Monday, August 5, 2013

TV Loves & Hates: August 5, 2013

Disclaimer: I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead if you're even further behind than I am. You read at your own risk!

**I was concerned that the late news of Body of Proof being cancelled would mean that the season-now-series finale would leave too many unanswered questions and I would go mad without resolution. I really detest cliffhangers left permanently dangling. (I firmly believe that, unless a show is certain that it will be returning for a next season, cliffhangers should be avoided at all costs. Nothing is worse, as a television viewer, than a show ending, unresolved.) I need not have wasted my energy worrying though. Body of Proof wound things up in tidy fashion. We got answers about Megan's father -- not just that he didn't commit suicide, after all, but what led to his murder -- and a Megan-and-Tommy kiss. The only loose end was Dr Marsh and that one was ok with me.

**Loved a happy ending (for the season, anyway) for the Grey-Shepard family. Mer being deeply happy makes *me* happy. (Grey's Anatomy)

**The unique perspective of the show Motive. It's different from other crime dramas and I like spending the hour trying to figure out "why" instead of "whodunnit."

**I am so furious at the direction they went with Arizona and April. I get that Jackson was April's real love and all that but did she have to get her dream engagement just to end up tossing the guy aside? And there is just *no* excuse for Arizona being a mean, bitter, spiteful cheater. (Grey's Anatomy, ep 24)

**They seem to be playing the episodes of How to Live with Your Parents completely out of order. And if they *aren't* being played out of the order in which they were written, then I don't get how the brain of the writer(s) works.

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