Sunday, November 4, 2012

TV Loves and Hates: November 4, 2012

**The current season of The Good Wife. Eli's freakouts, Kalinda's crazy personal life, welcoming back Will. The expressions on Alicia's face as she navigates through all of this are so priceless.

**So much adrenaline in this season of Dexter. I love it! It's like the early seasons, leaving your heart thumping and your head spinning.

**This has been my favorite season yet of The Middle. "Harry Butts for City Council." Sue as the mascot. Brick gets normal when he eats to much sugar.

**CSI has been nailing it this season, after they disappointed me in the way the season premiere was done.

**The recent craze of San Francisco popping up in so many shows I watch! Having visited there recently, it's fun to see all the places I've been and seen making it into scenes on tv. (It never gets old for me to point and proclaim "I've been there!") (Ok, it never gets old for *me*.)

**The Big Bang Theory has been hilarious recently. Laugh-out-loud hilarious. "Blueberry in my nose! Blueberry in my nose!"

**Scandal drops my jaw.

**The Mindy Project has felt so slow to me. I'm starting to wonder if it's going to make the cut.

**Brick's newest quirk. The whoop-ing pushes the envelope a bit for me and it isn't as creative as the whispering. (The Middle)

**I thought this year's Halloween episode of Modern Family was kind of lame.

**I cannot seem to connect with a single character on Chicago Fire. This doesn't bode well for the show keeping its place in my DVR schedule.

**Too much Ava on Up All Night. She creates a humorous secondary character, but she seems to be taking up more than half the show time.

**I don't know who this new actress is playing the oldest daughter on Last Man Standing, but I am not a fan. Nor am I a fan of how they aged her son, Boyd, three years overnight. It's weird.

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