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This Week on My TV: December 7, 2013

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(The Mentalist, S6E9 "My Blue Heaven") Patrick Jane: Turns out being understood is an underrated life pleasure. -- Is Patrick wearing a skirt/sarong?? -- That dancing Patrick was doing? I could do that! -- Totally cracked up when Cho asked Partick where his socks were. -- That was a shady trick by the FBI to agree to Patrick's terms, then go back on it. -- I thought the show did a good job of covering the two years that have passed since Patrick killed Red John. -- I wanna know the secret Patrick told the bellhop before he left the island!

**(Person of Interest, S3E10 "The Devil's Share") Using Johnny Cash's song "Hurt" as the background music for the entire opening? Brilliant. -- Mr Reese is looking rough. Which makes me sad. -- I was thinking: Harold always uses various birds as aliases for his last name. Is Finch really his last name?? Or another alias?? -- Shaw used to be a doctor?! I did not expect that. -- Fusco: Just when I think life with you all can't get any weirder, one of you takes it to the next level. -- Shaw: He lost a lot of blood. I'm going to steal more from Manhattan General. ... Of course she is. -- Elias avenged Joss's murder!!

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E12 "The Rehearsal Dinner") I didn't like the top Robin was wearing for most of the season, but I love that dress she had for the rehearsal dinner! -- Speaking of rehearsal dinner: finally some forward progress in the timeline! -- Hahaha! Barney trying to make air quotes while handcuffed to that pipe.-- Digureskating Liberace Ted. I have no words. -- That was an awesome and wicked sweet surprise by Barney for Robin to bring Canada to her for the rehearsal dinner. I like when Barney is still Barney, but a sweeter version of his original self.

**(The Blacklist, S1E10 "Anslo Garrick" Part 2) Dembe is alive!!  -- The shooting scenes were confusing with all the people in gear. I couldn't tell who was good and who was bad. -- The shot Ressler to take out the bad guy guard was a nice touch. -- Ewww... Did we really have to watch them dig that chip out of Red's neck? -- A mole in the FBI? For real? I wonder who... -- Mr Kaplan? Is a man? I did not see that coming. And judging by her reaction, neither did Liz. "Mr Kaplan" really reminded me of Edna Mode though. -- I do NOT like seeing Red beaten. -- The people at 8123 are tracking the movements of Tom *and* Red? Just what is going on over there?! -- So that call Liz made that ended up being Cooper on the other end. That was the phone she pulled off Apple Man, right? And if that was the last number dialed, does it implicate Cooper as the potential mole? Also, how did he know it was Liz? He kept saying "Agent Keene" when he answered. -- I do not trust Tom, Sam I am. -- Alan Alda! Now, who is Mr Fitch and what does he have to do with Red? -- what does Red have and what will turn up if Red dies? Don't leave me hanging like this, Alan Alda!! -- Wait, could Diane be the mole?? Who were they watching her talking to? WHAT IS GOING ON??? -- When "Mr Kaplan" said "it's done", what was she talking about? -- Ok. That phone call at the end between Red and Lizzie. She asked, point blank, if he was her father, and though he hesitated, he did answer 'no,' which means they want the viewer to still be questioning whether or not they believe him. I'm still on board with he isn't her father. And then he told her to watch out for her husband. If Red warns against trusting someone, I'm going to have to believe him. And I already don't trust Tom. -- Where is Red? And what is he up to? -- What a fall finale. Can't wait for January 13!

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E11 "And the Life After Death") Once again, another episode dwelling on Caroline not being as important as she thinks she is. Time for some new direction. Or at least some new jokes. -- Not enough Sophie. Not enough Luis. Not enough Chef Nick. The end.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E5 "Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back") I think they are showing these episodes out of order, because last week's episode showed Mike and Molly already back upstairs (which I questioned) and this week they were just moving back up there. -- Making up stories about the neighbors? We so do that!

**(Mom, S1E11 "Cotton Candy and Blended Fish") Violet: Dammit dammit dammit! Christy: What's going on with her? Bonnie: She's 17 and pregnant. I'm surprised she isn't doing that all day. -- Marjorie: I made two batches of brownies for the bakesale. These are regular. And these have no dairy, sugar or gluten. I call them 'frownies'. -- Gabriel: She seemed a lot less crazy when I was sleeping with her. Chef Rudy: They all do. -- The cancer jokes just were not funny. -- Huh. I kinda expected some anger from Marjorie about Christy contacting the son...but then the episode just ended.

**(The Good Wife, S5E10 "The Decision Tree") 100 mph on the speedometer to open the episode. Nice nod to the 100th episode of the show! -- I really with I didn't like Damien's Irish accent so much. -- I don't know which is more shocking to me: that Florrick/Agos sent out eight *hundred* invitations to their Christmas party or that they only received thirty RSVPs. -- John Noble reprising his role as Matthew Ashbaugh through flashbacks! Although, speaking of accents, it always catches me off guard to hear his matural British accent. -- I must say, excellent use of Christmas music as the soundtrack to this episode. -- "Always play the fox. They'll never know you're the sanest man in the room." Words to live by? -- All fo a sudden 835 invitees have RSVPed yes?? -- I thoroughly enjoyed the scene with Will preparing his questioning of Alicia as he pictured her. He is so *not* over her, as is evidenced by the fact that he is using his feelings for her to form his line of questioning. -- Not sure who amuses me more when they mess with Eli: Peter or Jackie. -- That really has to be distracting, Will, to picture being in bed with Alicia while you question her on the stand -- Alicia besting Will made me want to cheer. I know he feels heartbroken personally and betrayed professionally, but he's being a real jerk to her.-- Peter felt like flashes of Mr Big when he was riding in the limo. -- Eli: Thank God. Thank your Christian Jesus God. -- Zach: Sometimes I think of you as mom and other times just as this interesting person who lives in our house. -- Veronica (Alicia's mother, to Marilyn about her pregnancy) Do you have a name yet? Marilyn: I do: Peter. ... Eli spraying his champagne from his mouth upon hearing that was priceless. Now, is Marilyn serious or just getting on board with Peter and Jackie when it comes to driving Eli insane? -- I truly think this is the best season yet!

**(The Middle, S5E8 "The Kiss") Frankie going over all the various house noises. Hee! -- Hey! Darrin in Axl's dorm room! And a mention of Cassidy in the same scene! Dare I hope? -- Sue in charge of Brick and the house while Frankie and Mike are away, housesitting for Frankie's sister. And freaking out over every little thing. Yep, total flashback to my babysitting years.-- Sue: My American Girl Babysitting Manual did not prepare me for this! -- Ah, love: Frankie and Mike trading one pair of reading glasses back and forth. -- The Glossners are multiplying! Right in the Heck living room! Before Sue's very eyes! -- Darrin making a thought bubble from the stolen onion rings. I miss having him on the show more.-- Frankie crunching the potato chips loudly. Something I am certain makes my husband what to beat me with the bag of chips. -- I am pretty sure every couple has the ice cube fight at some point. I think it's like a rite of passage or  something. -- Sue was kissed by a Glossner! Ewwww! And also noooo! No kissing Sue unless you're Darrin! -- It's interesting to see Axl suddenly being so unsure of himself in college after being so self-assured in high school. I like that they're giving his character a little nudge.

**(CSI, S14E6 "Passed Pawns") The dealer was questioned by the pit boss for four hours? Wow. He's...thorough. -- Hey! Mala Noce gang! CSI:Miami nod! -- It's almost always about love or money. Or in this case, both. With a side of greed and stupid. -- Brass has gone hardcore since all that business with his ex-wife and psycho daughter.

**(Modern Family, S5E9 "The Big Game") Haley: I was up really late studying. Alex: She was. I was up really late doing this. [shocked face] -- Cam: They're not superstitions when they work! ... I hear ya, Cam! It's just the law of sports. -- Lily: Dad, you're embarrassing me. Mitchell: Welcome to the rest of your life. - Lily coming into her own. She's been really funny this season. Not just her lines, but her delivery too. -- Dying: Phil with the snake in his shoe, waving a tissue like a bullfighter and charming it with a recorder  to  try get it to come out.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E10 "The Discovery Dissipation") Amy [knocking]: Sheldon, may I come in? Sheldon: Do you have cookies? Amy: No... Sheldon: Good, I don't deserve cookies. Come in. -- Raj [to Howard]: There's also a time to stop eating too many jellybeans. It's when you're ten.

**(Top Chef, S11E9 "Restaurant Wars") Seems kind of ironic, Nina, telling her team members to check their egos at the door. -- fin vs found: I thought fin had the better concept overall. And it was pretty clear that fin had the edge the whole night. found was a disaster. -- Travis vs Sara: I never thought, I would say this, but Travis kinda nailed it, charming as the front guy. Sara, on the other hand? Symbolic of the disaster that was her team's restaurant. -- Nick vs Justin: Nick was so calm and his kitchen ran so smoothly, other than the purple goo on Brian's plate. Justin, on the other hand, was an angry spaz and the kitchen was in total disarray. -- Did Sara never watch restaurant wars? No dish descriptions for the judges, except the one time when prompted, and then *unprompted* for her dessert? -- fin blew found our of the water. No pun intended. -- Not sad about Sara packing her knives.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E3 "Quite a Common Fairy") Henry: I don't like apples. Peter Pan: Who doesn't like apples? Henry: It's a family thing. -- Is it just always night in Neverland? -- I feel like Tinkerbell should be more...sassy. Or something. Cute costuming though. -- Ah, drat. I don't want to like Hook! But he's being so charming. Which is confusing, because there's already a Charming. -- Who did Regina run away from? Who is the Man with the Lion Tattoo?? -- Tinkerbell's lair looks like the Swiss Family Treehouse! -- Revisiting Tinkerbell: Wow. She's angry now, still not sassy. Not as crazy about this costume. -- I really don't understand why Mulan is so upset about Aurora's news about her pregnancy. Did I miss something? -- That was a great scene between Regina and Tinkerbell about how her decision to run away from the Man with the Lion Tattoo was selfish, because she not only ruined her own life, but his too. -- Lion tattoo! Robin Hood?!

**(Parenthood, S5E3 "Nipple Confusion") The campaign budget argument between Adam and Kristina was so real, the pace and the exchange and the tone, that it was completely believable. -- Drew's college dorm bathroom is coed? Really? -- The Founding Fathers mural on Julia's kids' school is a little creepy. -- Drew's roommate used Drew's *sheets*?? Gross. -- I'm so not used to seeing Joel act so stubbornly. Isn't that Julia's shtick? -- This episode's tear-fest: Jasmine standing, hidden, listening to Crosby trying to convince their newborn daughter to finally take a bottle.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E4 "A Nuisance Call") That Jay/mob watchdog guy that was using Dawson? I really don't like his attitude. -- Um, did that Daryl guy seriously put a bullet in his brain with Shay two feet from his face? Whoa. I am not sure how *I* would have reacted, but calm would not be it. -- I still struggle to feel anything about the characters in this show. I should have felt something when Dawson implied that Shay was partially at fault for the suicide or when Hadley showed up at Mouch's campaign meet-and-greet to stir up trouble. What did I feel? A little half-interest, at best. -- When you get a call for assistance at a car accident, I bet you don't expect one of them to be teetering five stories up from the top of a parking structure. -- Why does it appear ratty-rat Clarke is going to set up Mills? -- That couch scene with Shay and Otis was awkward. Like big time, capital A awkward. From drunk-laughing to face down in his lap, suddenly sobbing, and then acting like nothing happened, other to ask him not to tell Severide? -- Nice. Severide's dad is trying to throw Boden under the bus? Guess the grudge match is still on. -- Ok, so Hadley was the arsonist and Clarke is, apparently, *not* the rat, but some other guy I don't recall seeing before *is*?? I am so confused. -- What is going on??? Jay is a *cop*?! I can't keep track of how quickly this show changes directions.

**(Parenthood, S5E4 "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities") It's making me sad that Sarah is so uneasy about Amber and Ryan's wedding. -- Oh, Drew. Just what no one ever wants to hear from their current crush: Well you know this seals the deal, right? There's no fighting fate. Drew Holt, you are officially my best college friend. -- Hahahaha! I think it's hilarious that when Julia has enough of Sydney and Victor's bickering, she makes them spend the afternoon with Zeek. -- Haaaaa. Drew coming to Adam for girl advice? Haaaaaa. -- Did Amber drag Ryan to bed with their front door wide open? Dude. -- Kristina: Did he explain to you why I passed up on the money? Max: He said you didn't want to be in bed with Harry Lerner. And then I said that I wouldn't want Harry Lerner in my bed either. And then he said that was supposed to be a metaphor and then told me to go play video games. -- Hank gave Max twenty dollars to shut up for one hour. Priceless. -- This episode's tear-fest: Zeek working with Victor on his reading, when everyone else has struck out. And bonus tears: Max giving Kristina his twenty dollars as campaign funds.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E4 "Nasty Habits") Neal/Baelfire: I'm not a boy anymore, Felix. And I sure as hell ain't lost. -- Speaking of. What are we calling him now? Neal or Bae? -- So...are we just going to make vague passing comments about Dreamshade (Nightshade?) poison and not really address the fact that Charming is, ya know, mortally wounded? -- The Pied Piper that the squid from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?? What the heck did these writers smoke? -- Pied Piper. Peter Pan. I guess... Alliteration anyway. --- I am still confused how Pan knows Rumplestiltskin. -- Emma: Maybe it's a tiny colander? Regina: Yes, because pre-teen Baelfire made lots of pasta.

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gail@more than a song Sunday, December 08, 2013 8:10:00 PM  

Person of Interest with that Cash song as the opening was really good I thought. Ditto to everything you said.
I just finished The Blacklist today, wow! We rewound the scene with Liz calling Cooper several times and I may not be right, but we finally thought she was calling from her phone not the one she pulled off the guy she shot. When she broke in she had a coat over her arm, she walked through the house with it on her hands holding her gun. Then it looked to us like she picked it up off the guy after she took him out so we thought she was using her phone. He did call her by name so that made me think too it was her phone; but it confused us! Hard to wait til next month for it to come back on.

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