as you can. Be positive, be grateful, be uplifting, encourage. And those times you don't have anything nice to say, don't contribute to the hate and ugliness, just keep your mouth closed. This world can be better based on what each of us chooses to do every single day. The reason these events shock and horrify is because there is more good than bad able to *be* horrified.

Boston is resilient. Boston is strong. Boston has never, from its birth, backed down from a bully. Boston will recover, and even as it bears a scar, it will heal and be stronger than before.


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