Monday, July 28, 2008

in the absence of Remy & Don, i bring you...

the never-before-shared communications between RSN-FL and RSN-West, brought to you by Verizon Wireless:

(top 2nd)
RSN-FL: and also? hey! Ellsbury can hit in the 9-hole!
(top 3rd, 2 on, 0 out)
RSN-FL: ok um out now please? oh! double play! and only the Molina remaining. Molinas are widely known for being even slower than Dougies.
RSN-West: i keep envisioning the guy from Animal Planet skulking around and saying "we're now observing the wild Molina! renowned for being slower than the wild Dougie..."
(bottom 3rd, Sox up 4-0 and Manny reaches on a wall ball double)
RSN-FL: hits? what are these hits you speak of? am confused. so unfamiliar.
RSN-West: lemme splain. those big toothpicks are actually hitting the balls.
RSN-FL: bizarre... i didn't know ours did that...
RSN-West: it has been known to occur by accident sometimes. it helps if we threaten them the day before.
(bottom 4th, Pedroia on second, Jon Miller & Orel Hershiser discussing his height as Papi crushes one to right field)
RSN-FL: Pedroia wants to be measured in his spikes standing on cement?? Papi says "measure this!"
(bottom 5th immediately following JD Drew stealing second & brushing off his pant leg)
RSN-FL: Drew seems like a guy who is very neat & orderly. he presses his clothes. his hair is always neat. he does not believe in facial scruff [see: Pedroia, Dustin]. so do you think the dirt on his white pants from Grand Theft Larceny is going to bother him the rest of the night?
(bottom of the 6th as Youk singles Ellsbury over to third)
RSN-FL: do you YOOOOUK at your tv when you are watching Sox alone?
(top 7th, ESPN announcers discussing the trade deadline)
RSN-West: you're damn tooting it's concerns about the bullpen, Orel!
RSN-FL: the thing is, they are schizophrenic. at least in 2006, we knew they would suck. now they tease with a good game just often enough to make us crazy when they come in & spontaneously combust.

and with that i leave you to celebrate *not* getting swept. i'm not going to pretend it erased the first two-thirds of the series but we did manage to take advantage of a Rays loss in order to simultaneously pick up a game on them & push the Yankees back a game. now if we can just take two of three from the Angels (i can't bring myself to wish for a sweep, lest i bring down the fury of the baseball gods for my greed), i can start to breathe again a little. wins are imperative, especially with Baltimore cruising into the Bronx and the Rays being hosted by the Jays.

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Ted D Monday, July 28, 2008 12:14:00 PM  

Great commentary!

And yes, I yell "YOOOOOOOOUK" when I'm at home.

So it scares the kids a little; they're young and can get over traumatic things quickly.

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