Monday, October 14, 2013

Food and Wine Fest 2013: Round Three

After a full day at Magic Kingdom and a morning at Animal Kingdom, we ventured back to Epcot for another rounds of eating and drinking.

The first time around, we'd gone clockwise, so we got all crazy and went counterclockwise this time. (Big time rebels, we are.) Our trip on the wild side paid off because we stumbled upon a rare short line for...


Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce. Mission Hill Family Estate Syrah.

They offered this last year as well, and I am no fan of mushrooms, but that truffle butter sauce is lick-your-plate delicious. I can eat around mushrooms to get to that stuff. Oh and the beef was flavorful and tender too. I find that I like syrahs with beef. This one complemented the filet quite nicely. But have I mentioned that truffle butter sauce?

Having only snacked lightly the first half of the day, we were intent on hitting up the booths offering heartier fare. Next stop...


Lobster and Seafood Fisherman's Pie.

This one's a cult favorite. I think they may actually be afraid to replace it on the menu. But it's really, really good. (Also, I've discovered the recipe and it's time intensive, so having it once a year at Food and Wine Fest works for me, if they decide to serve it every time.) It's potatoes and a lobster bisque with chunks of veggies and scallops and lobster swimming in it. I don't even care all that much about lobster (I know, I know) but in this? Back off. I'm not sharing.

Circling to the halfway point of World Showcase, we came to...


Florida Grass Fed Beef Slider with Monterey Jack and Sweet and Hot Pickles. Florida Orange Groves Key Limen.

This was a new dish and I approve. The slider was tasty. I didn't notice the pickles being hot, so much. Just a little warmth after I finished eating. Mostly, they tasted like bread-and-butter pickles. The whole thing worked very well. The beef was so juicy that I didn't even miss having a condiment on it, especially with the pickles tucked in there. I tried Key Limen last year and I really like it. It's yummy picnic wine, sweet-tart and refreshing, almost like drinking a slice of key lime pie. I can see how it would be a "you either like it or you don't" wine though.

We did a brief pause, because we wanted a spin on Test Track, but then we were right back at the eating.


Salsiccia e "Papacelli" Napoletani.

I ran out of room before I could try this one last year. Let me tell you: I am sorry I didn't! This was excellent. The sausage was perfectly seasoned, I adore roasted peppers, the sauce added another layer of texture and flavor, and the ciabatta bread was there to sop up any sauce that tried to get away.

There was just enough room for one more stop.



For some reason, I don't remember the bread being as thick last year. Not that I am complaining. The bigger mushrooms had to be removed, but there was a lot of cheese and caramelized onion there for camouflage, and that house-made ketchup packs enough punch to make you forget about any mushrooms that may have been consumed in the process anyway. This is a substantial little serving.

And then I was too full, even for dessert. The end.

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