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The Girl on the Other Coast: February 2, 2013

I've read, quite a few times, that asked to name our flaws, we are able to rattle off a never-ending list of things we don't like about ourselves, but ask us to create a list of what we like about ourselves, and we stammer and speak haltingly, ticking off an item or two. I don't know when we determined that it is attractive, let alone healthy, to promote a negative self-image. Maybe it's the amount of time we spend berating ourselves. Maybe it's an attempt to keep ourselves feeling humble. Whatever the case, I do believe we do a disservice to ourselves, our relationships, and those who care about us when we insist on dwelling only on the areas where we need work. Of course it is important to acknowledge where we struggle, but I believe it's equally important to recognize and be grateful for the areas where we shine. It could be a talent, a quality, a value, something we've worked hard to achieve, maybe even a former flaw we've finally corrected.

All that to say this is the basis for the "prompt" I chose for G and I this time around. I decided we should name ten things we like about ourselves, purely because I believe we should take the time to celebrate that which makes us light, see the ways we contribute positively to those around us, and remind ourselves to be grateful for the gifts and talents we've been granted.

Curious what I put on my own list? (Humor me. Pretend you're curious.) Take a virtual voyage to Little Italy and find out!


10 Things I Like About Myself: The Little Italy Edition

1. I'm a really hard worker. Like, really. 3 years of schooling? Pssh. I'm getting it done in 3 semesters. 50 units? I got this. Completed in 10 months? No problem. From a prestigious school named Pepperdine? I'm all in. And graduate Cum Laude? It would be an honor ;)

2. When I have a good hair day I have a great hair day! It's taken me 33 years to figure out how to work with it rather than fight it. But when it's done right? I get compliments that make me smile.

3. I'm told I have really pretty eyes. And I agree. It's weird...they've changed colors as I've gotten older. They used to be more blue but within the last couple of years they started changing to green. I didn't realize it until a kid pointed it out to me. (Thanks kid!) My family in Italy has predominantly brown eyes and I remember as a kid they would often stare at me because of my light eyes. It made me uncomfortable to the point where I would actually close my eyes. Weirdos. Now? I'll catch students doing the same thing...until I give them a funny look...and then they snap out of it. I guess I'm mesmer-eyes-ing. I had to say it!

4. I'm funny. I don't try to be. I literally just talk about what has actually happened in my life. Granted, I do it with witty sarcasm  And everyone laughs. And then I laugh and think, "Wow...if the teaching thing doesn't work out for me I should start doing stand-up." I've been voted Best Sense of Humor and Most Entertaining for the past two years. By high school students! And they, my friend, are a tough crowd.

5. I'm an incredibly loyal person. Whether it's my friends, family, or students. I would do anything for them. So don't mess with my people, or I'll punch you in the throat.

6. I'm petite and have been blessed with a fast metabolism. Which almost makes me doll-sized. ;)

7. My laughter makes others smile. When I laugh - and it's a genuine belly laugh - it fills the room. And is usually contagious. Just how it's supposed to be.

8. I can sing. And when I used to be in choir I was really good at it. I was offered many solos and duets. Man I miss it. I would LOVE to be a part of an acapella group since that's what I'm best at. You know when you hear people sing and they've got that vibrato rockin? I don't do that. I never have. I was always asked to solo on the Gregorian Chants, the pure tone, the stuff that gives you chills.

9. I make a mean homemade lasagna.

10. I am strong. I have been through the wringer...repeatedly. I have been knocked down...repeatedly. But I get back up. Because I have to. Because I have no other choice. Because I won't let someone else determine how I feel. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. But it's made me who I am and I'm stronger because of it.

(edit to add mine)

10 Things I Like About Myself: The Dawn Version

1. I am not afraid to apologize when I am wrong or to own up to a mistake and do my best to fix it.

2. I am a really good listener.

3. When I am in a bad mood, I don't deny it. I give fair warning and full acknowledge that I am no fun to be around at the moment.

4. I am not afraid of embracing my inner child.

5. If I let you into my inner circle (which admittedly takes some time and effort on your part), I will love you wholeheartedly.

6. I have a really long fuse. I don't get easily rattled or angered, and I take a long time to run out of patience.

7. I am a generally happy, positive person. I smile easily and I look for reasons to be grateful and cheerful. I perpetually see the bright side of many situations.

8. I am ridiculously silly, a side you only get to see if I am *really* comfortable with you.

9. I am a very balanced person. I am really in tune with my needs -- physical, mental and emotional -- and I am fully aware that when I make sure those needs are met, I am a much better wife, friend, person  to be around, so when I make sure my needs are met, it's about me, but it's also about you.

10. I am extremely low maintenance.

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