Saturday, April 11, 2009

but i'm going to go with: the Angels needed this win.*

things i could blame tonight's loss on:

--Wakefield's Matsuzaka impression. need proof? i give you somehow getting out of a no-outs bases-loaded situation without giving up so much as a single run.

--the Sox inability to hit the ball anywhere that there isn't a fielder standing with an open glove.

--the fact that Tek was out of the lineup tonight. don't look at me like that! he currently leads the Sox in the home run category**. go ahead, look it up. i know you don't believe me. it's ok. go! i'll wait right here.
back now? ok. by the way? i told ya!

--anyone coming out of the pen, not named Ramirez or Papelbon.

--those ridiculous new alternate hats. and their goofy red buttons on the top. who pitched this idea? Lugo??

--it's only April. the Sox choose to win their West Coast games in October instead.

*truthfully, i know that the Angels really needed this kind of game to honor their fallen teammate and i really don't begrudge them this win. that being said, i'm really not liking this whole last in the division thing*** so, much as i wish the Angels could have a few wins in a row to bolster their spirits, it's going to have to wait til the Sox leave town because it's time to get some wins in our W column.

**could alternately be filed under: Things You Didn't Think You Would Say After 2008. (not that i am complaining one iota!)

***for real, Sox fans. i'm not one to panic in the first week of April, but do you not feel like you're looking at the AL East standings in a mirror or something?! Toronto-Baltimore****-New York-Tampa-Boston.

****i would like to personally thank the Orioles for handing the Rays a loss tonight. much obliged for your contribution toward stuffing them back down to the bottom of the American League from whence they came.

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Nichole M Sunday, April 12, 2009 8:15:00 PM  

Yes, the standings are leaving me confused. It's like Bizarro World.

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