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This Week on My TV: December 27, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Once Upon a Time, S4E8 Smash the Mirror (1)I have to admit that, while I don't have anything against the Frozen story line, I'm far more intrigued by the parts with the Sorcerer's Hat and Apprentice, and with Regina's search for the author of the book. -- Henry [to Emma]: You always think that pulling away from people will fix your problems, but it never does. -- How does the Dairy Queen (I can't seem to stop thinking of her by that name LOL) not get filthy, traipsing around the forest in those long, sparkly, white gowns? -- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Robin "just had the best...sleep" ever and invited Regina back to his place for some breakfast?! That whole scene was so steamy, it nearly made me blush! -- You would think the residents of Storybrooke would immediately be suspicious of Mr Gold when he offers to help them so willingly, even when they specifically seek him out for it. C'mon, Emma, are you really so desperate to get rid of your magic that you aren't wondering what Gold's plan is and what's ultimately in it for him to help you? -- Regina [who just rushed into the Charmings' home after Emma's magic injured Henry, and Snow says Regina might want to finish buttoning her blouse before going up to see him]: Oh, I a rush to get here. ... Yeah, that's it, Regina. LOL! Truth be told, she *is* a good mom to Henry, though. -- Kristoff: You royals sure go to exhaustive lengths to ignore your issues. -- LOL: Will Scarlet emptying most of a flask into his coffee cup at Granny's Doner. -- When Hook left that voice mail for Emma, telling her that he'd lied to her, because he so desperately wanted to be a better man for her and had made a deal with Gold, and that even if she never wanted to speak to him again that would be ok, because it would mean she was safe, I kinda wanted to hug him. And not (just) because he's...ahem...Hook.

**(Once Upon a Time, S4E9 Smash the Mirror (2)Famous last words on Once Upon a Time: don't worry, everything will be fine. -- Girl talk between Snow and Regina = weird. -- Regina [to Snow and Charming]: This may be the worst idea you've ever had, and you hired the Wicked Witch as your nanny. -- Regina [to Snow]: Do you get a quarter from the Hope Commission every time you say that word? -- That was actually a really good conversation between Snow and Regina about hope, redemption, making better choices, heroes vs villains, good vs evil. -- LOL at this conversation in the library. ... Robin: Why would a cat want a hat? Will Scarlet: I've seen stranger. -- I keep getting confused by who is currently in possession of the Sorcerer's Hat. Stupid flashbacks. -- I wonder if we're ever going to meet or see Yensid? -- The Dairy Queen sports some serious bewbs. -- NOOOOOOO!! Give Hook back his heart, Crocodile!! -- I continue to find The Book one of the most fascinating storylines of this show, possibly of all four seasons. I'm more invested in seeing how this plays out than whether or not Elsa finds Anna. -- Well, poo. Dairy Queen has gotten her way, gained her new "magic sisters," and harnessed their magic to launch the Shattered Sight curse.

**(The Mentalist, S7E4 Black MarketI like the tensions between Cho and Vega, after he learned she lied to him. It's true to Cho's character, for one, and for another, he's absolutely right: He has to be able to trust her with his life, and how is he supposed to do that, when he knows she lies? -- Kirk Upton: You think I'm stupid? Cho: Maybe. I don't know you yet. ... Have I mentioned I love Cho? -- I like that we're finally getting a glimpse into Abbott's personal life. It stinks that he and his wife are clearly crazy about one another, and now some secret from a case in his past has to threaten either her career or their marriage. -- I've never seen a corpse cry before (on tv, I mean; I have no experience with actual corpses), but they focused in on the body of Kirk Upton as a tear ran out of his eye. I wonder if that's possible? -- What kind of name is Bibby?? -- Jane is a considerate sick person. After Abbott reaches for a phone the ill Jane had just used, Patrick wipes it off with his sleeve before handing it over. -- Cho [to Vega]: Apology is easy. Trust is earned.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E3 'Tis the Season to Be MollyI like that they took the humor of Molly wanting everything about Christmas to be her way, and then gave it the sentimentality of her feeling like every Christmas has to be exactly like the last one she had with her dad. That's the element I felt they were lacking last season, when everything was obnoxiously slapstick. -- Vince: I am never running an errand on Christmas Eve again. It's like a holly jolly end of days out there. -- The Christmas carol "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" sure seems to get a lot of use in Christmas shows, movies, and television episodes. I wonder why that one?

**(Reign, S2E9 Acts of WarGood grief, Mary, I though you *liked* Conde. Why would you even suggest marrying him to Claude?? -- Mary's dresses this season have been so hit or miss, disappointing, after how much I loved almost all of the first season's choice in wardrobe. Not a fan of that winter white dress they chose for her, at the beginning of this episode. -- Conde: I feel a creeping sense of unease. Mary: Because you've come to know me. I ask for things. -- Mary's "oh sweet Lord" slayed me, when she was in Claude's room, trying to convince her to marry Conde, and Catherine walked in. -- Ouch. How many times are people going to remind Mary of her infertility when it suits their own purposes? -- It sure doesn't look like wintry enough weather for it to be the Feast of St Nicholas. -- I'm not sure telling Conde what it feels like to be married to the right person, right after she set him up to be engaged to Claude, was a wise move, Mary. -- I wept for Mary as she sat in Catherine's chambers, terrified, broken, crying, after her attack and rape. And I sincerely liked Catherine for the way she handled Mary, cared for her, promised to help her be strong. That was some standing-ovation level acting. -- So heartbreaking to watch Mary tell Francis that she was assaulted. I can't even imagine how it must feel to have to pretend otherwise, publicly, while knowing the truth.

**(Reign, S2E10 MercyEven as he tries to be a fearsome king, I find it difficult to take Francis seriously. -- I feel terrible for Mary that she must endure being raped and now hiding it from all but those in her closest circle. -- Poor Greer. Finally realizing she does love Castleroy, only to have him dragged away because he's a Protestant. And then to see him disappear into exile. -- Catherine's guilt over the death of the twins is reaching Henry levels of insanity. I wonder how this will resolve. -- Claude: She hates me, and you're enjoying that, aren't you. Kenna: I'm trying not to, but you're being such a spiteful little shrew. -- This conversation between Conde and  Mary cracked me up. ... Conde: Mary, you're not even armed... [she whips out a dagger] Good Lord! -- Wow. Leith cashed in his I.O.U. with Francis to free Castleroy. That was quite a...declaration of love for Greer? -- O.M.G. Did Catherine just poison Claude to appease the ghosts of her dead twins?! -- That look on Conde's face, when he realized what had happened to Mary made me suspect he was in love with her long before the final scene where Mary read his letter of confession. -- Wait a second. Did Conde break off the engagement to Claude? When the heck did that happen? -- I want to get sucked in and believe that Mary will actually leave Francis, but I'm just not buying it. -- I don't much care for Narcisse being powerless as Francis's puppet. He was far more entertaining (and, um, appealing) with power. -- What. the. Heck. Is up. With Catherine. The illusions, or whatever they are, are a combination of unnerving and ridiculous.

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