Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Watch TV: 2012-2013, Finale: CBS

Moving rapidly along to CBS, as I feel the new season breathing down my neck...

List shows watched:
The Good Wife. The Mentalist. How I Met Your Mother. Rules of Engagement. 2 Broke Girls. Mike and Molly (new to us). CSI. The Big Bang Theory. Person of Interest. Elementary (new). CSI:NY. Blue Bloods.

1. Best overall show of the television season? 
Person of Interest, although I wrestled a bit with the decision.

2. Most overall disappointing show of the television season?
Rules of Engagement, with its too many annoying characters problem, although the first half of Elementary vexed me tremendously.

3. Most surprising (in a good way!) show of the television season?
Elementary, or rather the second half of the season. I was so aggravated most of the first half that I fully expected it to continue down the same annoying path. And then it didn't.

4. Show(s) you recommended to people most this season?
The Big Bang Theory, always good for a laugh, and Blue Bloods, because it's not just a crime procedural. Also? Tom Selleck.

5. Best new show of the season?
Ha. Elementary. Not much competition there!

6. Show you most anticipated this season?
Blue Bloods. It's comical how much I look forward to watching characters get "Danny Reagan-d."

7. Favorite character(s) this season?
Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory) - Truly, she somehow makes this show even better.
Frank Reagan and Danny Reagan (Blue Bloods) - They definitely make my personal top three list. They seem so...real.
John Reese (Person of Interest) - I can't figure out if they write his character to be so humorous or if that's just how he pulls it off, but I love it.
Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife) - She really came into her own this season.

8. Least favorite character(s) this season?
Russell Dunbar (Rules of Engagement) - Ew.
Oleg (2 Broke Girls) - Also ew.

9. Most memorable character(s) this season?
None really stand out as extraordinarily memorable more than any other season. Just favorites and decidedly not favorites on CBS.

10. Best new character this season?
The mother!! (How I Met Your Mother) - I realize we've only glimpsed her in the final seconds of the season finale, but THE MOTHER!!!

11. Any specific episode(s) that stuck with you?
"Death of a Client" (The Good Wife) - John Noble's guest appearance was fantastic! He is such a charismatic actor.
"The Parking Spot Escalation" (The Big Bang Theory) - Sheldon, sitting naked in Howard's car. I just can't even!
"The Closure Alternative" (The Big Bang Theory) - I was howling with laughter as Sheldon slowly lost his mind while Amy tried to break him of his need for everything to have proper closure. Even more, when, after her departure, he went through and finished everything left undone!
"Snow Angels" (Elementary) - I can't even say for certain what was so memorable about this episode, except that it resonated with me on a very sensory level. Not so much the plot of the episode but the way they captured the "feel" of the blizzard.
"The Final Page" (How I Met Your Mother) - The Barney and Robin proposal!! So perfectly them.
"Something New?" (How I Met Your Mother) - I loved the reveal of Ted's house and his open vulnerability and all the things Lily said to him.

12. Favorite comedy from this season?
The Big Bang Theory is still my favorite current comedy, across the board.

13. Favorite drama from this season?
Tough call, because there are some favorites here, but I think Blue Bloods takes top honor.

14. Best season finale?
The Good Wife floored me with the last two minutes. When Alicia rushed out of the after party, I expected it to be yet another meeting with Will, *not* Cary!
How I Met Your Mother, because, hello! THE MOTHER!!

15. Did any shows end this season
Rules of Engagement - After a lot of foolishness and eye-rolling, the series finale was actually pretty sweet.
CSI:NY - My personal favorite of the CSI franchise, I was happy that they gave the crew a good wrap-up. I hate when a show, especially one that I've watched from the start and that continues for several seasons, gets unceremoniously canceled without proper closure.

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