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This Week on My TV: December 20, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Blue BloodsS5E9 "Under the Gun") Go, Linda, screaming at her mugger to scare him off when he wanted her wedding ring. Her cash and other jewelry, fine, you let that go without a fight, but your wedding ring? I'd have had a difficult time with that as well. -- Wow, you don't see Reagans cash in on "do you know who I am?" very often (hardly ever!), but Linda sure did when it came to getting issued a carry permit for a gun. -- Frank [to Jamie and Erin about the news that Linda was buying a gun and whether he was going to tell Danny]: She wasn't kissing another man in the gun store. She wasn't shop lifting a weapon in the gun store. She was buying a weapon legally in the gun store. It's no body's business but her own and whomever she chooses to share it with. -- I did suspect that the mole was the young assistant at the DA's office that was the mole. Otherwise, why spotlight her in that conversation with Erin about taking the bar?

**(2 Broke GirlsS4E7 "And a Loan for Christmas"I can't believe I was fairly amused by the personalize Christmas cards Han made his employees. Max's with the chainsaw (complete with sound effects from Han!) was the best one. -- Sophie's messed up nativity. I don't even know what to do with that mental image. -- I did like that Max and Caroline got the loan to make their cupcake t-shirts. That was a surprisingly sentimental ending for a show that I can't recall ever having a "soft" moment.

**(CSIS15E5 "Girls Gone Wilder"I don't think I want to hang out with Sarah, Morgan, and Finn. Every time they do anything as a group, a murder takes place. -- OMG. That "goopy one" the guys got while the girls were at that forensics conference. ::gag:: -- How did Sarah know the shooter was a guy? When I saw the silhouette with the longish hair, first thing I thought was "could that be a woman?" -- Ugh. That Dr Jane expert witness woman was awful. -- I did not expect there to be two shooters, unrelated, but I did think the second shooter was suspicious when we met him. Interesting how their reasons were polar opposites: The first guy was shooting people because he was mad that Dr Jane prevented the imprisonment of the criminal who killed his family was behind bars, claiming there wasn't enough evidence to convict (it was two transposed numbers), and the second guy was a CSI that went to prison because he was a former CSI that "embellished" evidence so that convictions could be made. -- When Morgan was trying to scrub the blood off her hands, all I could think of was every Lady Macbeth reference ever. -- I wonder if Finn and her fling will really try to make some kind of relationship work? And does that mean he would move or would she?

**(The MentalistS7E3 "Orange Blossom Ice Cream") What I've learned from watching tv: Businessman is code for "you don't really want to know." -- Hmmm. Beirut isn't a city you see used much in television shows. Nice job by the writers to pick somewhere less used. -- Post head dunking made Patrick very cranky. I don't recall many instances in which he's shown that sort of emotion. --  Such a classic catty dusplay by Erica Flynn, telling Lisbon that she was once romantic with Patrick and then following that with "I shouldnt have said anything, please forgive me." If there's ever anything insincere, it's this sort of statement. She knew *exactly* what she was doing. -- If some irate "businessman" were going to be hunting me down. I would be on a plane tonight, never mind tomorrow. It isn't like the FBI couldn't get Lisbon and Jane out of there state, if they needed to. -- Lisbon is being so childish about Patrick's romantic past! She needs to... OMG, their argument was a setup meant for Erica, and I totally fell for it. -- Wow, Cho is mad at Vega, and worse, disappointed in her for lying to him when she told him Abbott said she could go on their mission.

**(Mike and MollyS5E2 "To Have and Withhold") It appears that Carl and Victoria are still a (somewhat disturbing) item. -- Molly [to Peggy, about her shelves of "bodice rippers"]: I just assumed these were all westerns.-- The way Molly pounded out pages in her book while at Peggy's, I started to wonder if she had plagiarized from Peggy's collection. -- LOL: Mike and Molly's "handshake and I love you" because Molly can only write when she is...pent up.

**(ReignS2E8 "Terror of the Faithful"I thought Francis told Mary to leave, so I was a little confused while they were still stalking around the castle, bickering. -- LOL: Catherine pouring the pitcher of water iver the hungover Claude. -- Lola looked like she was on the verge of laughing out loud while in her scene with Narcisse. -- I'm pretty sure that Claude's virtue hasn't been worthy of defending since she was pre-adolscent. -- Francis has a serious set of  Crazy Eyes. -- Francis seems to think that lamenting he "never meant fir any of this to happen" can excuse from all his terrible decision making, both on the throne and in his relationship with Mary. -- Naricsse: You could've used the extra safety my friendship would have offered. Lola: You are no friend. Or patriot. You're just a dangerous man. Narcisse: Well, perhaps it's escaped your notice, but the world is a dangerous place, and one day you will wish you had someone like me to protect you from it. -- Every time someone requires medical attention, I wonder again if we've seen the last of Nostradamus. -- Holy crap! Little Claude was as much a handful as young woman Claude. Did she honestly murder her twin baby sisters?? No wonder Catherine had her removed from the castle for so long. -- Is Catherine truly being haunted by the ghosts of her murdered babies or is she, like Henry, suffering from hallucinations? -- I very nearly had a heart attack when Bash was injured in that ambush on the party moving the Protestant minister. -- Narcisse and Claude make a disturbing and dangerous couple. I wonder if Narcisse has truly moved on from Lola.

**(Person of InterestS4E10 "The Cold War") Root needs to stop forcing herself on Shaw. If I'm getting annoyed, surely short-tempered Shaw is. -- Based on the flashbacks to Greer in 1974, he did not age well. -- The look of total amusement on Fusco's face during this phone conversation ... Mr Reese: What do you want, Lionel. Fusco: Just the sound of your voice. Hows' your day going, honey? -- Mr Finch: Imagine what it will look like when two gods go to war. -- LOL: The church standoff between Root and Mr Reese, and the gang from Samaritan.-- I can't figure out what it was that happened to Greer in the 1974 flashbacks that turned him into the man, with his mission, that we see in 2014. -- That kid who spoke for Samaritan, in that conversation with Root/The Machine, was absolutely flawless in his delivery, especially this line ... "I wanted to see inside the mind of a fallen god." -- I have a really bad feeling that not everyone in our little group will be getting out of this war alive. I just don't know who we're going to lose, though I suspect it will be either Root or Shaw.

**(MomS2E8 "Free Therapy and a Dead Lady's Yard Sale"This show deals with some difficult topics, for a sitcom. Addiction. Teen pregnancy and adoption. Cancer. Now domestic abuse. -- I do feel bad for Violet. I don't think she means to be awful. She is very broken. -- I can see this new therapy arc being very similar to how it was used on Two and a Half Men. -- Since we've learned that Violet's dad is not really dead, I can't help wondering if that lie will come back to bite Christy like the others seem to.

**(Once Upon a TimeS1E8 "Red Sox Swap") Arthur: Katrina, this is a Red Sox house. We do not use the Y word here. -- Lily!! (Ok, fine, Allison Hannigan, but she'll always be Lilypad.) I hope Pam's a recurring character! -- OMG, Katrina has Baby Jesus earrings?! -- I like Ronny better when he's "more Will, less Jack" (as in Will and Grace). -- They are knocking it out of the park with the interactions between Marjorie and Katrina. The constant barely-veiled insults and the snark are hilariously spot on, both in writing and delivery. -- Pam: You poke a squirrel, get ready to dodge some nuts. -- They have to be showing these slightly out of order, because now Jackie looks less pregnant than she did in the previous episode. -- Sean [handing Jackie the bobblehead from the Red Sox Swap]: Here, you can teach your baby how to nod. -- Awww! Arthur has had a backup owl for years, just in case Marjorie didn't get it in the family Red Sox Swap.

**(Sleepy HollowS2E10 "Magnum Opus"I feel like I missed something. Since when was Irving in a truck with Jenny, being driven to Canada? -- I had a feeling Katrina being able to use Henry's "magic mirror" to communicate with Ichabod was too good to be true. It was a total trap. I just wonder why she wasn't suspicious? -- Hmmm. Methuselah's sword is the key to Moloch's demise? Well this is going to be an interesting treasure hunt. -- Ichabod: Leftenant, this quest will be fraught with peril. Abbie: Crane, you and I can't have *lunch* without peril! -- Now that Henry is informing Abraham that Katrina is communicating with Ichabod, I wonder how that is going to affect the way Abraham treats her? It kind of blows her cover with him. -- Abraham [to Katrina]: You were once my greatest treasure. ... Ouch. Even coming from him. -- Things by which I will continue to be baffled every single time they happen: Why Headless looks around. How he navigates steps without tripping. Why he acts like he can hear sounds. HE HAS NO HEAD. -- Once again, Abbie walks around with her regular old real-world firearm drawn. Like that has ever had any effect whatsoever on the supernatural threats they encounter. -- Ichabod [as morning breaks on Headless]: Good morning, sunshine. -- LOL: Ichabod flashing his weather app at Abbie when she asks how he knew when the sun would rise, providing them with a measure of safety, after he uses himself as a decoy to distract Headless from pursuing Abbie. -- I greatly appreciated the flashbacks showing some friendship history between Abraham and Ichabod. -- That creature guarding Methuselah's sword (and all those statue-fied people who've attempted to find it in the past) was terrifying. -- Back to my musings on Headless: so he *can't* see. Because otherwise Ichabod and Abbie's plan to use Headless to distract that Gorgon while they slipped past into the room with the swords wouldn't have worked. If he could see, he likely would have been turned to stone like the others. -- That was quite a bitter, emotionally charged conversation between Henry and Katrina about good and evil and love. -- That was a pretty awesome sword fight between Ichabod and Headless, while Abbie was busy trying to figure out which sword was the right one.

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