Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturdays Are for Weddings: 20 Weeks

I can't believe how much has gotten done in the past two weeks! Planning a wedding is so strange. You get engaged and then you have to plan a few major details, and then it all just grinds to a halt for a while. All of a sudden, though, momentum picks up and you're crossing tasks of the list like someone set you on fire.

In the past two weeks, I secured the officiant and submitted the ceremony layout to him for his approval. I chose my flowers, after thinking I knew what I wanted, but when I saw these, I no longer thought, I knew. (Best rule of thumb I've discovered is that when you know, you *know*. And when you *know*, you don't wonder at all if you're going to wish you'd chosen something different.) I gave my final ok on the the invitation proof. I scheduled all my trim and highlight appointments with my regular stylist from now through the wedding as my hair continues to grow out. I got blocks of hotel rooms set up at two places. I am getting quotes back from bakers so that I can narrow down my options and set up some taste tests to make the final decision. We're working on getting quotes to decide on professionals to do our hair styling and make up. And just today, T bought his suit and was fitted by the tailor, and Nichole chose and ordered her dress!

One of the less conventional aspects of this wedding is that I am planning it from a distance, so I have done very little of the legwork myself, purely because I'm not able to. It feels really good to not only be getting things done, but to actually feel like I'm putting in some of the effort.

I'm holding my cards close to my chest, because I don't want to give it all away before the day arrives. I like people to wonder, just a bit, what its all going to look like, so I share the information and gather opinions here and there, only as needed. I can't wait til I have some photos to share after it's all said and done!

140 days and counting...

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My name is Tiffany Sunday, May 13, 2012 12:45:00 AM  

Congrats on the engagement and upcoming wedding. Fun times!

penuttpie Monday, May 28, 2012 1:35:00 PM  

It's so exciting to see how much you have gotten done! I'm so happy for you :) Can't wait to see it in person!

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