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This Week on My TV: October 4, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Modern FamilyS6E1 "The Long Honeymoon") Claire has new hair! -- LOL, Phil with all the perfect plums. -- Gloria: My husband is an older man, but he is not an old man. But with the track suit and now the glasses, it's like he's just stopped trying lately. Comfort is not everything. My toes have been numb since my quincenara. -- Mitchell: There's no easy way to ask this but are you all high? Claire: No, Mitch, we're happy. Mitchell: Oh, I'm trying to get away from happy. -- Phil: Abracadouch. -- Though while positive-negative effect of whether or not Alex was around the rest of the Dumpheys was hilarious. It was like an on-off switch! -- Phil [to Alex, who is offended that they are all happier when she isn't at home]: You can't leave us. We're a danger to ourselves. We're a family of fire starters, poison eaters, and online prostitues. -- I nearly died laughing when Gloria ran  out of the room and re-entered, fully dressed and made up, in 30 seconds, and Jay just stared at her, dumbfounded.

**(UnforgettableS3E13 "DOA"Crazy opening scene. A potential political assassination always sets up for an intense situation. I knew that security guy was bad news right away though. Carrie and Al had just finished telling the Senator that the assassin used poisons delivered in large crowds, and two seconds later, that guard had volunteered to take the Senator's belongings and deliver them to the podium...including his water bottle. -- I never expected the assassin to run straight out a door and into the path of an oncoming truck when Carrie chased him. -- Kinda loved Al's almost-profession of loving Carrie still. -- Really good season finale topic. A poisoned Carrie starts losing her memory, only the most pivotal piece of who Carrie is and what makes the show unique and special. -- Al: I never knew that about you. Carrie: Well, some of the most sacred memories, it takes a while to reveal them, even to the person you love. ... Awww!!! Carrie loves Al too! Well, anyone could have seen that, but she *admitted* it. Out loud. To him. -- I was a little nervous that when Al kissed Carrie, they were admitting defeat and the show was all but certain not to return for a fourth season...and then Carrie's husband showed up at the office looking for her, what??

**(Person of InterestS4E1 "Panopticon"Loved seeing where our band of heroes have been flying under Samaritan's radar. Apparently, right out in the open. Shaw in cosmetics sales, Finch as a professor, Reese as a narcotics cop, and Root going on some sort of job interview. -- Reese [on the phone with Shaw]: Hey, it's me. I need you to drop the eyeliner, pick up a gun, and help me take out a street gang. -- Excellent! They have now have use of an undetectable phone network using old tv antennas! -- A promotion for Mr Reese: detective. And he gets to be Lionel's partner. And oof. He gets assigned to Carter's old desk. -- Of *course* the typos on "Finch's" dissertation, which was composed by The Machine, were actually some sort of message. Brilliant! Also, brilliant: Mr Finch has access to a new library at the university and he has been led to a potential new home base. If only he would just stop fighting The Machine. -- Wait...*what* is Shaw's new job??

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E3 "The First Pitch Insufficiency") Baseball! -- Leonard [about Amy and Sheldon]: Nice to see a busy couple keep the spark of bureaucracy alive. -- How perfectly Amy and Sheldon to have a ranking system of the couples in their group. And that they see themselves as the top seat. -- Where *is* Raj's new girlfriend? -- Bernadette is kind of a witch so far this season. I was hoping it was going to be limited to just getting Penny the pharmaceutical sales position, but she's treating Howard the same way about his practicing to throw out the first pitch at Angel Stadium. -- Penny [to Leonard, about why she doesn't want to take the compatibility test]: That we're engaged and have nothing in common and that scares me. ... Ouch, Penny -- That was definitely NOT Mike Scioscia catching Howard's first pitch, I don't care *what* the name on the back of that jersey was.

**(The BlacklistS2E2 "Monarch Douglas Bank"When that "cleaning crew" walked into that bank, I knew immediately that they were up to no good. Shouldn't security have been at least mildly suspicious? I didn't see it being about a kidnapping, and not a classic bank robbery, though. -- Mr Kaplan sighting! I love the relationship she has with Red. -- Lizzie told Red that "Jennifer" (I assume his daughter?) has been in protective custody but that they had lost track of her about seven years ago. Considering Lizzie was placed with her adoptive father as a child, I'd say that piece of information pretty much closes the book on Red secretly being her father, yes? Good. -- Trying to figure out if the woman taking photos of Liz was Samar Navabi or someone else. -- I love it. Red identifies the mystery substance on the seat of the getaway van as jam from a jelly donut without even being there. I also love that he seems to find food everywhere he travels. -- Slick move by Naomi to stash that bone from her dinner and using it to stab the guy guarding her for Berlin. I see Red taught her well. Although not well enough, since she popped right out of her hiding place, assuming Berlin has given up looking, when the door closed...and right into Berlin's hands. -- How did Ressler not hear Liz thrashing around, getting attacked, on the other side of that interrogatin room window? -- So is Samar Navabi on Red's payroll now? -- Lizzie: Can we trust him? Red: No. You can trust me. -- Red: What a terrible waste. Time. Blood. Money. And in the end, for what? Berlin: Revenge. That's my passion. Red: Revenge isn't a passion. It's a disease. It eats at your mind and poisons your soul. -- Ressler: At least it's finally clear now who our perpetrator really is. Harold: Is it? Illuminate me. ... I loved Harold's reply to Ressler. -- I suppose it's pretty handy to have a manicurist who is also a surgeon. Red has the best connections. -- Red [to Berlin, after informing Berlin that he had taken possession of all his money until he gave back Naomi]: Shhh...listen. Hear that? That's the sound of your checks bouncing. -- Ohhh, Berlin, threatening Lizzie is going to make Red very, very angry. -- I was nervous at the exchange of Naomi from Berlin to Red. I thought Berlin and his thugs were going to open fire on Red. -- I wonder if this is the last we'll see of Naomi. I hope not. I really like Mary-Louise Parker in this role. -- Hmmm. So now Samar has found a way into the FBI. -- Red: Lizzie, don't be absurd. I don't have friends. -- Good question, Red. How *did* Liz know about Berlin's money? Who's her source?

**(TurnS1E10 "The Battle of Setauket"Mary is really being quite the little witch, sulking around, sneaking looks in Abraham's spy code key, taunting her husband about an inability to perform in the bedroom, then, when he makes his move, belittling him and being sarcastic. -- Simcoe was totally out of control, hanging one of the prisoners, disobeying orders from Hewlett, using prisoners as shields, taking Lucas Brewster outside and executing him in front of the rebel soldiers. Thank God he was finally subdued, but far too late. -- Surprise, Anna! Your husband actually is NOT dead. She sure didn't look thrilled though. Gee, I wonder why not. /sarcasm --  Baker [walking in on Mary and Abe, as they're talking about Abe being a spy for Washington]: Just my luck, I suppose. Always walking in where I'm not wanted. ... I do feel really bad for Baker. He seems so decent. -- Holy. Crap. Abe. Shot. Baker. I literally gasped. -- I was so furious at Mary for burning Abe's spy key and then she took charge of the situation, while Abe freaked out over Baker's body, devising a plan to cover for him. Her story: A few of the rebels came through the countryside, they killed Baker, but spared Mary and Abe because they took pity on Thomas, and let them go before burning down their house, and with a calm "I know how to clean up a mess." What an ending. What an ending! So glad to know this one's already been renewed!

**(The Last ShipS1E8 "Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar...") I was worried the Russians were going to leave Tex behind in the ocean when they grabbed Chandler. I'm glad they didn't. I enjoy Tex. -- Chandler looked more sunburned by the minute, once he was on board the Russian ship. -- Ruskov [to Chandler]: Like with all tragic heroes, your hubris became your downfall. -- I really like Patrice. I hope they continue to use her character and not allow her to fade into the background. -- So. Rachel was able to use Patrice's natural immunity to effectively vaccinate the last living test monkey. I got the feeling it won't be that easy though, which was later proved to be an accurate assessment. -- I was flabbergasted by that passionate kiss Rachel gave Chandler. I should have seen it coming that she was slipping him something. I about died at Tex's insanely jealous reaction though. -- That Russian sailor that got "volunteered" to be the vaccine test subject pulled off looking legitimately terrified. And now we know who added the human DNA to the virus and effectively killed off the world: the man in the plastic tent on the Russian ship. He appears to be not only immune but a carrier. Which, I guess, is different that Patrice's immunity? Because Rachel sure doesn't seem concerned about quarantining Patrice like the man in the plastic tent. -- Clever girl to have that gun in your medical kit, Rachel, and find a way to access it by claiming there was a second part of the vaccine left to administer. -- I was totally holding my breath while Chandler, Tex, Rachel, Quincy's wife and daughter, and the rescue team were attempting to make their way off the Russian ship. -- I thought Ruskov was going to pop a blood vessel, he was so pissed the Americans were escaping -- PATIENT ZERO IS OUT OF HIS QUARANTINE!! The Russians now have a much bigger problem than the Americans: this psycho is infecting them all. -- Have to admit, I shed a tear as Green carried the body of the slain sailor onto the Nathan James.

**(Chicago FireS3E1 "Always"So, it was Shay who died. And of course, Severide goes MIA, and Dawson is giving Shay's replacement the cold shoulder. Predictable. -- I see the rivalry between Houses 81 and 66 is going strong, because we are nothing without conflict. -- Why don't I remember anything about this "Mills searching for his father's family" arc? Did we touch on this last season and I've just forgotten or is this something new? -- Is Dawson lying to Casey about meeting with her brother while she really goes to counseling? Why cover it up? -- Flashback Shay was much more cheerful, playful, and upbeat than Shay has been during the course of her time on the show.

**(CSIS15E1 "The CSI Effect"Pretty intense opening, with Finlay stuck in a car with a bomb, and a mysterious caller on Russell's cell, asking "Who am I?" -- Pretty amusing: mystery caller asking "Who am I?" and then right into the show's opening credits song, singing "Who are you?" -- Mark Paul Gosselaar makes a creepily believable psychopath...and his twin. -- What a great episode. I wonder if this will be a season-long arc or just a couple of episodes. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E1 "A Tale of Two Sisters"I feel so bad for Regina. Every time she finds someone to love, they are taken from her. -- Mary Margaret: Is everything ok? David: No one's been incinerated yet, so that's a good sign. -- I want to believe that Mr Gold will take his recognition of the fact that starting his marriage to Belle with a huge secret and lie being a problem, and will make it right...but I have my doubts. -- I respect Robin's decision to honor his marriage vows to Marian, despite the fact that he loves Regina, but...ouch. -- Regina: I need my mirror. ... Sydney is back!! I love Giancarlo Esposito. -- Love love loved Belle and Mr Gold's first dance to "Tale as Old as Time," complete with the costumes. -- Are we going to learn what the story is with that little box that caught Gold's attention at the place he and Belle are honeymooning that turns into some kind of wizard's cap with the universe inside it when Rumplestiltskin's dagger is waved over it? (I'm sure we are, but I'm impatient.) -- Emma: I'm not avoiding you. I'm just...dealing with stuff. We have a crisis right now. Hook: There's always a crisis. Perhaps you should consider living a life during them, otherwise you might miss it. -- I have never seen "Frozen" so I'm not sure how closely they are following the story, but that giant snow monster had me laughing out loud. -- Emma, Emma, Emma. What are you thinking holding Hook at arm's length. Have you not really looked at him?! -- I'm a bit confused. If, in the backstory of Anna and Elsa, "tomorrow" was Anna's wedding day, how, exactly was there enough time for Anna to make a two week journey? -- I like the angle of Regina looking for the author of the book, and the spin of "it's time for the villains to get their happy endings." This could pose some interesting opportunities for this season.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E2 "Another Benghazi"When Elizabeth was video chatting with the Ambassador in Yemen about the protesters getting violent and he was insisting he was fine, I kept expecting a grenade or something to come flying through a window and take him out while she watched helplessly. -- Congressman [to Elizabeth]: You think war's expensive, wait until you get a load of peace. -- I hope Andrew Munsey is going to be a regular character. I like Patrick Breen. -- Ooo! Jeff Hephner (the guy who plays Isaac Bishop) is the guy who played Clarke on "Chicago Fire"!! I approve. I very much approve. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if they brought his character back again either. The suit, well, suits him as well as the fireman's gear did. Ahem. -- I jumped a flipping foot off my couch when Elizabeth did lose the connection with the Ambassador in a later video chat session, following her sending in Vesuvias to up protection on the Embassy. -- I kinda love the relationship between Elizabeth and Henry. -- Stevie [about the fact that her parents told her she can take a year off from college, but she'll have to work]: Tell me the truth: Is this you? Or is this her? Henry: This is us. We're a unit. Ya got that? -- Thumbs up: I like that Vesuvias managed to get the Ambassador to safety. -- I'm not sure how I feel about Stevie dropping her mother's name at that interview. When she walked away, saying to never mind, I couldn't figure out if it was a strategic move or if she had a stroke of conscience. -- I wonder what the real story is behind George's "accident" that took his life. Not to mention the "accident" that took the life of the former Secretary of State.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E1 "This Is War") Crane: And he specifically summoned us? Abbie: Yep. Crane: Well, that's never good. -- I'm a bit confused by this timeline. First, Crane was being put in that box by Henry. Then, suddenly it was his birthday, at least a year had passed, it seems Katrina and Jenny have been killed, and Henry is being held captive? Ohhhh...and then it all makes sense: They're still in Purgatory and this was all illusion! Got me, Sleepy Hollow!-- Interesting way to weave Benjamin Franklin into the story too. The key wasn't about discovering electricity, but was an attempt to destroy the key to Purgatory! -- It's good to see Andy working for the good guys again. (At least, so it presently appears. But if I've learned one thing with this show, it's that very little is as it appears.) -- Crane: Hear, hear, for fire and brimstone. -- Crane "driving" the ambulance and not knowing how to make it go in reverse. "I just learned to drive." I die of laughter. -- Franklin: You still haven't learned my alphabet, have you. Crane: There are only so many hours in a day. Franklin: The key to success lies under the alarm clock. ... And I totally figured out that last part was a clue before it was actually acknowledged as such! -- I'm fairly certain Moloch is one of the creepiest creatures I've ever seen. -- I'm so very confused. As is the theme of this show for me. How did the illusion or demon Crane get the key that the real Crane removed from the pocket of his beheaded body? I thought the real Crane had the key? (And I just confused myself, trying to type that out.) -- John Noble is freaking brilliant at everything he does.

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