Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Watch TV: 2012-2013, Finale: Other Networks

And finally, there are all the random shows are random television stations.

List shows watched:
AMC - Mad Men.
Showtime - Dexter.
CW - The Carrie Diaries (new).
TNT - Dallas. Monday Mornings (new).
Bravo - Top Chef.
FOX - Fringe. The Mindy Project (new).

1. Best overall show of the television season? 
Fringe. One of the shows I've enjoyed most over the past few years. Kind of a surprise for me, because it's a genre of tv that I'm not typically drawn to.

2. Most overall disappointing show of the television season?
Dexter disappointed me in the fact that I only got five episodes in before the great CBS-Time Warner Cable staring contest and now I'm stuck waiting for the rest of the final season until it's released on DVD. Of those I watched, though -- or should I say *attempted* to watch -- that would be The Mindy Project, which I gave up on after three episodes.

3. Most surprising (in a good way!) show of the television season?
Monday Mornings. I didn't know a thing about the show until I saw it promoted during an episode of Dallas. I watched it on a whim and was hooked.

4. Show(s) you recommended to people most this season?
Mad Men. Dexter. Fringe.

5. Best new show of the season?
Monday Mornings.

6. Show you most anticipated this season?
Fringe. Final season and all that jazz. I had no idea if the new direction they were going would work.

7. Favorite character(s) this season?
Peter Bishop (Fringe) - Nailed it with the emotions.
Sally Draper (Mad Men) - Gosh, she's come into her own.

8. Least favorite  character(s) this season?
Bob Benson (Mad Men) - Left me unsettled all season.

9. Most memorable character(s) this season?
JR Ewing (Dallas) - C'mon. Larry Hagman was *classic* in this role. Plus those eyebrows were an entity unto themselves. Rest in peace, Larry/JR.

10. Best new character this season?
Young Carrie Bradshaw (The Carrie Diaries) - Anna Sophia Robb was spot-on *and* adorable.

11. Any specific episode(s) that stuck with you?
"An Enemy of Fate" (Fringe) - The way they wrapped up a story that, at times, seemed unable to allow happiness made *me* happy. Plus, they gave a nod to so many episodes throughout the series. Well done!
"In Care Of" (Mad Men) - I am still so mad at Ted Chaough for how he treated Peggy. So mad that I have to call him by his first and last name. I'd middle-name him too, if I knew it.

12. Favorite comedy from this season?
Well, the only comedy on this list got cut from my DVR schedule so...

13. Favorite drama from this season?
Fringe. It's good to be given a satisfying goodbye from an old friend.

14. Best season finale?
I like the way Fringe wrapped the series up, but surprisingly, I thought it was The Carrie Diaries that ended the season on just the right note.

15. Did any shows end this season
Fringe - Went out on a good note.
Dexter - Although the season is in a holding pattern for me.
Monday Mornings - Sadly, canceled, which is a shame because it was probably the best new show nobody watched. Likely because no one knew it existed.

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