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This Week on My TV: August 23, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Bridge, S2E5 "Eye of the Deep"Fausto arranging flowers? So many things about this show fail to make any sense whatsoever. -- Sonya's quirks are definitely...less pronounced this season. -- I do not trust Jack Dobbs. He's way too obsessed with those drawings his brother made that Sonya has. -- What a crazy violent episode. All the Tate scenes. The message from Fausto for the thugs who stole his drugs. Odd that Eleanor was involved with none of them, though. -- What was that whole bit with Monte, Ray, Charlotte, and the real estate?? -- I figured it was just a matter of time before the Juarez police tried to take out the DA.

**(RecklessS1E4 "Blind Sides") The people charged with murder always seem to use the turn of phrase "I'll kill you/him/her" in passing about the victim. -- Haaa! Roy and Jamie are being forced to work together on a case? Methinks thou dost protest too much. They so like each other. *Like* like. -- The views of Charleston remind me of the city shots used on Boston Legal. In other words, love that. -- Totally don't buy Terry's admission that he loves Lee Anne. But I don't think he bombed her house. -- Neither the woman he went to dinner with, nor the woman who spotted him there, were Dec's wife?? And his wife clearly doesn't care as long as he's discreet? I saw none of that coming. -- Wuh-oh. Preston's feeling short of breath! I wonder how he's going to wrangle out of this one...

**(The Bridge, S2E6 "Harvest of Souls"I don't know what I expected Jack Dobbs to want from his brother's drawings on Sonya's fridge, but digging up an old corpse wasn't it! -- Everyone seems to say Eva's name differently. Eee-va. Ay-va. Evv-uh. -- If I were sitting in a locked church, with a black hood over my head, talking to an admitted assassin, I would totally. freak. out. And yet, there Daniel and Adriana (why do I keep thinking her name is Gabriela?) sat, like good little journalists, waiting for the story. -- Wasn't Chip the name of the real estate agent in the opening scene of this season, when Monte walked in on all the blood? I thought that guy was dead? I am so confused by the timeline of this season. -- OMG Daniel Frye and the drug test. Ewwww. -- I wonder how this will all unspool, with Marco telling Sonya to not mention she was in Juarez for that little hotel room shootout. Lying is a problem for Sonya. She likes to play by the letter of the law and this will certainly complicate things.

**(Murder in the FirstS1E4 "Burning Woman"I didn't understand that whole "party in the desert" thing. It was like a circus freak show on Halloween steroids. -- Do they ever zip up that little girl's backpack? It stresses me out. -- I had zero pity for Diego's mother. None. -- Blunt's lawyer is going to kill him for all the lying and omission of truth. -- Blunt is such an entitled little (pardon my French) douche. But I still don't think he did it. -- I keep waiting for the twist in the case. -- Thumbs down: Terry and Hildy making out in her kitchen.

**(Murder in the FirstS1E5 "Pants on Fire"I wonder on what grounds the Mayor got the original judge to recuse himself. -- Taye Diggs has a great smile. But at the karaoke bar for Molk's birthday, there was NO WAY that was his real voice singing. -- Holy creep factor, Blunt showing up at Hildy's home when she gets back from the karaoke bar.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Wednesday, August 27, 2014 11:38:00 AM  

We were really sad and rather worried when they had Hildy and Terry go that route in the kitchen. I always hate when they throw main partner characters together, it never really works out for the best, in our opinion :)

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