Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Read Books: The Next 8 I Really Want to Get My Hands On

Last week, Krystyn did a blog post about the eight books she wants to read right now. I thought to myself, "Self? That sounds like a good idea!" So I am borrowing her idea and sharing the next eight books I really want to read.

(I'm not going to count the one I am reading currently -- Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever -- or the one I have ready to go on my nightstand -- Fruit of All Evil. I'm going to list the next eight I am really hoping to pick up next time I go to the library.)

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Joanne Fluke)
2. Mistletoe Murder (Leslie Meier)
I *really* don't need to start yet another series, since I have several in progress and was trying to get caught up on those before adding in a new one, but I've been on the waiting list for both of these for ages now. It appears that I am next in the queue for both of them now and they are in transit to my local branch (from elsewhere in the county -- yay, library co-ops)! I am a sucker for a cozy mystery! And these series both seem to get consistently high ratings.

3. Murder Under Cover (Kate Carlisle)
This one is next in one of my current favorite cozy mystery series. The characters are amusing, and I am (ahem) dying to see what happens next with Brooklyn and her dashing English heartthrob.

4. Shadow Waltz (Amy Patricia Meade)
Another "next in series" (see what I mean about not "needing" anymore?) that I am really looking forward to. Another cozy mystery, but this one is set during the Great Depression era, which gives it a little extra special charm all its own.

5. Formula for Murder (Diana Orgain)
I just finished the second one from this series, and while my local branch doesn't have this one, it was available at another branch in the co-op, so my request was placed and it is in transit. The first two were both been light, fun, quick reads. I expect the same from this next book. Plus, this is the most recent one released from this series, so at least one will be done. For now.

6. Murder on Capitol Hill (Margaret Truman)
I read the first one in this series back in October and enjoyed it, but then kind of forgot about the series until recently. These are a little more thriller-mystery (like a Mary Higgins Clark) than cozy, but I really liked the writing style of the daughter of the former President. The Washington DC setting and all the various possibilities opened up by governmental details to twist into the cases made the first book a real page-turner.

7. The Waste Lands (Stephen King)
The next in a series (go ahead, laugh) but at least it isn't another mystery series! I don't even know how to classify this one. I'm not into horror, so King isn't generally my genre of reading, but this series is more...sci-fi/suspense, I guess. I liked the first two and I think, after all those mysteries, it will be time for a change of pace.

8. The White Queen (Philippa Gregory)
I just realized this one is the first in a series as well. Made me laugh! But it's a completely different direction. I love some good historical fiction and as I was restocking "on deck" shelf on Goodreads, this one caught my eye.

You can check out my Goodreads "on deck" shelf, where I always keep the next 25 books I want to read. I stock it from my very extensive "to read" shelf, because when I am at the library and accessing Goodreads on my iPod Touch via the library's wifi, it's a lot quicker to only load a 25-book shelf than one with over a thousand titles. Also, it makes the decision process a lot more efficient for this Libra.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Wednesday, April 03, 2013 1:15:00 PM  

Love seeing what you want to read next :). I should do one of these, but I probably can't decide... Too many choices! I like switching genres, and not reading two cozy mysteries or two historicals back to back. Ooh, and I forgot about Margaret Truman's books too, read one years ago and not one since.

Happy Reading!!

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, April 03, 2013 2:03:00 PM  

I have too many choices, too, Stacy! That's why I made an "on deck" shelf. It's easier for me to choose from those 25 than it is to choose from 1100, when I am at the library! It also makes it easier for me to know which book is next in the series I read. When I finish one book in a series, and it moves off this shelf, I replace it with the next in the same series, until the series is done. When I complete a series or read a non-series book, I choose something else from my enormous list. Sometimes there is a method to my madness and sometimes I just choose one at random when I add to "on deck", but I have to say, this little system has really been working for me!

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