Friday, April 24, 2009

no YES

yeah yeah. Grace in Small Things every single day. today we will add in some recent peeves. before i burst from pent-up ranting!

~~i got an email from my cable provider this morning, outlining some new changes to our service. one of them being: i will now receive the YES Network. (for those of you looking at your monitor in bewilderment, that would be Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network.) now they are not allowed to air actual games outside their regular viewing area but i will have access to all the other shows they have on their channel. woo.freaking.hoo. as if i am not subjected to enough nausea-inducing programming down here with the Rays?? whatever. where's my NESN channel! (this has probably been arranged by Lil Foot's Mommy's husband as retaliation for my involvement in Pocklock's program to rehabilitate her former-Yankee-fan friend.)

~~speaking of the Rays. it irritates me to no end that they changed their ticket sales policy for this season. each previous season, i have been able to log in on the date of the pre-sale and purchase the tickets i want for the entire season--all Red Sox games, obviously--at once. they get printed & mailed to me in early March and then i don't have to give it another thought til the games come up on the calendar. this year, the Rays only released the super expensive seats & the less desirable tickets for the pre-sale. the tickets i always get--third baseline, right on top of the visiting team's dugout--were not available. i checked through all of March, every single day, waiting for them to be released. i checked on Opening Day. i've been checking multiple times each day since then. i knew they weren't sold out, because if i clicked on the Season Tickets option, those seats were available for purchase. and they weren't just holding back the good seats for big games, like when the Sox or Yankees were in town. i checked a Wednesday night game against the Royals in June & they weren't for sale either! i know that they increased their attendance & all last year, but give me a break! there's no chance that they will sell out all their games this season and my money as a Sox fan is just as good as anyone else's. i'm glad i waited it out because my tickets for next weekend's series have been secured...yesterday! if this is their plan to keep more visiting team fans away from their games, that is truly pathetic.

~~will someone *please* explain to me how it is possible that a flight to Connecticut costs $400 when a flight to California on the very same weekend with virtually the same departure times would run me only $247?? i *have* to be in Connecticut that weekend but i checked the other "saved searches" i had, just to see if maybe that was a particularly expensive weekend to fly for some reason, which honestly would have made me feel better. nope! $150 less for more than twice as many miles! i. am. fuming.

~~dear local drivers: for the love of all that is holy! please stop waiting until the last second to pull out in front of me!! there was more than enough space in front of me to pull out before i got there and absolutely no one behind me. so why did you wait until i was right on top of you to turn into my path?? and could you really not have waited another three seconds for me to get by you at that point?! and don't even get me started on the fact that you find your gas pedal long enough to pull out in front of me, then immediately forget how it works as soon as you are in my lane.

~~could this week have felt any longer?! good grief. it felt like Thursday on Tuesday which made it feel as if Friday should have been here three days ago.

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Janet Friday, April 24, 2009 1:18:00 PM  

Those types of drivers live in MA, too...seems to almost always be older folks.

Why don't you fly into Boston? Might be cheaper to fly into a bigger airport...

Samantha Friday, April 24, 2009 2:04:00 PM  

love it! balance is *key*! :)

RileyScott Friday, April 24, 2009 3:37:00 PM  

Oooh I hate that last one! They do it to me all the time on the northern state parkway, frakking idiots

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