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I Watch TV: May 19, 2013

Disclaimer: I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead if you're even further behind than I am. You read at your own risk!

**I am stunned and thrilled and stunned some more that The Carrie Diaries will be back for a second season! The buzz had it a sure goner and I was trying to come to terms with it...and then BAM! Renewed!

**Sophie in the spa, chucking a lime (I think?) at some woman. Oh, holy crap, that was funny. (2 Broke Girls, ep 23)

**One of the reasons Chicago Fire frustrates me so is that they are so good at nailing emotional stories, but they spend so much time wreaking havoc on the lives of their main characters. Case in point, the ending of "Leaders Lead," where the 12-year-old girl comes back to the firehouse to have her photo taken on her birthday, because she was abandoned there and the Chief rescued her and now she's this awesome, adopted, well-adjusted kid: total tear-jerker. *Loved* it. If they would give us some more feel-good stuff like that to balance out all the shock-and-horror, it would give the viewer little insights into who these characters are, giving the emotional bombshells a far bigger effect. I mean, I was more invested in the characters on Scandal after its abbreviated 7-episode first season than I am after 22 episodes of Chicago Fire, and it's not because they don't have the material to work with! (ep 22)

**Bernadette: "I have a new tube top that says 'come hither' and a can of pepper spray that says 'close enough, Jack!'" (The Big Bang Theory, ep 23) - Oh my heck, so funny!

**Raj to Lucy: "Yeah, well, I like you a lot and that's scary for me, because you're a proven flight risk." (The Big Bang Theory, ep 23) - 1. Yay, Raj!! 2. Could Raj and Lucy be any more perfect for each other?

**That whole bit about the "love spell" over Sheldon and Amy? I did *not* see that coming! But, wow, Sheldon must actually really care about Amy, somewhere deep in his robotic soul. (The Big Bang Theory, ep 23)

**April's proposal and (he'll always be chief to me) Dr Webber knowing exactly how to get Bailey back in the O.R. were absolutely perfect. (Grey's Anatomy, ep 23)

**Ellen Pompeo is just knocking it out of the park as Meredith Grey-coming-into-her-own this season. (Grey's Anatomy)

**Sherlock's reaction to seeing Irene. I am bowled the heck over. The whole episode, which was great and hinged entirely on progressing the whole Moriarty story, just stopped existing in my mind, because I wanted to Jonny Lee Miller a standing ovation for the believability of his emotions. Also, newsflash: Sherlock has emotions! (Elementary, ep 22)

**John Ross and Pamela got *married*?? I did NOT see that coming. (Dallas, ep 13)

**With all the renewal and cancellation announcements coming out last weekend, there came the little reveal that Parenthood will be moving to Thursday nights. Commence wailing and gnashing of teeth. My Thursdays are packed full from 9-11pm (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Elementary and Person of Interest) leaving me no way to watch and/or DVR a third show, for one, and two, why on earth would NBC think it wise to take a show and pit it against such tough competition? Even if you *don't* watch any of those shows, a lot of people do, and they are invested in them at this point. It's like NBC wants Parenthood to fail and that makes me super sad.

**Speaking of renewals and cancellations, there were a lot on my list that won't be back. Some didn't surprise me that much -- Whitney, Rules of Engagement, Deception, Up All Night, How to Live with Your Parents -- and one I knew was on the fence, and though I am a little bummed, I kind figured it might happen (CSI:NY). But there are two I am really upset about losing: Body of Proof (that chemistry between Dana Delany and Mark Valley was fantastic) and Monday Mornings (a TNT original which was the best new show no one was watching -- clearly or it would have been renewed). ::sigh:: The two most angsty times of year for me are the MLB Trade Deadline and TV Network Renewal Day.

**How I Met Your Mother makes me want to hug Ted. Seriously. He's sweet. And no one seems to appreciate it.

**I also don't really like that How I Met Your Mother insults my intelligence in "Something Old" (ep 23) with that ending: Robin questioning her plan to marry Barney, staring all weepy into Ted's eyes and grabbing his hand. Come *on*. How many times has future-Ted's-Voice referred to her as "your Aunt Robin" -- if she were The Mother? That would be weird and completely out of line with the continuity of this show, something that they tend to excel at.

**As if Reverend Tim Tom weren't pad enough, they made Cassidy and Axl break up? At the *prom*?? Excuse me, I need to go pout. Count me in with Axl, but I just wasn't thinking about what graduation would mean for them. (The Middle, ep 22)

**One of the things that frustrates me the most about Chicago Fire is the ridiculously high number of horrible things that happen to these characters. Even on Grey's Anatomy, a show well known for its over-the-top catastrophes, manages to balance out low-level drama with the earth-shattering stuff. I never get the chance to feel anything about these characters, because there aren't enough non-drama scenes where I can get to know them before something terrible happens. I mean, Hallie's barely back on the show for ten minutes and now she's dead? (ep 22)

**What is this whole thing with Arizona and the cheating? Is someone always cheating? Is this really an accurate representation of the world? Yes, this is still bothering me. (Grey's Anatomy, ep 23)

**I do not like this Jo girl and what she does to Alex. (Grey's Anatomy, ep 23)

**Saying goodbye to the Reagans for the summer. I want them to be real and I want them to adopt me. (Blue Bloods)

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