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I Watch TV: 2012-2013, Finale: ABC

Ack!! New shows are starting!! How did I not wrap up *last* season yet?! Actually, I know exactly how: I got confused by this new trend of running original programming over the summer now, so I can't tell where the season should end! I've decided on September through August as the television season...*but * should that be shows that start by the end of August or shows that have finished by the end of August?! I don't know. And now it's mid-September and my DVR schedule is filling up with season premieres and I am being all Libra, hemming and hawing over a decision. So. Shows that had their finale by the end of August it is!

Let's start with ABC...

List shows watched:
Once Upon a Time. Private Practice. Body of Proof. The Middle. Modern Family. How to Live With Your Parents (new show). Last Resort (new show). Grey's Anatomy. Scandal. Motive (new show). Last Man Standing.

1. Best overall show of the television season? 
Wow. ABC has some of my favorite shows, so this is tough. I think it would have to be Scandal. I love that it's different from everything else I watch. I love the script and the acting. I love that I am invested in the characters. It's a great show.

2. Most overall disappointing show of the television season?
How to Live With Your Parents. (Also wins for worse show title, maybe ever, especially since that mouthful is the truncated version.)

3. Most surprising (in a good way!) show of the television season?
Grey's Anatomy. It's faltered a bit the previous couple of seasons and it started out...questionably. But somehow they made me care about the characters again. That was a pleasant change in direction.

4. Show(s) you recommended to people most this season?
Scandal, for sure, and Once Upon a Time, for those looking for a show that's well off the beaten path.

5. Best new show of the season?
Last Resort. Unfortunately, it wasn't the type of show that would ever stand a chance on Network television. It needed to be picked up by a Showtime or even an FX. 

6. Show you most anticipated this season?
Oh, without a doubt, Scandal. we got a seven-episode teaser for season one and I was dying to know how season two would play out!

7. Favorite character(s) this season?
Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy)I always love me some Mer. I loved her even more this past season as she navigated pregnancy and buying the hospital.
Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant (Scandal) - Holy on-screen chemistry. Swoon.

8. Least favorite character(s) this season?
Kristin Baxter and Ryan Vogelson (Last Man Standing) - Could there be a more annoying couple on tv? Because I'm not convinced there could be. I could tell you how much I would like any given episode of this show based on whether or not these two bozos made an appearance in the opening scene.
Julian Tatham - How to Live With Your Parents. Princess Aurora - Once Upon a Time. Whoever the heck "Greg and Tamara" are - Once Upon a Time.

9. Most memorable character(s) this season?
Huck (Scandal) - There is something so haunting -- or maybe it's haunted -- about him.
Brick Heck (The Middle) - Can't even tell you how many times we do a "Brick whisper."
Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time) - One word: creepy.

10. Best new character this season?
Tommy Sullivan (Body of Proof) - I wasn't sure how I would feel about him joining the cast but his chemistry with Megan Hunt just worked.

11. Any specific episode(s) that stuck with you?
"Seven Fifty Two" (Scandal) - If I'd done this season wrap-up sooner, or at least started making notes as the season progressed, I might have a few more to add, but even without thinking hard, the backstory for Huck was so heartbreaking, there's no way it wouldn't have stayed with me.

12. Favorite comedy from this season?
The Middle - Made me laugh far more often than I expected and I really liked the stories they told for Sue and Axl.

13. Favorite drama from this season?
Scandal - I just can't say enough good things about this show.

14. Best season finale?
Oof. Scandal, by a hair, with a major bombshell. Last Resort was a close second, as it wrapped up the story in a way that felt like closure.

15. Did any shows end this season
Private Practice - It was time for this one to wind up. I thought the ending was satisfcatory.
Body of Proof - I'm a bit disappointed they only gave this one a single chance with the new cast. I liked its chemistry. They did give it a good finale though, so there's that.
How to Live With Your Parents - Not a shock that this one only made it one season.
Last Resort - Sad that this one didn't get the opportunity to shine. It had so much potential.

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