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This Week on My TV: November 8, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good WifeS6E7 "Message Discipline") The judge on Cary's case is what one might call cantankerous. -- Alicia: That's a bit unsubtle isn't it? Eli: Alicia, you're not writing a poem. You're practicing politics. -- I love that Finn is so conflicted. He has to do his best to take down Cary, because he is ASA and answers to Castro...but he likes Alicia and wants to be her friend. -- Alicia: Anything else? Am I ready? Johnny Elfman: For now. Alicia: You're a bundle of optimism. -- Eli's eyebrows are a separate character unto themselves. Displeasure with Ramona's plan to quash Diane subpeonaing Peter. Prissy when Peter indicated he thought she was pretty good at being his attorney. Horror at how badly Alicia's interview was going with Frank Prady. -- Speaking of Frank Prady: DAVID HYDE PIERCE!! -- Elfman: We all do the same research, we all find the same dirt. -- Finn resigned from the State's Attorney's office?! Things. Just. Got. Interesting. -- Sure, Trey and his sister died in a car "accident" right after Trey agreed to turn on Bishop and help Cary's case.

**(Blue BloodsS5E5 "Loose Lips"Henry can't find his bow tie for tonight's event? How many possible places could something like that be? And does he think he's too old to follow the "rule" of putting things where they belong so you can find them when you need them? -- Baez [about Jamie]: He give you anything? Danny: Yeah, stubborn attitude. Baez: From a Reagan? I'm shocked. -- Frank [to Gromand]: You're listening to me, Sergeant, but not hearing me. Fix that. -- Perfect characterization of the difference between today's youth and when I was in high school: Kids now can't see the difference between venting in a private journal and on social media, where anyone can see it. Equally so, people Henry's age spout off, forgetting that everyone has a phone now and can record every word of a private conversation and make it public. -- If looks could kill, I'm pretty sure Frank would have put Garrett in the ground somewhere around triple digits at this point in the overall show. -- It takes a special level of stupid to take a swing at a cop. There is no situation that will improve.

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E4 "The Apprentice"I loved the opening scene with the Sorcerer's Apprentice, even though the CGI was, well, laughable. And the broom in the opening title graphic! -- Hook [after Emma asks him on a date]: Shouldn't *I* be asking *you* out? Emma: I should've known you'd be old fashioned, given your age. What are you, like, 300?... But seriously. The rest of that exchange, I think sparks may have shot off my television screen. ::fans self:: -- Gold [when Hook proposes a deal to get back his hand that Gold's kept sealed up in a jar]: I see blackmail brings out the romantic in you. -- Emma: Ok, Killian, we should get out of here, before David decides to give you his overprotective dad speech. Hook: Well, you can spare yourself the trouble, mate. I can assure you, your daughter couldn't be in better hands. David: That's exactly what worries me. Especially now that you have two of them. ... Related: I am somewhat surprised to discover this, but I kind of like the name Killian. -- David [as Snow gushes and wants to hear all about Emma's date]: Just for the record, some of us don't want to hear everything. -- The Sorcerer's Apprentice was turned into a mouse! ::falls on the floor, laughing:: -- I cannot believe they found a way to work the broom into the story. -- So, now, Hook and Gold are in a blackmail standoff. -- Hee! Will Scarlett was clutching "Alice in Wonderland" when he was passed out in the library! -- Wait. The Ice Queen lady isn't in Storybrooke as the result of the Curse(s)? So how did *she* get there?

**(The BlacklistS2E7 "The Scimitar"D'oh. Samar just picked up some guy in a bar in Dubai and then we saw him fall out his hotel window. Oops? (Probably not so much an accident.) -- Liz [after hearing Red tell the story of the guy who fell out his hotel window to his death]: I don't get it. Red: I imagine Agent Navabi does. ... Is there *anything* Red fails to find out about?? -- Lizzie, you are clearly not fooling Red. He even suspects Tom is still alive and playing the role of your mysterious informant. I love the way Red just watches Liz when they're in the car together, talking about Tom. -- Liz walks like a man. Can't she be purposeful, strong, successful, and still feminine? That always bothers me about strong female leads. -- I was worried the "accident" was going to spell bad news for Ressler's addiction to pain meds. I'm now hopeful, maybe he's past it. -- WTH: That mock hospital, what?? Did the bad guys just have that ready to go? Right down to putting pins in Lizzie's arm to make her believe it was broken? -- Red [to Zoe, when she asked if he has a relationship with his daughter]: It's complicated. ... Understatement of the century? -- WTH: Red just drugs Zoe after building a rapport with her? That feels a bit random, though with Red it never is. -- Liz [to the "nurse" at the "hospital"]: You tell me what's in this syringe or I stick it in you and find out for myself. -- Samar is smart. She knew the best way to save Ressler and Liz was to hang up on Cooper and call Red. -- LOL: Red with the golf clubs. I love how amused and nonchalant he appears, even when you know he is anything but. -- I can't believe that agent just opened the door without even checking to see who was on the other side. *I* could say "FBI" but that doesn't make it so. They are always far too trusting and it makes them fools. -- Red [to The Scimitar, who arrives at that other guy's house, and finds Red waiting for him]: All this running around. I'm so relieved when people I'm chasing come to *me*. -- "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Red says to Samar, as he leaves her with the man who killed her brother. Ha. HAAAAA, I say. -- Tom is being a real jerk, for someone who is completely at Liz's mercy. -- Red [to Berlin]: There's not much left I truly cherish in this world, but I swear, on those few things I still hold dear, I did *not* kill your daughter. ... Such a powerful and heartbreaking statement. -- So. Zoe is not Jennifer. Zoe is the daughter Berlin thinks Red killed. Ho. Lee. Crap.

**(Last Man StandingS4E6 "Mike Advises Mandy"Mandy's not paying taxes on her business, because of course she isn't. But I love that she thinks Mike will "get it." -- Mike: It's called branding. Bad for a cow but great for a small business. -- Kinda scary that Mandy is smarter than Ed...ever. -- I do love that Mandy is finding some success with her fashion business. If they aren't going to give her book smarts, then she should have some place she can excel. -- If Kristin and Ryan make me angry, and Kyle and his grandma stories skeeve me out, Bud simply does absolutely nothing for me. -- Mike's vlogs are almost always offer up some real gems. ... Mike: If the person doesn't really need help, you're cheating them out of the pride they'll feel when they succeed on their own.

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E2 "And the DJ Face"I'm not sure I like Christopher Ewing from Dallas playing a somewhat simpleminded booty call for Max. -- LOL: Sophie trying to determine whether or not to give Oleg another shot by asking the Ouija board. -- Did Caroline know no one but snotty whiny rich girls before her fall from wealth? -- Sophie: Caroline, we already have the Ouija board. We don't need another thing that's flat and wrong all the time. -- I admit to laughing as Sophie ran away, freaking out over the fact that the Ouija board apparently knew Oleg's real first name.

**(A to ZS1E5 "E Is for Ectoplasm"Mildly alarming that when Andrew "high-fived" Zelda against his cubicle window, the whole thing shook. I wonder if that was supposed to happen or if they just went with it? -- LOVED Zelda and Stephie's Laverne and Shirley costumes! -- Zelda absolutely looks like an attorney. Stephie? Not so much. -- OMG with Stu and Stephie's sulking over Andrew and Zelda planning a Halloween party together. -- That revamped zombie version of the e-vite Stu and Stephie made when Andrew and Zelda asked them to co-host the party, with Stu and Stephie literally biting off Andrew and Zelda's heads, was disturbing. -- The lightning at the Wallflower Halloween mixer was very difficult to watch on television. -- LOL: VIP room, nerd jail.

**(Person of InterestS4E6 "Pretenders") I found the opening scene of this episode very confusing. Sometimes all the identities the group needs to take on to save a number becomes difficult to sort out. -- Shaw: Oh, but some guy named Banks Van Hess did text Abel. A lot. Reese: About what a stupid name Banks is? -- LOL: Walter trying to punch Reese and Reese ducking out of the way like it's second nature. -- It was weirdly uncomfortable when Shaw called the dog "Sexy." -- Harold showed he has game, charming Beth Bridges. -- Walter's calling Reese a super hero and looking at him adoringly was endearing. -- Walter [to Reese]: How do you do that with your voice? -- Elias: Personally, I don't care much for the illegal gun trade, but someone has to keep it under control. Otherwise, the city turns into Chicago. Chicago is a mess, John. It's like a damn Tarantino movie out there. -- ::snort:: Shaw calling Reese a baby when he acknowledged getting shot. -- If I didn't see Elias' involvement coming, it was an epic shock that Dominic  is also The Armorer. And now Elias and Dominic are going to be facing off for sure. -- This episode was full of shockers that probably shouldn't have been:  Elias being involved in this crazy gun deal that got Abel killed. Dominic being the fabled Armor. Harold setting up Elizabeth Bridges. Bridges being associated with Decima, Samaritan, and Greer.

**(About a BoyS2E3 "About a Will-O-Ween"Past Halloween trauma for Marcus? Of course there was. -- Marcus: Mom hasn't had sugar in twelve years. Will: That isn't all she hasn't had in twelve years, Marcus. -- When Fiona was out on the porch, handing "affirmation stones, instead of candy, to the trick-or-treaters, all I could think of was Charlie Brown saying "I got a rock" on "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." -- LOL: Andy and Laurie dressed up as pea pods, with their family of peas. -- I was kinda sad about the Sam call to Will, but then I kinda loved Fiona flirting with Sherlock Holmes, tempered with laughing hysterically at Marcus freaking out in that photo booth. Too many conflicting feelings!-- Where ever Will took Marcus trick or treating in San Francisco gave out LAME candy. I'm sure it was based on advertising/product placement/blah blah blah, but still. LAME.

**(ScandalS4E6 "An Innocent Man"I'm very relieved Liv's dream wasn't a flashback. It would have really disturbed me if she had been treating Jake like that. -- Score one for Mellie, asking Fitz if he needs to have some fried chicken sent up, as he soaks his hand after the beating he gave Jake. -- Was Cooper supposed to be Reagan-esque? -- Cyrus is being completely bamboozled by Lizzie who is exploiting his grief and loneliness. I know Cy has been horrible at times, but this is despicable. -- Fitz may call Abby a *itch, but I can think of some unflattering words to describe him. Good thing he isn't on my ballot, because there is zero chance I would be filling in that bubble with my pencil. -- Mr. Carnahan [quoting Olivia Pope back to herself]: The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a while, but it's not going to go away. -- I approve of Cyrus saying "wicked smart." -- The conversation Jake had with Olivia just about broke my heart. No, Jake. No, it is is *not* ok if she doesn't pick you. -- I can't figure out if I loved or hated what Bitsy has done to influence Mellie. -- I never saw it coming that Carnahan actually did attempt to assassinate former President Cooper and just wants credit. Any attention is better than no attention? -- David's reaction to beating Liv in the courtroom was completely ungracious but kinda hilarious, probably because it was so out of character for him. -- David: That is why our judicial system isn't based on looking into people's eyes. -- Fitz is pathetic. I seriously hope Liv was just saying what she needed to say in order to save Jake and doesn't actually mean there is hope for the two of them. -- Ha. Abby just busted Cy on his little rendezvous. -- It makes me so happy that Huck has found a way to interact with his son. -- Whoa. WHOA. Who is hunting Liv and why?? -- That final scene. Save both of them? Both of who? Jake and...who?!

**(Blue BloodsS5E6 "Most Wanted"Gormley's replacement in charge of Danny's squad, Lt. Carver,  didn't exactly make an effort to get off on the right foot with him. -- It's amusing and somehow fitting that the woman who played The Wicked Witch of the West, Zelena, on Once Upon a Time, shows up as Tori Parsons, lawyer to an international Russia mob criminal with a violent temper. -- Danny: I smell Dad. Jamie: No, this is me telling you I got this covered. Danny: No, this is dad. I can smell the bay, rum and cigars comin' outta your pores. -- Erin auditioning private law firms so she can pay for the colleges Nikki is applying to. Except there's no way she's selling out, for any number of zeros, to defend the criminals. That would be too un-Reagan-like.-- I actually don't think there's anything wrong with Nikki having some student loan debt when she graduates. It didn't hurt me any. But I'm not sure why Erin is so hesitant to consider Nikki's plan to accept going to Columbia while living with one of her friends off campus. It's not like Columbia is a terrible school, by any means, and it should show Erin that she's raised a daughter capable of making responsible decisions.

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E8 "The Prom Equivalency") Penny: That's my prom dress. Bernadette: Wow you still have it? I just assumed it was balled up in the corner of a barn somewhere. -- Awww! I know we already know that Leonard loves Penny, but he said some pretty sweet and romantic things to her in this episode. -- Leonard [tying Sheldon's real bow tie for him]: You know, if you're not going to learn how to do this, they make some pretty good clip ons. Sheldon: Bruce Wayne doesn't wear a clip on. Leonard: Bruce Wayne doesn't make his roommate tie it for him. Sheldon: His name is Alfred, and yes, he does. -- Emily sure has a dark side. In an earlier episode, we learned that horror movies turn her on. Now, she admits to liking Sally (from "Nightmare Before Christmas") because she has lots of scars and her limbs were sewn on. -- Sheldon: I'm not blind. Even I looked twice when I saw my posterior in these tuxedo pants. -- I thought the group's idea to have a prom was really sweet and a fun idea. -- SHELDON TOLD AMY HE LOVES HER!! That is huge. HUGE. And without her saying it first. Of course, then he followed it with "I briefly considered I had a brain parasite," but that's Sheldon and we all know what we're getting there.

**(About a BoyS2E4 "About a Bag Girl"Princi-Pal. ::groan:: Even *I* wasn't that goody-goody in school, Marcus. -- Will [when Marcus asks whether he should wear his beanie to impress Shea]: Beanie off, always off. ... Yes. PLEASE. -- It was pretty adorable (and relieving) to see Marcus forming a crush on girl. And I really enjoyed how Will handled it. Even, dare I say, making a couple of responsible, un-Will-like calls on it!

**(MomS2E2 "Figgy Pudding and the Rapture"Trying to decide how I feel about the direction of this show, with them being homeless. -- LOL: Bonnie's face when Violet drank the raw fish smoothie Marjorie made for her cats. -- The new girl at AA, Jill, who Christy is mentoring, is scary. -- I really just want to hug Violet. She may be a class A brat, but her life hasn't been a whole lot of fun.

**(Last Man StandingS4E7 "Big Shots"Mike: What do you mean, he's coming down with something? What's he doing in the house? Ryan: What's the matter, Mike? You afraid of a little boy? Mike: This from the guy who took one look at him and left for three years? -- Mike: You can't mess with German measles. It literally starts with an iich, the next day you lose Poland. -- Mike: What are we doing? Boyd: Puzzle of America. Where does New York go? Mike: After 60, it goes to Florida. -- I'm shocked that, so far this season, I'm liking Mandy much better than Eve. Mandy may not be getting smarter (or fixing her hair), but she's softening a little and she works hard at her business venture. Eve is just becoming an insufferable little snot. -- I was getting seriously disturbed that I almost had a twinge of like for Ryan...and then he got himself vaccinated and whined like a baby. (Even if that was possibly joking, I am just happy to find a reason to be annoyed by him again, and all is right in the world.) -- LOL: Mike painted the new Colorado puzzle piece he made for Boyd, after Muffin chewed the old one, red instead of blue. Classic Mike. -- After Mike briefly encouraged Ryan to reconsider vaccinating Boyd behind Kristin's back if he wanted to preserve their pending marriage (oh, now I have that taste in *my* mouth!) for the sake of his daughter's happiness, I noticed Mike was wearing a blue shirt. I wonder if that was coincidence or by design? Mike's not much about the blue in anything.

**(A to ZS1E6 "F is for Fight, Fight, Fight!"Just realized that the opening monologue by Katey Sagal is actually counting down how much time Andrew and Zelda's relationship has left, before...something happens (and hopefully, by some miracle, that "something" isn't the end of this show). -- Zelda [on the phone in her office, to Andrew who is dancing in his cubicle]: You know I can see you right now, right? -- Stephie taking on the qualities of someone she likes to seem more compatible. I can't decide if this is trite or not. -- Lora: Women say they want sweet and sensitive, but they click on guys with abs and gelled hair. -- Howard, Big Bird, Stephie, and the IT gang still swing and miss most of the time, but Stu ambushing Andrew repeatedly was pretty amusing -- Andrew may have needed to be reminded it was important to listen to Zelda, but Zelda needed to be reminded (by Stephie, no less!) that what she has with Andrew is what people want to find. -- I loved the exchange when Andrew was waiting on Zelda's steps, ready to be a better boyfriend. The whole back-and-forth was perfectly timed and overflowing with chemistry. -- The ending was the first time I recall seeing Zelda look at Andrew like he looks at her.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E6 "And the Abyss Gazes Back"I like that, instead of categorizing his feelings as "pissed off," as we so often do, Crane actually identified what he was really feeling: peeved, disappointed, and hurt, because Katrina kept too many secrets from him, and it didn't matter that she likely kept them because they might jeopardize his role as a Witness, because they were married and that hurts. -- I love that it isn't yoga that makes Crane feel better, but a big glass of beer (ale? this *is* Ichabod, after all). -- What a horrible position for Irving. Henry owns his soul. The only way it can be returned is if Irving swaps it for another soul by taking a life. And it "just so happens" that the man who drove drunk and ended up paralyzing Irving's daughter is also at Tarrytown Psych. -- Henry [to Irving]: Those who fight monsters should see to it that, in the process, they don't become one. -- Abbie [after a remark she made to Crane about Daniel Boone devolves into a classic Crane rant about misconceptions we have about when he was alive]: Much as I would like to debate the variety of rodent hats that existed in your days, can we please refocus? -- I saw it coming from a mile away that Joe Corbin was the Wendigo. -- The Wendigo, by the way, was terrifying and gross. -- Well, now we know why Henry wanted that Pied Piper's instrument, didn't care that it had been broken, and proceeded to grind the bone into powder: He used it to curse Joe Corbin into becoming a Wendigo. -- Ichabod's facial expressions when he has to interact with Hawley are priceless. -- ::snort:: Hawley called Crane "Dances with Wendigos." (Wendigoes?)  -- I wonder if Joe Corbin will become another member of Team Witness. -- I'm intrigued by Ichabod's hope that maybe by not giving up on his son, perhaps he can be saved from the evil of Moloch. It certainly adds a twist that could play out for better or for worse. -- OMG. Henry wanted that crazy ancient poison so he could transform it into a spider that he sent to find its way into Katrina??? ::gag:: That is going to be terrible news for so many reasons, not the least of which was it crawling in her mouth.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E4 "Just Another Normal Day"This made me laugh, though I can't really say why. ... Elizabeth [about some political person or another wanting a global audience for some treaty that was about to go down]: The world? Fourteen guys watch CSPAN. -- The sort of the thing that would pop out of my mouth too: Daisy saying "have fun" as Elizabeth is leaving for a memorial service. -- I had to stifle uproarious laughter (my husband was asleep) at Henry trying to quash Elizabeth and Isabelle whispering snarky comments during George's memorial service. -- I love that Elizabeth and Henry walk holding hands. -- The girl who asked for political asylum, Fu Xinpei, has the exact same iPhone case I do. That is honestly the first time I ever remember seeing a protective phone case of any kind on a tv show. Seems silly to say that, but when I watch tv, I always notice no one seems to use them and it stresses me out, because I am constantly afraid of breaking my phone. -- Ha. A big-haired Senator from Texas. Stereotype well played. Not cool that she is sending messages to Elizabeth by tracking down her daughter, though. Low. -- I like that we're getting to know some of Elizabeth's staff, bit by bit. She has to work so many hours and so closely with these people, it would be nice to care about them as much as about her family. -- This show is finding its footing. It's achieved making me tear up in its fourth episode. Shows that make people feel things area success in my book. -- Whoa. Elizabeth's predecessor, Marsh, was planning to announce that he was throwing his hat in the ring for President...right before he died. And then George suspected that death maybe wasn't an accident...and now he's dead too. Pretty clear Marsh had enemies and that people who get suspicious might be eliminated. -- Henry [when Elizabeth arrives home to discord between her daughter and she looks at him, quizically]: Girls had a fight. Things were said. Feelings were hurt. -- Elizabeth: It's not normal to push your feelings to the margins. The suckers don't stay there.

**(ReignS2E4 "The Lamb and the Slaughter"Some conflict between Mary and Lola was inevitable at some point. Mary's points are valid, though. I would think Lola would have acknowledged what she did and been grateful for the fact that Mary was doing her very best to be gracious, far sooner than she did. -- OMG, Catherine basically climbing into bed with Mary and Francis in their, ummm, marriage bed. Awkward! -- Poor Mary. Barely pregnant with a child she wanted so much, so much fuss made over her against her wishes, thanks to Catherine, and then she miscarries. I wanted to hug her. Does no one hug the Queen? She's a person too! -- They have made Castleroy a far more attractive man since he left Greer. Interesting. -- Narcisse has been given a sympathetic story, regarding how he's had so many wives. If was he says is true. -- I really *really* liked that scene with Greer and Castleroy, when she finally stops acting like an adolescent and grasps what mature, adult love actually means. And that kiss? STEAMY. -- Silly as it seems, I'm liking the creepy, mysterious shadow men and the ghost girls. They add a thrilling, fun element.

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E5 "Breaking Glass"I really want to know the Snow Queen's story. How did she get to be a villain? -- One of my favorite things is when Sidney snarks at Regina. I missed his character while Giancarlo Esposito was off trying to rescue a show that couldn't get out of its own way (Revolution). -- Elsa is very naive. It makes me want to yell at the tv. Shouldn't Emma teach her to be suspicious of anything she encounters in Storybrooke, what with so many people walking around with magic? -- Sidney saying "upon further reflection..." is just the sort of humor that makes me snort with delight. -- I love the costumes they have for Elsa and the Snow Queen. Perfect colors and sparkly. -- I thoroughly enjoy Will Scarlett's character. -- Was the Snow Queen walking around barefoot in her frosty lair? -- So, we've been given a glimpse of what's driving the Snow Queen's anger: she longs for love and a family. She actually has quite a bit in common with Regina. -- STOP RIGHT THERE. The Snow Queen was one of Emma's foster parents at some point, what??? -- I'm not sure I saw the point in the flashbacks to Emma's childhood. It felt like filler to drive home a point the viewer is already smart enough to grasp (betraying the trust of a friend isn't a great way to maintain the friendship, but sometimes we need to forgive if the person is truly sorry) and it didn't really teach is anything new about Emma's past. Did we need all of that to explain how Emma found the video camera in her box of childhood memorabilia before we saw the video with the Snow Queen as Emma's foster parent?

**(Blue BloodsS5E7 "Shoot the Messenger"I'm not sure ambushing your secret girlfriend's father on a national news show is the best plan, if you want hope of sticking around in the long term. Especially based on Frank's reaction to learning Erin was involved with McCoy. -- I loved Danny and his new boss going toe to toe. I like that Danny knows he is good at what he does. Not so much at being a passenger in the squad car. -- I called it, that what looked like a suicide wasn't going to end up being one. -- Danny was written up because he isn't clean shaven? Lt.Carver is going to be short one great detective if his transfer request goes through. (Also, please don't make him shave!!) -- Danny with a baby? ::swoon::

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E6 "Glasgowman's Wrath"We quickly figured out that this "ripped from the headlines" theme was that Slender Man case, but then couldn't figure out if there was more inspiration from other headlines or not. -- Observation: Sometimes, I stop and think that it must be scary to be mentally ill, especially if you have any inkling whatsoever that you are, because then how do you know real from imagined? -- I kept trying to figure out how was this was an SVU case. Was it because it was crime committed by children? I supposed I'm just so used to it being crimes of a sexual nature. -- That ending was chilling. Perry got sent for psychiatric care, while it was determined that Mia was a victim along with her sister, Zoe, but then Rollins noticed Mia and Perry secretly linking pinkies in the elevator, so it sure appeared Mia was in on it and no one realizes it but Rollins! Now I am left wondering if Mia will go after Zoe herself next time, and possibly with success!

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