Sunday, March 13, 2016

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2016 - Week 10

Checking in for the week of March 6 through March 12.

The Ambassador's Daughter (Pam Jenoff) - After reading the first two books in this series, it was interesting to read the "prequel" of a character I'd already met. I enjoy historical fiction from many time periods, but I haven't read much from the World War I era, so it made the storylines fresh. Like the previous two books, there was intrigue and espionage, and with it, twists and turns that made me start or gasp a bit as they were revealed. But this book had a bit more of a love story than the previous two (though they had their own romance as well). I was definitely as caught up in Margot and Georg's romance as I was in Margot's inner turmoil over her unintended involvement with Red Thorn. My only regret is that there is no real resolution to their love story, despite the Epilogue. I do enjoy Jenoff's writing though, and I have more of her books on my "to-read" list. I also wouldn't be disappointed if another book was released in this series.
Valentine Murder (Leslie Meier) - This has been a fast read. Closing in on the end...and whodunnit! Every time I think I have a guess, I get more information and it changes.

Sunday was my first round of Flower and Garden Festing. Monday, I did up some Meatloaf Patties with green beans and mashed potatoes. T made a tuna casserole for Tuesday's dinner. Wednesday was quick and easy before church: BLTs. We had some potatoes left to use, so on Thursday, we had some barbecue chicken with freezer corn and roasted potato wedges...the leftovers of which became home fries for Friday's breakfast-for-dinner! On Saturday, T was out of town for the first of four days. One of my friends does Blue Apron and had a free gift to share with a friend, so he shared with me. This was the perfect setup for cooking for one, since most of the meals make two servings, meaning dinner with leftovers for lunch! On Saturday, I made the first of my three gift meals: Adobo-Style Chicken with Roasted Bok Choy and Jasmine Rice.

Hollyberry (YC) - Winding down on winter scents, with spring just around the corner. I don't want to start anything new!

Try the World afternoon snack of the week: tarot chips! They were so interesting. Manaing to be both savory with a hint of sweet, with the crispiness of a kettle chip, but a smooth texture rather than a rough one.

Just before sunset.

Dear gorgeous Florida sunrise, I'll miss you waking me up after Saturday. Your light always makes it easier to begin my day than the lingering darkness until nearly 8am.

And then, the following morning, while getting T to the airport for his flight.

Sunrise with a layer of fog. So dreamy...

Quick stop off at Panera for lunch. You pick two!

Blue Apron number one: Adobo-Style Chicken with Roasted Bok Choy and Jasmine Rice.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Tuesday, March 22, 2016 5:16:00 PM  

I think if I ate at Disney for one of their fests, I would probably have to abstain from food for at least 24 hours :)

Oh no, putting T on a plane and four days of being on your own? Hope you enjoy the time and don't miss (or past tense now probably?) him too much. All of the food looks and sounds good.

And the sky pictures are gorgeous! I'm not getting any good sky pictures lately, I need to work on that :)

~**Dawn**~ Friday, March 25, 2016 10:15:00 AM  

Stacy: It's kind of the "off season" for good skies down here. It's the one and only redeeming value of humidity: the more clouds it produces, the more dramatic the sky gets!

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