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This Week on My TV: August 30, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(UnforgettableS3E2 "The CombinationI never get caught up in boxing related stories. Dr Jo is once again the highlight of the episode. That and Carrie's little fighting fists. And the rest was just meh, with the scorned older brother, the Albanian mob, and the riff on "Real Housewives."

**(UnforgettableS3E3 "The Haircut"Now *this* is the type of episode I can enjoy. Some secret sources, a scandal to unravel, and a secret group of...spy types, I guess? Anyway, they were pulling some strings behind the scenes. I wonder if they will be like some of the arcs in Person of Interest and pop up with some regularity or if this was a one-and-done thing? -- So, Carrie and Al are each going to have love interests from Washington DC? Hmmm. Now of course everyone wants them to stop denying their chemistry and get back together (even though the viewer has never seen them actually together, since that is just part of their character back story). How long are we going to get toyed with before they cave and get to it?

**(Murder in the FirstS1E6 "Punch Drunk"Another judge and a totally new court room? Just what is going on here? -- Terry had some moves in that bar with the drunk jerks that were harassing that couple. -- Holy crap! Mark Strauss is dead by "overdose" with a supposed "suicide note" admitting he killed Cindy?? Except, yeah, right. I still don't think Blunt did it, but it sure seems like every possible suspect they unearth ends up being eliminated, one way or another. So who? -- Speaking of Mark Strauss and his overdose, ewwwww.

**(The BridgeS2E7 "Lamia") Oh, Daniel Frye, you colossal mess. Even if it gets you what you want to know, the addictions are going to kill you. Unless the CLIO people or Fausto's goons get you first.-- How did Robles know Sonya was at the Special Prosecutor's hotel room shootout with Marco?! -- I could have lived without witnessing a Fausto bathroom break. -- Ray: Stop your clock, sister. ... ::snort:: Ray's one-liners slay me. -- Marco had to sneak into the prison in a food delivery truck to get to Tate the first time, but after that he can just walk in, wearing street clothes, and stand outside the infirmary, staring at Tate through the window? -- Sonya has a lot on her plate. Dobbs' death seems to be bringing up feelings about her sister's death. She found out Hank had withheld the truth from her about what he did to Dobbs. Jack (still don't trust him), it turns out, suspected Sonya's sister wasn't his brother's first murder, and maybe if he'd said something, *anything*, it might have prevented her sister's death. Marco isn't telling her the whole story about his escapades in Juarez and she knows it. The Special Prosecutor is dead and Eva's statement has been compromised. How will Sonya handle all this upheaval? -- Eleanor's story is...terrifying. As I am sure Charlotte and Ray can attest, after hearing it in the diner. -- We seem to have just stopped mentioning the girls disappearing from Juarez. Will we circle back around to that at some point?

**(Murder in the FirstS1E7 "Suck My Alibi") Someone in the background of Erich Blunt's trial keeps coughing and I find it very distracting. -- Curly haired chick has The Crazy Eyes. I also didn't think it was going to be her who killed Strauss! Or well, was there when he died anyway. -- THERE is the twist! Crazy Eyes admitted to typing the suicide note after Mark Strauss actually did OD. But whoa, with her parting question for Terry: "You wanna know if I killed Cindy Strauss?"

**(Murder in the FirstS1E8 "Win Some, Lose Some"What was with the first-date chick telling Terry she loved him in bed and then pulling a coffee pot out of her purse? And then when he said he felt a bit crowded by it (understandably so), throwing hot coffee in his lap? It was amusing watching the reactions of his neighbors, though, as they heard what was (ahem) taking place in his bedroom before her inner crazy surfaced. -- Wasn't impressed by the twenty minutes of closing arguments that just rehashed what the viewer already knew. It did nothing to further the story and just felt like it was killing time. -- Did Erich seriously confess to Cindy's murder under protection of double jeopardy? I mean, Crazy Eyes sort of half-hinted she might have done it when Terry gave her immunity to tell him what really happened with Mark Strauss. So who was it??

**(DallasS3E9 "Denial, Anger, Acceptance"It had to be a rude awakening for Emma to see John Ross all but ignore her, other than barking at her to call the paramedics, while he tended to the unconscious Pamela. And yet, she sat in the hospital, talking to John Ross about what they do now that Pamela knows? Snap out of it, girl. Even John Ross knows the jig is up. -- Judith Ryland is the creepiest "mommy dearest" ever. Bringing Harris a glass of milk, and telling him it isn't "mommy's milk"?! Nasty. -- Judith calling Ann a "pretty packet of poison" is rich, considering the source. -- Ann, when will you learn to stop the lies? Bobby has every right to be furious at you and you know it. -- Bobby [to John Ross]: You say you want to be a better person, that you didn't mean to betray the people you love and you feel so bad for doing it. Well, words are cheap. You are what you do. You wanna be a better man?...*Be* one. -- I was seriously sweating Sue Ellen lifting that bottle of aftershave from the hospital gift shop, because she needed a drink so badly. And equally relieved when she battled back the temptation to actually drink it. And proud of her for being brave, admitting to Bobby and Ann that she accidentally started the fire by trying to burn John Ross and Pamela's wedding invitation, then passing out drunk, and finally acknowledging her alcoholism. -- ::tires screeching:: *Drew* was trying to burn down Southfork and basically got away with it, since Sue Ellen believes *she* started it?? And if Nicolas was going to have a hard time explaining to Elena why he sent Pamela that video of John Ross and Emma, well, it's going to be impossible to get her to understand why Drew is now dead. Holy crap.

**(Murder in the FirstS1E9 "Family Matters") Hildy's response to watching Blunt do the "Larry King interview" on tv was a lot like the way I watch tv. I am constantly talking to the people on the television as if they can hear me. -- D'oh! Hildy totally busted Lieutenant and DA making out in the parking garage. That look on her face, the "I really wanna un-see this" expression, was spot on. -- They made it totally obvious that Blunt's grandfather knew exactly why Terry was  there, the way he got defensive and surly. It was like a big, flashing neon "guilty" sign was hanging over his head. -- As scary crazy as I found Ivana, her loyalty to Erich was pretty remarkable. I can totally see why, when he took credit for running his company all through the trial, which, in fact, he didn't, but she did, that loyalty was off the table. Her perfect revenge was leaving to start a competitive business with Blunt's scorned former business partner, Jeremy. -- I wish I were more familiar with the San Francisco landmarks, so I could better appreciate some of the aerial views of the city between scenes. -- I couldn't help but think that when Terry met Walton on his release from prison, after being cleared of the charge for Nyers' murder, that was probably the first time in his life someone had shown him kindness. -- Is Daniels the only rich-guy lawyer in San Francisco? Seems like (assuming the show is picked up for a second season) he will just keep popping up on cases, making Terry and Hildy's job that much more challenging. I actually wondered if they were going to attempt to tie in that dead woman in the tub with the Blunt murders too, but I guess not. So maybe it was just a "space filler" for the show (wouldn't be the first time)? Or is this a potential dangling thread to pick back up for a season two, should there be one?

**(Murder in the FirstS1E10 "Blunt the Edge"When they showed the preview for the season finale, I couldn't figure out why it would look like Wilkerson was sitting on Blunt's couch, naked. I never imagined it happening the way it happened, Blunt making him strip down because he thought Wilkerson was wearing a wire. I don't know how, after all that insanity spewing out of Blunt's mouth, Wilkerson didn't just go crazy and shove him out that giant window. -- Daniels [David Hertzberg, about why he won't represent Blunt again]: My money? I keep it. So I have it. So I can say no to men like Erich Blunt. -- When I watched how quickly things feel apart for the arrogant Blunt, all I could think was "my, how the mighty have fallen." Wilkerson has not shown him the gratitude he feels he has earned "for all he's done." Daniels refuses to be his legal defense. He can't effectively threaten Terry English off his trail. Ivana is gone. And, in the end, he doesn't even have his personal lawyer, Hertzberg, in his corner any more. -- More proof I have the softest (most foolish) heart on the planet: I was so sad for Blunt's grandmother, as she struggled with her husband's suicide, how to navigate life alone for the first time in fifty years, her only family is that toad, Blunt, and she just seemed so vulnerable. Also, when Terry stops to see Walton, and learns that Walton plans to move up north, near family, to start fresh, I had this overwhelming sense of hope for him, that he would shake off his demons and succeed. I NEED TO STOP HAVING ALL THESE FEELINGS FOR PRETEND CHARACTERS ON TV. -- My thoughts on the final outcome: When the call came through that someone was obviously dead in connection with the Strauss/Nyers murders, first I was worried for Walton, then the grandmother, and finally Wilkerson, in rapid, frantic succession. But of course it was Blunt, because he wouldn't ever face the consequences for all he did. I'm not sure if that was a satisfying ending, but I think they chose the right one. I have to give the writers credit, making Blunt the killer. I thought it was too obvious. And he never showed the "obvious signs" his grandfather did. They made him a great, stonecold psychopath.

**(RecklessS1E5 "Bloodstone"I don't know which is more steamy: Charleston in the summer or the chemistry smoldering between Roy and Jamie. When Roy was checking out Jamie in her denim mini skirt, I'm fairly certain sparks flew off my tv screen. -- Who is this blonde chick that keeps appearing at Roy's place, half dressed in one of his shirts? -- That was some interesting intel on Jamie's background that Roy got from his mentor (Emmett?), who was opposing counsel in the Carlisle case she's working on. A drug addict mother who didn't want her and left her to grow up in foster care. -- Holy. Heck. Max, the wrongly accused pro bono case, is Jamie's half brother?? And he doesn't know it, because they were separated by the system when they were assigned the foster homes?! -- I'm fully invested in the lawyering and Lee Anne's lawsuit and in the Jamie and Roy sizzle, but I could not care less about Terry and his gun hustling. -- Between her brother and Lee Anne, Jamie is practically running a homeless shelter in her house. I totally knew Max was going to be gone, though, when Jamie got back with dinner.

**(RecklessS1E6 "Family Plot") Call me crazy, but I could have sworn that Lee Anne's chair in Arliss' hospital room was between the bed and the door last episode, but this one started with her waking up in the chair between the bed and the window, even though it was supposed to pick up right where the last scene of the previous episode ended, with Arliss tucking a blanket over a sleeping Lee Anne just before he slipped out of his hospital room. -- Nothing like having your ex-wife show up in your office and ask you to represent her new fiance in a legal matter. Could they make Roy and his situation any more of a heartbreaker? -- I'm not at all sure how I feel about them trying to make Terry even remotely likable. -- Of course they are dangling that sizzling kiss in front of the viewers before snapping it back with "can't be involved with opposing counsel."

**(UnforgettableS3E4 "Cashing Out") I think it's funny that Eliot did his research on Carrie and Al, so he already knew about her gambling habits, but learned that Al was...boring? -- Jay: I've seen her use her memory hundreds of times and she still hustles me. -- During the shootout in the casino, Al leaned against a "cinder block" wall that MOVED. Oops. -- I honestly thought, for a fleeting moment, that Eliot was somehow involved in the raid, when it appeared the ringleaders had been tipped off.

**(UnforgettableS3E5 "A Movable Feast"I like the way they are finding different ways to showcase Carrie's memory in each episode, unrelated to the cases. -- If the victim was such a great guy, why did his son's mother leave him? Weird. -- The Coast Guard officer told Carrie and Al that a brick of C4 could take down a building, but all it did was take off the back side of a boat? Hmmm. -- I feel like Eliot wears that grey suit with the lavender shirt and the purple tie a lot. -- I enjoyed this episode, since the chef/restaurant angle isn't as overdone as some other "case profiles" that get used on crime procedurals.

**(UnforgettableS3E6 "Stray Bullet") Eliot: grey suit, lavender shirt, purple tie. And I thought it was bad that Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods rotates between three ties! -- Jo, the self-proclaimed "Dirty Harry of MEs." LOL! -- It was an interesting story, Al being framed by the jilted former fiance of a female officer because that officer was in love with Al, but what I hate about stories like this is that we lose the intensity. There was no way Al wasn't going to be cleared.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Saturday, August 30, 2014 10:06:00 PM  

Ooh, wheeee! You finished Murder in the First! We thought it was really well done, especially at the end. I'm hoping it comes back next summer, the format was rather refreshing, not having the case solved in 45.2 minutes :) Blunt was such a good bad guy though, I don't know how they can top that in another season :)

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