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This Week on My TV: November 1, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(ScandalS4E5 "The Key"Holy crap! Liv and Quinn just witnessed Kaitlyn's (Kaitlin? Caitlin?) best friend, Faith, get murdered!! I cannot even imagine how helpless that would feel. -- Interesting. Fitz wants them to interrogate Jake by the book. As in, not super secret, not-so-much-Constitutional, B613 style. I wonder what his goal is here. -- Olivia [to Rowan]: In what context are we normal? ... I'll take loaded questions for a thousand, Alex. -- Olivia [to Rowan about Jake]: What if I'm supposed to be saving him right now, instead of sitting here, drinking wine with you? ... And, I'll take loaded questions for two thousand, Alex. -- My heart just broke for Huck. He's telling Kim the truth about why he disappeared from her life, and she won't hear it. -- Speaking of telling the unheard truth. OMG, FITZ, JAKE DID NOT KILL JERRY. He is telling you the truth. It wasn't him, it was Rowan. And he's right that you were just waiting for this moment, ever since you decided Jake put his hands where you didn't want him to, on Liv, but that doesn't mean he's responsible for Jerry's death, no matter how much you wish he were, so you could justify exacting revenge. -- Add Possessed Mellie to the list of Mellies. That Exorcist voice was terrifying. -- I really, really hate that Kim tricked Huck, promising he would see his son, and then using it as a bait-and-switch by having a psychiatrist there instead. He was right. He's told her nothing but the truth and she lied to him. -- Holy intense meeting between Cyrus and Liv, about Jake. Don't listen to Cy, Olivia! He, like Fitz, though for his own reasons, is blinded to Jake's innocence, at least in the Jerry/Harrison matters. They don't want to see that Rowan is evil, because they want to blame Jake for other things by pinning crimes on him that he didn't commit. -- Rowan is evil. Pure evil. -- I'm not sure I have ever seen Mellie speechless before. But she sure was when Fitz told her he wasn't bedding Olivia Pope, he was in the bowels of the Pentagon questioning (who he believes is) Jerry's murderer. -- It's eating David alive that he is responsible for that Justice taking his life. He isn't cut out to play the slimy games of the White House. -- Team Jake. I've totally lost all respect for Fitz. And to think I used to hope he'd find a way to be with Liv. He's just a petulant, jealous little boy, who has a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. -- Two questions: Where were Lizzie Bear and her trap of a Call Man lurking, and what were they plotting in their absence? Does anyone believe Mama Pope is actually dead? Fine, that was three questions, I suppose. Actually let's make it four(ish). Why *does* everyone keep trying to be Olivia Pope? (Good question, David.)

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E5 "Pornstar's Requiem"It's sad, but I could see how a girl, on her own for the first time, trying to figure out how to pay for college, could get herself caught up in this sort of situation. -- Worst phrase ever: "I'll call Carisi." -- In my opinion, Liv's statement on the difference between Evie's adult videos and the one with her college peers sums up exactly how I would have felt, sitting on that jury: "Because on the boys' video, she didn't give consent, she didn't get paid, and she said no." -- I'm not sure who makes my skin crawl more: Carisi or the Chief. -- I cannot believe that judge overturned the jury's verdict. If I sat on a jury and a judge did that, I would be pretty livid. It's one thing for a lawyer to appeal and have there be a retrial, but to just change it because the judge didn't agree seems an abuse of the system.

**(Blue BloodsS5E3 "Burning Bridges") Henry [to Frank, about divulging details about Frank's lunch with the Cardinal]: What was I going to do? Hold back? She's a nun! -- I love when Danny says "deez yahoos." -- The Reagan boys are sure doing a lot of partner swapping this season. Lots of unwanted cops in the precinct for Danny and Jamie to befriend as an example. I guess there are some real downsides to being Frank's kids, not that either of them shied away from doing the right thing. -- They all go to Erin for favors! That has to get old. No wonder she's often cranky. -- Danny and his temporary partner, the personable Demarest, drove all the way to New Jersey for a two minute awkward meeting with that city's police chief? -- The Cardinal offering Frank his ring to kiss, after Frank refused to apologize for his statement about the homosexual police officer in regard to Frank's Catholocism, seemed more like a passive-aggressive "giving Frank the finger," than a religious ritual.

**(The Good WifeS6E6 "Old Spice"There really isn't ever enough Elsbeth. I love her interactions with AUSA Perotti. And I totally get her issue with walking on sidewalk grates. They kinda freak me out too. -- I cannot believe Diane and Kalinda worked a loophole in the lease agreement by bringing Howard into the Florrick, Agos, Lockhart fold. -- I can't decide which was more disturbingly hilarious: Josh Perotti sniffing the lotion on that baby in the elevator or Elsbeth sniffing that bottle of Old Spice in court. -- I have a feeling Grace is going to take issue with Alicia spinning her "religious platform" during that interview. because it's forcing Grace to be in an awkward position. Does she protect Alicia's campaign for State's Attorney by keeping her mouth shut? Or does she honor and respect her own faith by being honest with her church friends, who now think it's amazing that Alicia may be "coming to faith, thanks to Grace"? -- I have to admit, David Lee and Louis Canning taking the A-F-L keys off all the computer keyboards as they cleared out of the old Lockhart Gardner offices was evil genius. -- Wow. Alicia taking over Will's old office. Talk about rising. Alicia got her big break, thanks to Will insisting they bring her on board, and now he's dead, and she's going to be working out of his office.

**(ReignS2E3 "Coronation"Francis surely must be tired of refereeing between his mother and his wife. -- As I watched Francis get pulled in a new direction every ten seconds, during the coronation preparations, I was reminded of how it felt at my wedding reception. -- Sad: a peasant losing his life for stealing a loaf of bread and a chicken, out of desperation to feed his family in the famine stricken countryside, following the Plague. -- I didn't think that I would, but I love Bash and Kenna together. -- I'm torn. The last thing Francis and Mary (not to mention France) need is Catherine and Narcisse teaming up. However, the implications of such an alliance would certainly be entertaining. -- Lady Barnard: Preening peahens with empty heads. Kenna: Are they not your friends? Lady Barnard: I prefer friends  with more between their ears than chiffon and puff pastry. ... I felt bad for Kenna. She so obviously wanted to believe this woman was offering friendship and alliance, when it was nothing but bribery, since Bash was investigating her husband for murder. -- I kind of love every time Mary and Francis talk business while dancing. -- Such a contrast: starving outside the castle walls and such decadence within. -- It is interesting the way royalty and nobility have their power distributed and controlled. It is a lot like a dance. -- Narcisse: You didn't come here because your heart bleeds for your starving countrymen. What are you hiding? Catherine: Perhaps I'm hiding a bleeding heart. ... Not likely, Catherine, but I applaud your comeback nonetheless. -- I can't figure out if I like Henry haunting Francis or not. -- Mary: I don't think my husband needs a lecture from you on betrayal. Narcisse: So you accuse me of something? Mary: Of many things, I'm sure... -- Mary and Francis are so much stronger when they work as a team and play off each other's strengths. I am hoping their realization, late in the episode, doesn't backtrack. -- The eternal question: What *is* Catherine up to? She's buying grain and sending it to various counties and regions of France? There's no way this is based on kindness.

**(The BlacklistS2E6 "The Mombasa Cartel"When that one guy was strangling that other guy in his hotel room, all I could think of was how many hairs he was leaving behind on that bed. I watch a lot crime shows. -- That family in the woods was twenty different kinds of creeptastic, the mother most of all. Which is saying something, when you consider the taller son. -- Red [to Lizzie, after he tells her he has someone he wants her to meet about the Mombasa Cartel, whom she calls Red's buddy]: We're not buddies. I don't have buddies. --  I always appreciate the great irony of Red questioning someone's morals. -- Goeff Perl: Or? Red: Or I shoot you. Here. Now. ... I felt like there was a 'duh' implied here, by Red. I'm reasonably certain that when Red tells you you're going to do something, this is the only other alternative. -- The story of how Dembe's family was slaughtered in front of him and he was abducted into the underworld, until Red found him left to die, nursed him back to health, educated him, and earned his trust, gave me goosebumps. No wonder Dembe is so loyal to Red. -- I kept expecting Red to have an ulterior motive, an angle, something that wasn't really about saving poached animals. Although, I guess he kind of did, since finding the head of the Mombasa Cartel allowed him to avenge Dembe's family. -- I never expected Red's contact, the one he introduced to Lizzie, Geoff Perl, to be the head of the cartel. -- Red sure is busy forging a bond with Zoe, whoever she turns out to be. -- So, Lizzie's big secret is that she has Tom, alive, hidden away in that secret room. I want to know the story. How he survived. Where he vanished to. How Liz found him. How she captured him. And all without Red knowing. -- These Blacklist writers. They torment me with Lizzie's secret, and then, once they reveal it, they tease me with a huge bomb Red will drop next episode. I love it and hate it all at once! -- I still want to know what that key is for that Red got from those people planning to eliminate the human race.

**(The MiddleS6E4 "The Table") It was perfectly Mike and Frankie to barely remember it was their anniversary, much less whether or not it was (maybe?) their 22nd. -- Darrin is so sweet to Sue. Even if it makes the rest of the family ill. -- Sue [opening the necklace Darrin got her]: It's a heart! *And* a key! Darrin [to Frankie and Brick, who were sitting on the couch watching Sue play hotter-colder trying to find her gift]: Because she holds the key to my heart. Brick [disgustedly]: Yeah. We get it. -- About that necklace: Darrin got it from the jewelry store at the mall, which, according to Sue is "super fancy, it has a security guard and everything!" -- Hutch and Axl, trying to solve their money troubles by getting roommates, turning their house into a "frat-ority," but now it needs a name: HutchAxlPi, because everybody loves Hutch, everybody loves Axl, and you *know* everybody loves pie. -- LOL: Brick and his "fontcast." And his fan. (Which turned out to be Jimmie Kimmel.) -- You knew things were going to go south when Sue borrowed Darrin's phone in order to find a photo to use for a photo blanket (because who doesn't love a photo blanket??) -- LOL: Brad's room is decorated like a Broadway backstage area. Of course. Don't ever stop being you, Brad. -- Axl: Did you know you have to pay for wifi? Frankie: Yeah. I know. Axl: Well, I didn't, because everything here is free! Frankie: Heh. For you, maybe. --LOL x infinity: Frankie and the tiny dollhouse table she got off the internet as an anniversary gift for herself and Mike...thinking it was a beautiful, full-size dining room table and chairs for $52. -- LOL: Darrin has "given the key to his heart" necklace to Sue... and to his ex-girlfriend, Angel... and his mom. -- Sue: That's a lot of keys to your heart, Darrin! Why even bother locking it if everybody's got one?! -- Poor Darrin. He looks so bewildered by Sue breaking up with him over the necklace. -- Awww! Sue and Darrin love each other. I loved their make-up reunion.

**(Modern FamilyS6E5 "Won't You Be Our Neighbor"Of course CLaire and Phil are going to scare away the people they really want to buy the vacant house next door and be their new neighbors. I did not expect it to be because they were so over-the-top friendly that the people thought Claire and Phil were initiating being "swingers." ::snort:: -- Ha!! Manny's new girlfriend just happens to be the granddaughter of Phil's closet store rival and former business partner. And of course, she told him about Phil's idea for a sock dispenser. And of course he came up with a better name for it than Phil's "Sock It to Me" idea: The Sock and Roll. -- I love that Cam whispered to Mitchell that Lily didn't really ride a unicorn today. And Mitchell's sarcastic thank you. -- Lily: I'm going to my room to do my homework. Don't knock unless it's an actual emergency. NOT A SPIDER. -- Mitch [when he and Cam show up to meet with Lily's teacher about trying to transfer her to Miss Sparrow's class, because Ms Plank is "mean"]: Oh! A frowny face stamp. I didn't know they made those. Ms Plank: I had to special order it from Germany. -- I love that Lily doesn't want the "nicer" teacher because she wants to actually learn. -- The new neighbors the Dunphys end up with are awful. And will maybe set up some great interactions.

**(Person of InterestS4E5 "Prophets"Fusco [to a guy threatening to jump off a building]: Don't look at me, buddy. You just made us chase you up five flights of stairs. Go play with gravity. -- Reese: I saved a guy's life! Every time I do something good around here, the department thanks me with carpal tunnel and paper cuts. -- Finch: Well, you might find therapy beneficial. It could provide balance. Reese: Therapy doesn't work when you have to lie about everything. Finch: You find a hobby or take up a sport? Reese: I have a hobby: shooting people. ... I truly don't know if this show means to be as funny as it is. -- I love that Root just pops up randomly as all these different characters. But as she said to Finch: "You get to have one identity. I have a thousand." -- The implications of Samaritan rigging the elections and then eliminating the people who could blow its cover are positively nightmarish. -- Finch [to Root]: You must be so lonely. How long has it been? [Root looks at Finch, quizzically] Since the machine spoke to you. ... I'm with you, Root. I thought that was an ill-timed, awkward come on too. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Finch and Root working together in this episode. And her pleasure that this was the first time Finch sought out her help. -- I really like Jason Ritter. I'm glad he made a guest appearance as this week's number. And he sold the bewilderment, terror, and shock of his character, Simon, perfectly. -- Finch [to Root, about how he built the Machine]: Out of 43 versions, how many do you think there were that didn't try to either trick or kill me? ONE. -- Wait. Does Root have a thing for Shaw? I...did not see that coming. -- The Samritan operative was pretty terrifying. -- I'm not sure which line made me laugh more, when Shaw and Reese kidnapped Simon for his own safety. ... Shaw: Turn around, don't scream. Reese: My shrink's not gonna like this. -- The flashbacks of Finch first creating the Machine were very telling. He knew its power, knew how badly wrong it could all go. Samaritan is like his worst fears all coming true at once. -- I seriously thought we lost Root in that shootout with the Samaritan operative. I was so sad and I know I feel for it, because of how they eliminated Carter. And then I saw my own relief plastered all over Finch's face when she walked up with her arm in a sling. -- Root: She needs you, Harold. She's still young. So many paths before her. The difference between the Machine and Samaritan? Is YOU. ... Yay! Finch is talking to the Machine again!

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E7 "The Misinterpretation Agitation") Sheldon [to Dr Lorvis]: I bet you leave your patients in stitches. ... You're right, Sheldon, that *was* funny. -- Sheldon: Leonard, where are your social skills? This man is clearly upset. We should invite him in for a hot beverage. Leonard: He tried to score with Penny. Sheldon: So have these two [indicating Howard and Raj] and they're having dinner with us. -- It was only a matter of time until Penny's flirting to make sales came back to haunt. I felt really bad for the doctor though. Billy Bob Thornton played the heck out of that part. He was equal parts creepy and pathetic. I kept trying to think of characters to legitimately hook him up with, so he would be lonely. (OMG, I have issues. LOL.) -- Bernadette and her unfiltered harshness this season kinda crossed the line with Amy. I don't blame Amy for being really upset with her.

**(About a BoyS2E2 "About a House for Sale"Sadly, Fiona and that hammer look a lot like I look with a hammer. -- For *Marcus* to pass on Andy has got to be quite a blow to Andy's ego. Although, sadly, I have to agree with Marcus here. -- Sad, lonely Will in New York made me sad. -- What was up with Richard's crutches and splint? I don't recall there being any explanation given and it's really bugging me. -- OMG, Dr Sam, that was the dumbest breakup ever. If you both love each other so much, why wouldn't you find a way to make it work??

**(The MiddleS6E5 "Halloween V"Brick's date had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I was dying when they went through that whole sequence of putting their arms around each other. I have a feeling that Brick beginning to date is going to make for some hilarious episodes. -- The Sue-mometer college fund tracker! I heart Sue. -- How is Sue a senior and STILL no one knows her?? -- It broke my heart that no one showed up to Sue's showing of Charlie Brown Halloween in the pumpkin patch, except Brad, who left to go to the scary movie the cheerleaders were putting on in the cemetery. I was so happy when that older man showed up late. I would have chosen your showing too, Sue! -- Speaking of Brad, that really was an awesome costume. For so many reasons. Especially for Brad. Half Danny, half Sandy, from "Grease." I weep! -- Axl, trapped overnight in the library, was hilarious, but I also enjoyed seeing a deeper side to him. He's always busy being awesome and acting like he's got everything under control (even when he's clearly a mess), so it was good to see him actually worrying about his future. -- I spent that whole episode, looking to see if the tiny table Frankie bought accidentally last episode had been replaced. And then cracked up when they showed the dining room in the background with a cheap foosball table in the center of the toom. -- "It's better every time" was exactly the right way to characterize how I feel about watching the traditional holiday shows. Each layer of nostalgia and memories makes me love them more.

**(Modern FamilyS6E6 "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand"Lily's Waldo costume was fantastic! -- Jay [after Gloria tell him he's going to be Shrek for Halloween]: I don't want to walk around all night in an ugly rubber mask. Gloria: You don't have to wear a mask. Just paint your face green. Manny: Ouch. -- That stenographer spider, with her extra legs bouncing all over the place while she was typing behind Mitch's closing argument, had me dying. -- Cam: The last white beard I was with was when I took my cousin Sally to the prom. Lily, explain Daddy's joke. -- Claire: Our new neighbors, marijuana sales man Ronnie and his wife Amber, moved in two months ago. Phil: It's been a week and a half. Claire: Really? -- Jay [running his hand over his balding head, waxing nostalgic about the hair he used to have]: Dammit, it's like a phantom limb. -- LOL: Cam, unable to find Waldo in the books, and unable to find Lily dressed up as Waldo. -- Gloria [to Jay, who is complaining that his missing wig ruins his Prince Charming costume]: Maybe he had to be charming because hew as bald. -- Amber, the new neighbor: I wish we had our old house so we could drive away as far as possible.

**(A to ZS1E4 "D is for Debbie"The big question of the episode was "Is three weeks of dating too soon to bring someone to a funeral?" I'm not sure what the answer is, mostly because it may be too soon, but I'm not really sure when the "right time" would be? Is there ever an appropriate time for a funeral date? -- I kinda like Stu's take on this: mourning requires a good friend and a big pile of cured meats -- I love how sane Zelda is in the midst of that crazy family. I never was sure if it was her actual family or if these people were, like her deceased "Aunt" Debbie, "adopted" family. --  So Zelda to go with "closing argument" for her eulogy, after Andrew tells her to just be herself. -- I adore Cristin Milioti, but her crying in this episode was atrocious. -- Things learned: Stu's jam is a platter of cured meats and being immune to awkwardness, especially his own. Andrew's jam are all the feelings. -- I'm pretty much in love with the way Andrew looks at Zelda. -- Speaking of being in mourning, I'm not ready to discuss the fact that NBC has cancelled this show. I am relived they are (supposedly) playing the entire thirteen episodes, but I'm so sad that this show won't get to grow.

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E1 "And the Reality Problem"We are on the fence with this show. It will have a limited amount of time to make us laugh, and stop being so lame and stiff with its forced delivery. This episode earned it the chance to stay in the rotation for one more week. Max's slippery hands from trying to free Caroline's hair from the mechanism of her wall-bed using her "makeup remover" was almost funny. And I kind of liked Caroline's haircut. However, Sophie disappointed, and she's almost always the best part of the show, and I couldn't possibly care less about the Kardashians.

**(MomS2E1 "Hepatitis and Lemon Zest"Ewwww, Bonnie, stop talking dirty about Christy's father! But by all means, keep buying your grandson's love with bacon. -- That new girl, Jill, at AA was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. -- Poor Violet. Even knowing she made the right decision for her baby daughter by giving her up for adoption, it can't be easy to look at the photos. I think I can forgive her for her attitude right now. -- Trying to figure out where they're going with the eviction angle. Not sure how I feel about that.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E5 "The Weeping Lady") That opening scene, with Caroline, was awkward, but I love that Abbie calls it "Crane on the brain." Seems he has that effect on a lot of women across the centuries. -- I can't help wondering, what does Headless see when he looks around? Even when Katrina sees him as Abraham-head-intact, thanks to the power of the necklace he gave her, he still doesn't *really* have a head, so... -- I had been bothered by the fact that despite being a "powerful, devious witch," Katrina never seemed to try very hard to just, you know, free herself from her captors. I'm glad they explained that they put an enchantment on the carriage house that would prevent her from using her powers. -- That sure was a change of role, with Headless commanding Henry. Usually it's Henry doing all the bossing. -- I particularly love the aerial views of Sleepy Hollow that they use as a transition between scenes. -- Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! (Pretty much my reaction every time that Weeping Lady was around. OMG. Thank God I choose to watch this show on Saturday mornings or I would be scared witless and unable to sleep.) -- Crane [regarding sending Caroline a text after the awkward encounter where she made a romantic overture toward him]: A missive composed by thumb cannot adequately convey emotion. Abbie: Hence emoticons. Crane: Ah, yes, a grimacing lemon caricature should do the trick.  -- I never was able to get a good enough look at it, but was that a portrait of Betsy Ross on Caroline's wall? If so, excellent wit, Sleepy Hollow writers. -- How did no one but Ichabod notice the gaping hole with a drowning Abbie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIBRARY? Nor the ruckus as he tried to save her from the Weeping Lady? -- Nice twist with Crane's jilted betrothed, Mary. I enjoy when they give us snippets of his backstory. -- I keep getting distracted by Crane's eye brows, which are pretty awesome, and having to rewind and rewatch some scenes. This also applies to his eyes...and his hair....and his accent. Perhaps I have a case of  "Crane on the brain" as well? -- How small is Sleepy Hollow, that Crane and Abbie can  get from Headless's carriage house to the river where Mary the Weeping Lady drowns her victims, and still have a chance to find and rescue Katrina? -- Abbie [to Katrina]: We're all out of witches. How about a Witness? -- Someone has a lot of secrets, Katrina. First, you failed to tell Ichabod you were a spy for Washington. Then, you forgot to mention that you were a witch. You never told him you were pregnant with his child. And now that you were accidentally involved in Mary's death? Ouch. -- I don't think I like Hawley and Jenny as an item. -- Crane: Without trust, without honesty, how can a union between two people hope to survive? -- Uh oh. Moloch is angry. This does not bode well for Henry. Or anyone really. -- It occurs to me that Henry is often very childlike, despite being an older man. I suspect this has something to do with his lingering mommy and daddy issues.

**(Blue BloodsS5E4 "Excessive Force"Finally!! I've been waiting all season for someone to get Danny Reagan'd upside the melon. That idiot, junkie CI deserved it too. -- Oh, Jenko. Really, you're pissed when you told Jamie to flirt with that doctor so you could unload that psych patient for evaluation, and then he does, and ends up getting her number? -- This episode made it easy to see how these situations spiral out of control. Spin doctors, like that Reverend Potter, aren't always telling the truth. -- I like the way Frank took on Potter, instead of making a public apology that would have been unwarranted. Pot-stirrers don't help racial unrest. -- I posed the following question to T: Who do you think Frank loathes dealing with more, the Mayor or Reverend Potter? -- I like the promotion Frank awarded Gormley. And I like why he chose to.

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