Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Cannot Hear You Now

There are some places my cell phone does not go:

To church. (Well, it does come in with me, but it gets shut off. Not good security to leave items in your car that may be tempting to steal, but neither do I want to be That Person whose phone begins playing La Cucaracha during the silent meditation portion of confession and absolution.) (No, my ring tone is not La Cucaracha. But it belongs to someone who attends my church.)

Into the bathroom. ('Nuff said.)

In the bedroom. (It comes in with me at night, if I need an alarm clock to be set, but it gets set to "alarm only" and gets placed face down on my nightstand, and there it stays until either the alarm sounds or I get up.)

To the table. (House rule. No tech at the table. We may or may not deviate from this when we are away from home, but in our house, at our table, no exceptions.)

At the movie theater. (It gets muted and left in my purse. We pay good money to see that movie and I can text you when I haven't paid to be entertained.)

During the National Anthem. (If I am attending an event that plays the National Anthem, then my hand is over my heart, my eyes are on the Stars and Stripes, and my phone is in my pocket.)

While I drive. (If I am behind the wheel and the vehicle is moving, my phone is down. I might check an incoming text, if and when I stop at a traffic light, but if I can't reply before the light turns green, you will just have to wait. Waiting ten minutes for a reply is better than waiting forever because I wasn't paying attention to the road. My responsibility is to my driving.)

2 with their own thoughts:

Janet Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:18:00 PM  

oh my! I laughed SO hard at the cell phone playing La Cucaracha during silent meditation! She or he must'be been SO embarrassed!!!

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:24:00 PM  

Janet: Apparently not embarrassed enough because it's happened more than once! Unless that is a far more popular ring tone than I am giving it credit. ;-)

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