Saturday, September 7, 2013

Right Now: September 7, 2013

watching: The Red Sox score 54 runs over 4 games. The only word I can think of to accurately describe how this makes me feel is astonished.

drinking: A Pepsi tonight. Advil didn't kick that vague but annoying headache I had. Caffeine to the rescue. 

wearing: Light khaki-colored cargo capris and a Red Sox tee. Standard at-home attire.

eating: T's homemade beef jerky. The garlic-and-cracked-peppercorn is my favorite.

listening: To the Rays game while I blog. You know what they say: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

avoiding: Just the heat and the summer cold some of my co-workers have been passing around.

wishing: I could figure out what I did to my right foot/ankle. It isn't enough to slow me down or anything, but I can definitely feel it is unhappy about *something*.

feeling: Like I could use a vacation. Must power on though.

missing: My Gram and Gramp's house.

thankful: For a day spent with my husband. He makes me laugh like crazy. Also: SPF100.

craving: San Francisco weather.

wondering: If I just heard some thunder.

praying: For a couple of friends who have been hurting a lot recently. I hate that I can't fix what they're going through. 

needing: To plug in my cell phone and iPad to charge. Both are flashing me low battery warnings.

thinking: That it's about time to head to bed with my book. I'm almost done with it. I am also kind of tired after spending a good portion of the day at the beach. 

dreaming: Of finding the perfect things to start hanging on the walls of our home.

loving: The 2013 Red Sox. Nothing illustrates just how much was missing from the 2012 season as the embarrassment of riches -- not just the wins, but the enthusiasm and the heart and the never-say-die attitudes and the way this team very clearly enjoys being together -- we've been treated to this season. It has been a balm to my baseball fan's soul.

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