Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Leftovers: February 1, 2013

**I had to buy a new pair of brown heeled boots, because I, literally, wore out my last pair. This new pair comes up higher on my ankle than my old pair (and my black pair), which isn't to say they are uncomfortable, because they aren't, but they still  feel weird.

**A random conversation on Facebook leads me to believe that the secret to life is Disney. Those of us who love being in Disney parks and who immerse ourselves in them as frequently and joyfully as possible, even when our maturity and lack of grasp on the adult world is called into question, are some of the most happy, well-balanced, positive people I know. Don't doubt The Magic is all I'm saying.

**“Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.” (source unknown) - If these aren't words to live by, I don't know what are.

**Things no one tells you about getting married: If you are traditional and change your last name, it's a giant cramp to actually make the legal change. Holy heck. Also? You have to learn how to sign your name all over again. And you have to *think* about it. My current signature is somewhere between a regression to second grade (when I first learned cursive or script or whatever kids are calling it these days) and an absolute train wreck that looks like I decided to change my name mid signature.

**My feelings on the NFL ProBowl and the MLB World Baseball Classic are fairly identical: a giant waste of time that likely produces little else than opportunities for unnecessary injury.

**I recently noticed that the name Lily is very popular on sitcoms. There is a Lily on How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Whitney. And who knows about any of the shows I don't watch.

**I went through the whole process to change my name and address on my driver's license, only to discover a few days later that they had not only changed my name and updated my address, but granted me a new birth date as well. So, back I went to the DMV Licensing Division to have them change it back. Having them correct their error was a lot more time-consuming than having them just change my information the first time. I am glad they didn't charge me a second $25 though. That wouldn't have made me too pleased. Downside: they took another new photo of me and I was having a better hair day the last time. It's like there is some kind of imbalance in the universe if anyone has a good license photo.

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