Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Want Wednesday: November 21, 2012

**I Want to add these Glitter Maple Stems to my autumn decorations. My holiday decorating style is evolving and they would fit in perfectly.

**I added an owl to my autumn decor and now I Want to add another. I love the natural looking materials and his sweet little face. He could even make a return appearance for winter!

**I Want someone to do these exact Save-the-Date cards, right down to re-creating the photo. If I didn't absolutely love the ones we used, which were so perfect for us, I would be *so* disappointed that I hadn't gotten these.

**I have no idea where it would fit, but I Want to use this parson's chair in our bedroom.

**Our walls are still empty. I Want to figure out what to put on them. The colors in these Floral Art Squares are sort of right for our living room, but I am just not convinced enough to discuss them with T.

**Everywhere I look this year, I see tall sparkly Christmas trees that I Want, either for the top of our entertainment center or the ledge overlooking the dining room. These Glitter Cone Trees are no exception.

**I Want more decorations for after Christmas that give a wintry feel to our home, because I have to create the illusion of seasons, here in Florida. I am loving the subtle sparkle of these Beaded Birch Pillar Candles--so reminiscent of the birch trees I remember from Gram and Gramp's front yard, glittering with ice and snow.

**I am very picky about turkey decorations for Thanksgiving. So many are too cartoonish or too...realistic (let's face it: turkeys are not all that attractive). Natural Feather Turkeys from Pottery Barn are some rather handsome fellows, though! I Want them to come home with me.

**I Want more autumn vase filler as well. Preferably, natural looking. Acorns and Pumpkin Pods would work perfectly.

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Theresa L,  Friday, November 23, 2012 5:50:00 AM  

I love the owl!! So cute!!

penuttpie Friday, November 23, 2012 3:48:00 PM  

Wouldn't it be SO fun to go shopping together? Especially since I like everything you posted here ;)

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