Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Week on My TV: August 2, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Mad Men, S7E5 "The Runaways"Ginsberg is completely cracking up. Convinced that the computer will turn everyone gay. Showing up at Peggy's apartment unannounced, watching her sleep two inches from her face, trying to procreate with her. -- It took me a few minutes to figure out who Stephanie was, but was she really just there to get money and leave? Megan was very gracious and hospitable, but what was that expression on her face as Stephanie walked out of the room to shower? And why did she want to prevent Stephanie from seeing Don? I never figure out Megan's motives. -- OMG, Lou, that was *not* proper handwashing. Gross. -- Don's secretary is quite possibly the biggest airhead ever. -- Betty was vintage Betty. Storming off and feigning a headache because Henry embarrassed her. Being vicious with Sally. -- Sally was mouthy in her exchange with Betty over her broken nose, but it totally made me bust out laughing. -- OMG WHY DID GINSBERG CUT OFF HIS NIPPLE AND PRESENT IT TO PEGGY IN A BOX WHY???? -- Don. Is. Back. BAM!

**(The Bridge, S1E3 "Sorrowsworn") The theme of this show is "So. Freaking. Weird." I probably say this at least four times per episode. It is *way* more disturbing than Dexter *ever* was...and that was a show about a serial killer vigilante! -- The lawyer knows this bizarre drug money woman?? -- Ray: So I say we act like white people and disappear and let our lawyer doing the talking. -- Why does Muttonchops even have lines? Does anyone ever know what he's actually saying??

**(Motive, S2E8 "Angels with Dirty Faces"I cracked up when Angie told Oscar to erase her computer search history if she died. Because that's what best friends do, right? -- I was right! Detective Lucas *is* married. I saw the wedding band. So what's the deal with him and Officer Wendy? And why is everyone encouraging it with their winks and nods? -- Oh, the irony of the victim's mother saying she can't turn off the machines and kill her own her son's murderer. -- I did not see the health twist coming, but I *really* didn't see it coming that the killer was the son the victim's mother gave up for adoption! Well-played, Motive. Well-played. -- What on earth is up with this shooting that is looming in Angie and Cross's past?? They sure are unraveling this story one tiny thread at a time.

**(Unforgettable, S3E1 "New Hundred") So Carrie is doing undercover with counterfeiters now?? -- Jo [to Carrie]: Every time you and Al are in the same room together, *I* need a cold shower. -- ::snort:: The Pomeranian is named Derek Jeter. -- Seriously, Carrie, why *aren't* you and Al (back) together? -- I wonder if Jane Curtin really hurt herself or if it was truly just "part of the story" for Jane's character. -- My second favorite "pair" on this show, after Carrie and Al, is Carrie and Jo. -- Amusing to watch two handsome, virile men posturing for Carrie. It was really getting under Al's skin that Secret Service Agent Frank might have a little interest in Carrie!

**(Motive, S2E9 "Abandoned") So, we're just going to dance around Detective Lucas' failing marriage and the secrets of Angie's past? -- The guy whose abusive mother was killed by the mother of his baby (follow that?) had the bluest eyes ever. -- I figured out the abusive part and the baby given up for adoption part, but how did I miss the connection between the two??

**(Turn, S1E5 "Epiphany"I'm a bit confused by Anna. How did she go from so strong to so weepy? Pull yourself together, woman! -- Ooo! The ring of spies has eyes inside Andre's house now, thanks to Anna's former slave, Abigail, being relocated there! -- Everyone keeps talking about how frigid it is outside. Does Anna have no warmer hats? No shawl capable of being pulled over her heaving bosom? -- OMG with all the making out between Abe and Anna. I can't believe the British soldier living in Abe's house walked in on them! Awkward, even in 1776. -- It worked! The letter to General Washington worked!! You know, it amuses me how excited I am, considering I kind of already know the way this all turns out. -- I love, LOVE, the scenery in this show. -- Total chills at our first meeting with Washington.

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