Saturday, November 29, 2014

This Week on My TV: November 29, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Madam SecretaryS1E9 "So It Goes"I actually enjoyed the flashbacks in this episode. I liked getting to see the former Secretary of State, the glimpses into Elizabeth's past, and what happened on Marsh's plane leading up to it going down. -- LOL: Blake calls Russell "the scary guy." -- Elizabeth [to Russell]: You know, someone recently reminded me that I'm fourth in line for the Presidency, so you don't get to come into my office and push me around. -- Just one minute. Matt was spying on Marsh for Russell? And now Russell expects him to continue doing so with Elizabeth? -- Henry: It would have to be a genius. Like a diabolical sabotuer out of a Bond movie. Elizabeth: Well, if you were going to kill the Secretary of State, don't you think you'd wanna hire one of those types? -- Love it: All of Elizabeth's Secret Service are wearing hats supporting Alison's school soccer team, since she insisted on being there. -- I can't decide if I believe Castellano and feel bad for him, or if I mistrust him and am just waiting for him to alert someone of Elizabeth's investigation. -- I'm shocked Matt came clean with Elizabeth...but now what? How does she proceed without endangering herself and her family?

**(The Good WifeS6E10 "The Trial"I totally feel the Honorable Cuesta's frustrations with the automatic sinks and towel dispenser, and banana nut muffins. But I kinda have a problem with him taking his poor anniversary planning out on Cary's trial. He should have purchased the Neil Diamond tickets earlier than day of. -- Jackie! I was wondering where she disappeared to. -- I knew exactly which face Eli was going to make when he heard about the note Alicia wrote about stabbing a teacher, which was intended as a satirical joke, but was, admittedly, a bit tasteless. -- There are a lot of distracted people involved with this trial. The ASA. The judge. The detective called as a witness.A juror. -- Finn and Alicia. I love their awkward interactions. So different from how she was with Will. I like that they agree to meet, as friends, in a crowded, brightly lit diner, NO MUSIC, for pancakes to discuss law...and they end up at a diner where the power goes out, a candle gets placed on their table, and someone started playing guitar, and all they can do is laugh. -- That was pretty underhanded of Bishop to produce Dante as a witness, after Kalinda showed him photos that could take his son away from him, and then Dante implicates Cary on the stand, most likely at Bishop's instruction. I suppose that should be expected when you're dealing with a big time criminal. -- Cary is pleading guilty?! Like guilty as in going to prison?!

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E5 "And the Brand Job"$1000 for a business seminar? Sounds like a pyramid scam to me. No wonder these two are broke. -- So, as part of this seminar, each participant was given a bucket of Koosh balls to throw at presenters when they felt an idea was lame. I need one of these buckets to throw at the tv when this show is lame. This episode would have required a bucket the size of a garbage barrel.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E10 "Collateral Damage"I thought that Elizabeth wasn't going to wear that color anymore because it made her skin tone look funny? -- Elizabeth is far too nice to Stevie. That girl needs a reality check. And to return the $50 her mother gave her to buy a more work-appropriate shirt, since she ended up getting one from Blake instead. -- Interesting watching them lock down the White House with the threat of a deranged gunman on the property. And as if it weren't already tense, it seems they all get locked down in uncomfortable situations. -- Stevie's judgment of her parents without knowing the facts, without knowing what it's like to walk in the adult world and make extremely difficult decisions, really gets under my skin. Being young gives you ideals that are unrealistic, but that's no excuse. -- I don't know that I'm all that invested in this Matt-and-Daisy thing, but Matt was right, Daisy does deserve to have someone who will fight for her. We all deserve to have someone who will fight for us. -- Nadine is done keeping Marsh's secrets. I wonder what that bank account information she turned over to Elizabeth will unearth. -- E: Hey, Stevie? If you never listen to anything I say again for the rest of your life, please hear this. Everything is more complicated than you think it is right now. And the only way you come to know that is through experience. And that's what this whole process of growing up is all about.

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