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This Week on My TV: October 25, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E2 "White Out") I realize they are all from Fairy Tale Land, but this is Storybrooke. Why is no one questioning Elsa's attire? -- Long hair on David. LOL. -- Wait. "Many years ago..." Exactly how long has Anna been missing? -- Henry: What do you suppose babies dream about? David [without missing a beat]: Bullfighting. Emma: Laser tag. -- Henry [about the gift basket he's putting together for Regina]: I Googled 'how to get over a breakup.' It didn't include your boyfriend's wife time traveling back from the past, but close enough. -- Of course Regina delivers messages via raven. -- David: I think it's time you and I had a little talk about your intentions with my daughter. Hook: That's a little old fashioned, even by my standards, and I still pay with dubloons. -- Bo Peep is a war lord in the Enchanted Forest?? BAAAHAHAHAHAHA! This may be the best spin the writers have concocted yet. -- They are tying Anna and Elsa's story into David's backstory very well, but why didn't David mention his evil twin brother while he was telling Anna the story of his father? -- How *did* Gold end up with that necklace anyway? -- Mary Margaret [to the townspeople who are whining about the lack of power caused by Elsa's ice wall]: I'm starting to get why Regina was evil. It wasn't her, it was YOU. You have survived your entire lives without light bulbs. Buy a flashlight! -- I was just about to ask why David doesn't seem to know he met Anna when he recognized the picture of her snowflake necklace. -- There's very few things quite as fun as an opportunity for a sword fight. -- When Elsa managed to release the nearly frozen Emma from the ice cave, the first thing I thought was: Hook will get Emma warmed up. Heh. -- Just who is *that* in the ice cream shop that seems to have the same icy powers as Elsa?

**(Once Upon a TimeS4E3 "Rocky Road") Why do I suspect that whatever the ice cream lady did to Marian's free ice cream has something to do with her choice of phrase "really warms my heart"? -- I have lost track of whether or not Belle has the real dagger that controls Rumplestiltskin. -- Hmmm. Regina has managed to get Henry on board with her plan to get happy endings for the villains. -- Ouch. Rough request from Robin, asking Regina to help the ice-stricken Marian. -- Regina [looking at a painting of bluebirds hanging in the the Mayor's office]: Whose idea was *that*? Mary Margaret: Oh. Thought I would put my own personal touch on the office. Regina: Well, you've succeeded...hideously. -- True Love's Kiss didn't work when Robin tried to free Marian from the magic spell that has her frozen. Regina indicated the magic must be too powerful. I suspect it's that it wasn't true love offering the kiss. There's powerful magic, all right, and it's between Regina and Robin, whether he denies it in honor of his marriage or not. -- Elsa [after Hook tells her the sheriff's station is the opposite direction they're taking]: And what's that way? Hook [with a twinkle in his eye]: With any luck? Danger! -- Will Scarlet!! I'm glad he's found his way here, following the ending of Wonderland. -- Lots of secrets revealed: Will Scarlet spilled the beans on seeing all the ice cream at the parlor unmelted during the power outage, and Hook has figured out that the dagger Belle has isn't the real one. (Thanks for clearing that up for me, by the way, Hook.) -- Elsa [to Hook about Emma]: I think your self appreciation is blinding you to fact. -- Elsa doesn't remember meeting "the ice cream lady" because of the rock trolls who can erase memories that are too painful, and claims Anna trapped Elsa in the urn because of them as well? Whaaa...? -- ::snort:: Emma called the ice cream lady "Dairy Queen." -- Is the Snow Queen *really* the sister of Elsa's mother? I'd be willing to bet that there is more to this story. And why would Rumple ask her if Emma recognized her and implied it was lucky for her that Emma hadn't?

**(Modern FamilyS6E4 "Marco Polo") OMG. Five Dunphys smooshed into one tiny hotel room while their house is de-molded. And the "wifi corner" and someone having to sleep in the tub. And the hotel "bar" filled with divorced guys. It's as if Phil found the seediest hotel ever for them to stay in. -- Cam's sports superstitions. Totally crazy...unless you're a sports fan, of course. -- LOL: Lily calling in a complaint to "either Harry or David" because she's so disgusted by the contents of all the gift baskets being sent to Cam. -- Gloria: So you're only fifteen and you go out with a senior? Manny: Are you sure you wanna play that game? Jay: Are *you*? -- Awww. Manny's older first girlfriend was only using him to make her old boyfriend jealous. Jay was so kind to him. I like when they show Jay's softer side.

**(A to ZS1E3 "C Is for Curiouser and Curiouser"Oops. It's bad enough when someone overhears you talking about them when you don't realize they're nearby. Even worse when it happens to be your boss. -- Oh no! Zelda fell down the rabbit hole and started Googling Andrew! No good ever comes of this! -- Zelda was married?!, it was to allow a college friend to stay in the country. But that's a big one to "not mention." -- I don't care one iota about the boss at Wallflower or her adoring assistant or the IT couple or Stephie and Stu, but Andrew and Zelda are still the cutest thing I have ever seen.

**(The Good WifeS6E4 "Oppo Research"So, she's really going to run, isn't she. I bet her partners are going to be thrilled to learn that she's pulling out of their fledgling firm to run the other side of the courtroom. -- How big is Grace's bedroom? It looks like she fit two dozen high school Christian chorus girls in there. -- I would hate to have someone throw down a book of the skeletons in *my* closet. -- Holy crap. Zach's 16-year-old girlfriend had an abortion?? That Alicia *clearly* didn't have any clue happened. -- Priceless: The look on Eli's face when Alicia informed him about Kalinda and Peter having a one night stand. Which *he* clearly didn't have any clue happened. -- Alicia [to potential new campaign manager, Johnny Elfman, after he calls her Mrs Florrick, following the skeletons in the closet discussion]: Alicia. Anyone who's pawed through my underwear drawer should call me Alicia. -- I can't not like Finn. But I really hope he wasn't behind Alicia getting pulled over for possible DUI. -- If anything illustrates Bishop's intimidation factor, I'm pretty sure Kalinda looking like she wanted to bolt from the back seat of his car, while he questioned her why Alicia would want to drop him as a client, was it. -- Eli looked like he was 2.7 seconds away from a stroke when he thought the fired intern was in Peter's office behind closed doors. But I also think being on the verge of stroke is the only way he's happy. -- After all the skeletons and surprises and sneak attacks (likely by Castro), can running be worth it? That's what I'd be asking myself anyway. -- OMG *Bishop* is behind the PAC?? The look on Alicia's face slayed me when he let her in on the secret.

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E6 "The Expedition ApproximationWell, Penny, *I* thought it was funny when Leonard slid the shaker back to you on the envelope of money, when you asked him to pass the salt. -- Instead of arguing about who takes the money from Penny selling the car Leonard bought her, now that she has a company car, why don't they just use it for the wedding?? (Ha, and then later that is exactly what Leonard suggested.) -- OMG, Howard, Bernadette, the chore chart, and the allowance stipend.

**(The Good WifeS6E5 "Shiny Objects"Well then. That trip into Elsbeth Tascioni's mind was mildly terrifying and disturbingly hilarious. -- How stupid can Diane be?? YOU DON'T CLICK RANDOM POP-UP LINKS IN EMAILS. -- Rayna Hecht: Objection your honor. Alicia: What is she objecting to? I haven't finished the question yet. -- Eli [sitting in Florrick Agos, with all the computers showing the hacker's countdown]: Why are all the computers here counting down? I feel like I'm in a Bruckheimer movie. -- Why does every favor Kalinda calls in with some woman result in said woman whining about how she hates that Kalinda only shows up when she needs something. How many...involvements does Kalinda have dangling at once (not to mention Cary)?? And is "whiny woman" really Kalinda's type? -- David Lee [to Diane, when she asked him to get the key code email accidentally sent to her old Lockhart Gardner account]: Certainly. As soon as monkeys fly out of my butt. ... I loathe David Lee, but his sarcastic, bitter lack of class kills me. -- I don't like that they are making me suspicious of Finn saying he wants to endorse Alicia for state's attorney. I like Finn. I don't want to be suspicious of him. -- Oh, Peter. You knew Alicia was right. Actually, she was kind. You need her more than she needs you at this point. Good thing you had that change of heart about showing up to give her your endorsement.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E3 "The Operative") Oh look. A Snowden reference. I guess I can see how a political drama would use current events to base its storytelling, especially while it's establishing itself and figuring out who it will be. -- I like that they balance Elizabeth's work issues with her home life, even reflecting the latter in the former, as she and Henry discussed the propriety of peeking at their 15 year old daughter's texts. -- Elizabeth: Remind me again why we had kids? Henry: They were supposed to be cute? -- Elizabeth: So should I meet with him or will I have to worry that he's always going to be Jackson's guy? Nadine: Everyone is someone else's guy...until he's your guy. -- Oops. Henry is super ticked that Elizabeth told the Russian guy his daughter would be given an A in Henry's ethics class, in order to broker a three way deal to save an American operative with a death sentence in Pakistan. Talk about irony. I see his point though. It would compromise his integrity if it ever got out, and these things always seem to find a way out. Just remember, Henry's ethics *are* sexy, Elizabeth. even if he won't bow down to being your rabbit out of the hat.

**(The BlacklistS2E5 "The Front"Surefire way to make me gasp: have a person trying to flee run directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle that doesn't stop in time. -- Man, if *Red* finds something chilling... -- You "can't assume something is true just because Red says so," Harold? Have you learned *nothing* yet? -- Whoa... that stolen painting had a map hidden in it that led The Front/Maddox Beck to an ancient strain of the pneumonic plague. -- Red: You're most gifted tracker I know, Glenn, but your mouth runs like a scalded dog. ... Red has the best lines in the history of ever. -- I'm amused that Liz is faking out Red's guy with an impostor, and the whole time, he's convinced it's her. I wonder how Red would feel about that? -- Red's obsession with the broken vending machine at DMV, to the point of replacing it himself. He is certainly a man of action. -- Red [to Liz]: As a rule, I consider jealousy a base emotion, but in this case I find it endearing. -- Who was that guy Liz met and WHAT IS BEHIND THAT DOOR??? -- Why on earth were they chasing a guy with plague while not wearing protective gear?? It's like the CDC is running this operation or something. -- That's some kind of loyalty, that Liz would expose herself to an infected (and shot) Samar so she wouldn't be hurt, sick, and alone. And it's the first time we're hearing Liz deal with anything related to Tom. -- Red: You two, out here, playing grab-ass in the woods, just smacks of something Biblical. Maddox Beck: Who the hell are you? Red: I'm the snake in the grass. -- Famous last words from Red: "My business is finished here. I'll leave the two of you. I'm sure you have plenty to discuss." -- What was that key Red took from the bottle?! -- Of course Red's going to get that antidote. The second he heard Liz was exposed, it was a done deal. And he was so tender, sitting with her in the hospital. -- I loved Red watching the old home movie. Was that his daughter as a young child? He watched with so much tenderness. -- We are assuming, because Liz said so, that Red was searching for his daughter. But was he? And was the woman he found his daughter or not? Are Jennifer. his daughter, and the woman in the food truck all one and the same? And was the guy in the food truck someone important to her or was that the guy Red had tailing Liz, now relocated to another assignment (it sort of looked like him a little, but the scene was too quick for me to say for certain)? -- With Naomi gone (for now? forever? I hope not forever, because I really like Mary Louise Parker), something popped into my head. Remember when Berlin mailed Red one of Naomi's fingers? I don't recall seeing her hand bloody or bandaged at any point, nor do I remember seeing her with only nine digits, so... error by the writers? Scam by Berlin to get Red's attention?

**(Law and Order: SVUS16E4 "Holden's Manifesto") It's the "ripped from the headlines" disclaimer, but we were never able to figure out which headlines. -- I never knew whether to be creeped out by Holden or feel bad for him. -- Baby Noah's doctor sure lacked bedside manner with Liv. So, they discovered that Noah's ribs had been broken at one time and it's affecting his ability to breathe now? Hmmm. I also thought Noah's caseworker was rather harsh with Liv. It's no secret what she does for a living and the case is all over the newspapers. What else was she supposed to do? She left people who clearly love Noah to sit with him in the hospital while she was working the case. -- I do not like the (new?) Chief. He's abrasive, thinks he knows everything, and has no sense of compassion at all. -- Ugh, that sniper shot that took out Holden March and splattered his blood all over Rollins' face.

**(Person of InterestS4E4 "Brotherhood") Finch: Are you at the school, Mr Reese? Reese: Academics really aren't my thing. Maybe you should be on this assignment, professor? Finch: I have quite a few assignments of my own, including papers to grade. Or I *had* papers to grade. [flash to Bear laying in a pile of shredded paper] Reese: You're going to have to tell your students your dog ate their homework. -- I just can't reconcile Reese being police. He doesn't *look* like one! -- Reese, Finch, and Shaw are often seen walking alone in public, communicating with one another, but appearing to be talking to no one. And yet none of the regular people on the street ever seem to give this behavior so much as a second glance. -- Not too often you see Elias out of his compound these days. and yet, twice he met with Finch on the subway. -- Reese [to Malcolm]: You wanna be the man, start taking care of your family. -- I finally figured out who Reese reminds me of: Clint Eastwood. Not his looks. The way he talks. -- Score one for me! I called DEA Agent Lennox as the law enforcement mole. -- Only Reese would excuse himself to take a phone call while a drug gang big wig has a gun pointed at him. -- Two for two! I called that "Mini" was actually the guy they were looking for: Dominic! BAM.

**(ReignS2E2 "Drawn and Quartered"Oof. That has got to be a knife in Mary's heart, seeing Lola cooing over her son with Francis. And then Francis has to gush over him, practically while he and Mary were still in bed together, swearing to be part of his life, not to treat him as Henry treated Bash. -- Edward's father, Narcisse, is one scary man. Powerful, aware of his importance, greedy, fearless. -- Nice, Francis. You, coldly, tell Mary she acted alone, when she threw Edward to his death in a rage over poisoning an entire household, when *you* were the one who left her alone, while you raced off through The Plague to be at Lola's side while she birthed your son. -- I feel like Conde is the angel on Francis' shoulder, and Narcisse, the devil. -- Well-played, Nostradamus. Catherine railed at you for serving Mary, and abandoned you to the fate of being drawn and quartered, but that she would have you remembered by sonnets and a statue in Paris...and then you lower the boom: Clarissa may not have died, after all, from the blow Mary gave her. Which means Francis may still be in danger, based on your vision. And in response to the panic you knew this would cause, her begging you for more information, asking of you've had more visions, a simple retort of "ask your statue." -- Mary showed great poise, grace, and strength by telling Francis to give his son with Lola his name when she so badly wants an heir of her own. -- Creepy! That exchange with the baby's nurse when she appeared possessed by Henry, with a sinister message for Francis! I kind of like that they add some spookiness to this show. First, with the masked Clarissa living in the walls of the castle. Now, the ghosts of the dead haunting this world instead of passing to the next. It creates a fun twist.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E4 "Go Where I Send Thee..."Crane: I have faced many enemies on horseback. Horsemen without heads. Even discovered my own son is the apocolyptic Horseman of War. Thus, how challenging must it be to guide the power of three hundred horses using only one's right foot. -- Crane: You can drop the facade, Leftenant. I'm also aware of why you insist I learn these skills. But hear me, Grace Abigail Mills, it is not our fate for one of us to bury the other. We should be victorious or defeated, together. -- The Pied Piper: Officially creepier than Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time. -- Crane: I haven't had to do this much sneaking about since the Second Continental Congress. Abbie: Let me guess: this was when Betsy Ross had the hots for you. Crane: Ugh. That woman was relentless. Once, Adams found me hiding in a broom closet. [Abbie looks at Crane] *From* her. Abbie: I'm sure that's because you were just the cutest Continental courier. -- If Crane was correct that this Pied Piper was responsible for Sarah going missing, lured away by the haunting melody of his flute, and that this was the same guy who killed off that entire group of British soldiers back in his day, why on earth would drawing a gun be an effective plan of attack against him, Abbie? Wouldn't he be more supernatural than that? -- So, is Hawley going to be a permanent character on the show, playing both ends against the middle? -- I remain thoroughly impressed by the way they weave history and legend with a thread of creativity, in order to build the show's mythology. -- I spend more of this show than I'd like to admit peeking at the screen from between my fingers. I think that's why I so appreciate the moments of levity. -- That was an awful lot of time spent talking in the woods, in negotiation over the flute, when there was a TERRIFYING DEMON a stone's throw away! -- Quite an exchange between Irving and Henry, when Irving told him he knew Henry was the Horseman of War, and then he figured out that Henry tricked him into signing in blood, then took his soul. -- I kind of figured that when that shady dude approached Hawley about the bone flute, he was working on Henry's behalf. But it seems Henry doesn't care that it was snapped in two. Why was he pulverizing it with a mortar and pestle into dust???

**(Last Man StandingS4E5 "School Merger") Mike [to Ryan]: You say trick in your neighborhood, you get a girl named Candy. -- Mike [to Ryan, who dressed up Boyd for Halloween as the "scariest thing of all," a lump of coal]; I suppose you drove over here in your windmill powered car? -- Kristin: Ryan and I were registering voters out in front of Whole Foods. Mike: Ah, that's where you get good voters. People dumb enough to pay $16 for a kumquat. -- I love the Larabee episodes! The banter between Mike and Chuck slays me. -- Even better than Mike and Chuck exchanging insults with each other? When they gang up on Ryan! ... Ryan: Mike, Brown vs Topeka was sixty years ago and our schools are still as segregated as they were in 1954. Mike: What do you know about integration? You're from Canada. You've got, like, one black kid in that whole country. Chuck: They probably integrate by sending him to different schools every year. Pass him around like the Stanley Cup. -- Chuck: Hey, we moved out of the hood. I'm not sure I like the idea of the hood following me here. Carol: I don't mind the hood following me, as long as it's not white and pointy. -- Vanessa: Something's gotta change! I mean, if I'm not going to get a second husband, I might need a second career. Mike: Well, this is big decision and it's your decision. Whatever you do, I'll support you. Vanessa: Really? Mike: Yeah, I'll have to. We'll only have one income. -- Sometimes I think they go too far with the "Kyle and his grandma" thing. -- Funniest thing ever: How quickly Mike's outlook improved when Carol decided to join Vanessa teaching at Taft, because now Chuck isn't thrilled either. Misery loves company, eh, Mike?

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gail@more than a song Tuesday, November 04, 2014 5:43:00 PM  

Not quite caught up with Blacklist but did see this one The Front you listed. Not sure on Jennifer....but wondered, do you think it's possible Liz had a twin or sister? Red took one and Naomi took one? That's too crazy I guess! Sometimes I get tired of watching these shows that leave me with so many questions I can't wrap my mind around!

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, November 05, 2014 11:10:00 AM  

Gail: I think that this show would lose some of its appeal if they didn't answer every question with two more!

gail@more than a song Wednesday, November 05, 2014 9:43:00 PM  

True! I'm caught up now and my theories are crazy! I can't think of crazy enough stuff :)

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