Saturday, December 21, 2013


1. What first tells you that winter is here?
The calendar or the weather people on television. Certainly *not* the temperature!

2. Name your five of your favorite distinctively winter habits or customs.
1. Being able to leave the windows open and the air conditioning off, most of the time.
2. Wearing long sleeves some days and not sweating!
3. Keeping both a blanket and the comforter on the bed, because we never know when a night might be chilly enough to actually warrant needing both. (And waking up at night, shivering, is no fun. Much easier to reach to the foot of the bed for an additional layer than to get up and search for one when you'd rather stay asleep.)
4. Making some hot apple cider or hot chocolate to sip.
5. Enjoying the snowy photos shared on social media.

3. What is your favorite smell of winter?

4. What is your favorite taste of winter?

5. Favorite winter memory?
Christmas Eves spent at my Gram's sister's house, having a big family party.

6. What is your favorite part of winter?
The days when the temperature doesn't go above 70. And seeing the Disney parks all dressed up for Christmas.

7. What's your favorite quintessentially winter food? Least favorite?
Favorite: Hot beverages.
Least favorite: trying to make sugar cookies in the humid Florida air.

8. Go-to winter beverage?
Hot apple cider, for a treat.

9. Least favorite/most annoying thing related to winter?
The days when the thermometer climbs towards 80 (or higher) and we have to run the air. I know I live in Florida. I would still like seasonally appropriate weather for my climate and 80 isn't it.

10. Place you'd most want to be in the winter: the lake, the city, the beach or the mountains?
The city. I think cities covered in a blanket of fresh snow are when they are at their most beautiful.

11. Your absolute dream winter day would be:
High of 60. Low of 38. Sunny and brisk. Cozy inside with my blanket and a good book.

12. If you could go anywhere on vacation in the winter, where would you go?

Somewhere it snows, since I haven't really been in the snow post-Florida-relocation back in March 2002.

2 with their own thoughts:

tel4him Thursday, January 02, 2014 9:55:00 AM  

Come visit! We're supposed to have 10 inches by tomorrow morning!

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, January 02, 2014 10:04:00 AM  

T: I am not foolish enough to even attempt an airport with snowfall less than 24 hours away. I'd spend that vacation in an airline terminal!

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