Sunday, May 12, 2013

TV Loves and Hates: May 12, 2013

Disclaimer: I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead if you're even further behind than I am. You read at your own risk!

**Timmy finally quit! I hope he sticks with it. Russell may be one of the most annoying characters on television. (Rules of Engagement, ep 11)

**The way Mad Men makes me think and analyze like pretty much no other show I watch.

**I have a love-hate relationship with a show that can pull off a good child criminal. Something is so creepy about a kid being that creepy. Maybe because we expect it of an adult, but kids are supposed to be innocent. All I know is Body of Proof's "Committed" creeped me out like crazy! Which is, I guess, what you want from a crime drama?

**I love that Bailey could finally feel safe and come unglued when Ben arrives. (Grey's Anatomy, ep 22)

**There was a scene when Mer and Derek are having a tea party with Zola and talking about how her whole world is about to turn upside down when the baby arrives. If that doesn't just tug the heartstrings, well, I don't know what does. (Grey's Anatomy, ep 22)

**The Moriarty arc on Elementary intrigues me. I clearly enjoy a running background story in my crime dramas (Red John on The Mentalist, what really happened to Megan's father on Body of Proof -- just to name a couple) and I like that this "Moriarty" seems capable of playing on Sherlock's level.

**I thought the cardiologist poisoning the man who poisoned him with the same poison was the perfect poetic justice. (Person of Interest, ep 20)

**I love the way I can feel Person of Interest building up for the season finale! So many questions and threads left hanging, just like last year. Just as you start to wonder what it all means and how it connects, they present you with the season finale and something to chew on all summer!

**It is a wee bit annoying that Natalie (the little girl) is the smartest character on How to Live With Your Parents. Especially when you consider that there are at least five regular adult characters.

**I keep reading that there is going to be a police spin-off of Chicago Fire. I am not interested. There are a thousand police dramas already done. Some of them are among my favorite shows. However, Chicago Fire's "schtick" is that it's unique in being a fire department. You cannot lure me into what's going on at the police station down the street, especially not after one season. And a season that was slow to hook me, at that.

**I know I am supposed to feel some angst with Dawson's love dilemma and to find myself on some Mills or Casey "team," but really? They can't seem to make me care about who she chooses. I kind of just want to smack her and tell her to stop being a child. (Chicago Fire)

**Why does there always have to be some cheating or some sort of ambivalence regarding fidelity on Grey's Anatomy? I don't like that some new lady doctor is threatening to rock the boat with Arizona and Callie. Can't we just leave intact relationships alone? I guess I should be happy it doesn't involve Meredith and Derek? (ep 22)

**As annoying as he could be, I am bummed they killed off Jamie's partner on Blue Bloods.

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