Thursday, May 31, 2007

And I Quote: May 31, 2007

It's not a matter of whether or not someone's watching over you. It's just a question of their intentions.
(Randy K. Milholland)


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

something *has* to make this day go faster...

Debi had this on her blog a long time ago. and by a long time ago, i mean February. i saved it. for just such a moment as this.

1. Name people who made you laugh yesterday?
yesterday? hmmm... yesterday was a long time ago. let's see. Heather. Andie. yeah. there were probably others but that is all i am remembering. like i said, yesterday was a long time ago. the way this day has been dragging, it feels like about a decade.

2. What were you doing at 8 this morning?
parking my car at work.

3. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
running invoices.

4. What is something that happened to you in 1994?
i graduated from high school.

5. What is the last thing you said aloud?
"Sales call on line one."

6. How many different things did you drink today?
water. cranberry juice.

7. What colour is your hairbrush?
i don't own a hairbrush. i finger-style my hair.

8. What was the last thing you bought?
a birthday gift for my god daughter.

9.Who is your best friend?
i am lucky enough to have more than one. they know who they are. =)

10.What colour is your front door?
kind of a blue-gray color.

11. Where do you keep your change?
used to be in a pile on my dresser but now i have it in a green plastic bucket that once contained a beverage.

12. What was the weather like today?
overcast. 86*. not too humid.

13. What is the best ice-cream flavor?
something coffee-ish. or vanilla. or mint chocolate chip. or...

14. What is something you are excited about?
i get to go home in thirty minutes.

15. When was the last rainbow you saw?
i saw a photo of one a couple of weeks ago. does that count?

16. Do you have a sister?
no. two brothers. i am the only girl.

17. Are you very random?

18. Do you want to cut your hair?
define? i don't really want to cut it much shorter. it's pretty short. but it could stand a trim. it won't be getting one til June 16 though.

19. Are you over the age of 25?
i am. some people think i am further over it than i actually am though. =P

20. Do you talk a lot?
to people i know. the better i know someone, the more i will talk. i tend to be pretty quiet.

21. Do you watch The OC?
no. i've been to The OC though!

22. Make up a question and answer it.
how much did you last pay for gas? $2.92 & on Disney property, no less. always the cheapest gas around.

23. Do you know anyone called Steve?
yep. two of them.

24. Are you ticklish?
i despise being tickled. i kick when i am tickled. consider yourself warned.

25. Are you typically a jealous person?
not really. territorial at times.

26. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A.’

27. Do you chew on your straw?
i don't even remember the last time i drank out of a straw, but no, i do not.

28. What is the next concert you’re going to?
not really planning to go to any.

29. Who is the coolest person in your life?
Dan would say he is.

30. What is something you say a lot?
"Can I help you?"

31. What is the last thing you ate?
a package of crackers

32. Have you seen the movie ‘Donnie Darko’?
nope. never heard of it either.

33. Do you have work tomorrow?
::heaves a giant sigh:: yes...

34. Is marriage in your future?
ya know... i can't answer that.

35. What should you be doing right now?
heading home.

36. Do you have a nickname?

37. Are you a heavy sleeper?
sometimes. other times, everything wakes me up.

38. When was the last time you used a skateboard?
never. and i can't say i have ever really wanted to anyway.

39. What is the best movie you’ve seen in the past two weeks?
i haven't seen a movie in the past two *months*. it's baseball season. i would always rather be watching baseball.

40. Are you currently depressed?
no. i am a lot of things, but depressed is not one of them.


does anyone else feel like maybe this is too easy?

photos from The Boston Herald

seriously. i feel like there is a rug between us & a well-polished hard wood floor. we're standing on it and it feels so soft & cushy under our feet. it could be easy to get used to such luxury. call it the born & bred Sox fan in me, but i can't just roll around on the rug, savoring it though. because it feels like someone could grab a hold of that rug & yank it at any time, sending us tumbling onto the unforgiving hard wood below, where we ultimately lay there, feeling battered, broken & foolish as we stare at the ceiling, wondering just what the heck happened. so i keep looking over my shoulder suspiciously to see if any unsavory characters are lurking about, just waiting til we least suspect it to yank the rug & take away the glorious April & May we've been given.

on that note.

1. Youk. 21 game hit streak. not to mention the nine game multiple hit streak. i swear he is one of the two unsung heroes on the Sox. i can't even begin to express how happy Youk makes me. just something about watching him play. Youk on a streak makes for happy Dawn. i watch every game, just willing him to get that next hit.

2. Tek homered again. every time i get to say this, i become more confident that last year really was about him being injured far more than any of us realized. i am thinking much of the team played this way in 2006 in fact.

3. Joshy. there's no way this is the same pitcher from last year.

4. i think the bats were confused last night. they hit like Wakey was pitching.

5. i would be really bad at that Sox Appeal dating game. i would be way too busy watching the game. and if the guy wouldn't zip it & stop talking to me, i would probably get annoyed. yeah. like i said. that wouldn't work for me.

6. "So strange to see the number 33 on the back of Trot Nixon's uniform." (Don Orsillo) yeah... strange in the way it's strange to see the guy you'll never get over on a date with another girl. you know he *could* come back, but he probably won't, and everything looks all wrong, and it kind of smarts a little, but you're still so happy to see him...

7. Okie Dokie comes in. rings up another save. the Sox win 4-2. and Joshy remains undefeated at 8-0.

8. tonight Matsuzaka makes his first appearance since he pitched with a raging case of stomach flu. hopefully the only people feeling sick tonight will be members of the other team (Trot, not included).

see what i mean? it's too simple. no angst. no nail-biting. no pacing. almost can't see the Yankees right now, they are so far back. all systems are go. the sky is clear. the sea is calm. but it almost feels *too* quiet. like that moment just before Jaws bites off the front half of your boat... i really hope it's just thirty years of Sox paranoia...


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

took me long enough. =P

i wonder why it is that i can be totally random at any time... *until* i get tagged & the pressure is on. =P i am just going to dive in. it's already been five days since Dan tagged me, and we won't even talk about how long it's been since Andie did... ::looks sheepish::

the rules state:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

and away we go.

1. i found out today that Heather is making me Auntie Dawn to a baby boy this time! (by the way, they are trying to narrow down some names so she is asking for opinions on her blog, if you're so inclined.)

2. my first ever favorite baseball player was *not* a member of the Boston Red Sox. it was Cal Ripken Jr of the Baltimore Orioles.

3. when i go to the Magic Kingdom, i always take the same route through the park: Main Street (obviously. lol!). Tomorrowland. Fanastyland. Liberty Square. Frontierland. Adventureland.

4. my favorite candle scent to burn during the summer is Honeydew Melon from Yankee Candle.

5. i have had an unbelievable urge to drink lemonade for the last two weeks.

6. my favorite Disney animated movie is Sleeping Beauty.

7. i wish i were on a Pacific Ocean beach, laying on a lounge chair, under the shade of an umbrella, dozing off to the sound of the ocean waves right now.

i'm going to buck the system. no tagging. anyone who wants to play along can consider themselves tagged.


Snapshots of Saturday: May 29, 2007


Tuesday Twosome


1. Based on the current weather conditions, do you wish it were warmer or cooler? Why?

considering that it is 89* right now, i am not going to say warmer. =P i think about 78* would be perfect. at least there's only 40% humidity right now, so it could definitely be more oppressive than it is.

2. What two words best describe summer for you? Why?
hot. tourists.

3. What are the two best reasons to enjoy summer? Why?
because it's comfortable outside in the evening, one of my favorite times to be at WDW, when it's all lit up. and super fresh, locally grown vegetables.

4. What are the two worst reasons to dislike summer? Why?
hurricanes. mosquitoes.

5. Do you plan on going on a vacation this summer, and if so, where?
well... i earn my vacation in July. i imagine i will be taking some vacation time. not quite sure when yet... i am thinking there will be some time spent on the west coast. and i am going up to Connecticut for the weekend very soon to celebrate my god daughter's third birthday.


Unconscious Mutterings: May 29, 2007

Week 225

I say ... and you think ... ?

Dancer :: ballerina
Intellectual :: intelligent
Direct :: to the point
Tolerate :: put up with
Post :: fence
Instinctive :: driven by an internal reaction without thinking about it first
Brink :: the very edge
Regain :: composure
Repulsed :: disgusted
Distressed :: distraught


a sweep, one of our own returns, and an attempt to push through writer's block

photos from The Boston Herald

i know. i know. i've been completely absent. i just couldn't make it work for me against the Rangers, i guess. i had nothing. which is odd for me, but it's not like i write some in depth article. it's really just my own observations. whatever. let's get things up to speed, shall we?

Friday, Game One against the Texas Rangers
1. during the rain delay, i watched the Yankees play slop ball against the Angels. they lost 10-6. that made me happy. i also watched another score that ended up shocking me. after nine, the Pirates & Reds were tied at two. the next time i checked, it was the top of the tenth. and the Pirates were winning, 10-2?? that's quite an inning. final score ended up being 10-4.

2. the rain delay. all one hour, fifty-seven minutes of it. which means an 8:05 game became a 10:02 start. and it lasted three hours & twenty-three minutes. do the math. i did not see the end of this game.

3. Josh Lewin (one of the tv announcers for the Rangers) has one of the most annoying voices ever.

4. for all the criticism Pedroia has received, he certainly makes a lot of contact with the ball. it was really only a matter of time before the bad luck wore off & he stopped hitting them right at fielders. in 104 at bats, he walked fourteen times, and only struck out eight.

5. nothing strikes fear in the gut of a Sox fan like hearing your starting pitcher may be injured, because he was seen grabbing his side on the way off the field. and the mention of oblique? terror. sheer terror. of course, not having the game on NESN meant minimal updates & much stressing. turns out he was *sick* -- so sick he was throwing up between innings. and still went five deep, got the win & didn't look half bad. he may only be half human.

6. can one really say *anything* to elaborate on something dubbed "The Rally Mushroom"?? i think not. seems all the rain in Texas caused mushrooms to pop up on the field. every time one popped up, the Rangers scored a run. it was actually pretty funny. probably because it was something i could totally see Remy & Don cooking up.

7. Youk count: 17

8. Sox stay strong with their season record of winning all thirty games in which they scored at least five runs. Sox 10 Rangers 6

Saturday, Game Two against the Rangers
let's do this one "by the numbers" just to change things up a little
4: how many hits Manny got
18: Youk's hit streak
5: the number of toes on the socks the Sox are all crazy about wearing now, thanks to our Japanese pitchers
3: the inning during which Manny belly-flopped into a triple
12,000,000: the number of years it takes for Rangers reliever Benoit to make a pitch
38: the number of minutes it took to play the top of the sixth
11.5: number of games the Sox were ahead of the second place AL East team by the end of this game
8: number of hits the Sox gave Wakey!
7: runs scored by the Sox
4: runs scored by the Rangers

Sunday, Game Three against the Rangers
1. Youk is at 19 games now!!

2. Julian Tavarez has some huge hands. Never noticed that before.

3. JD Drew *finally* broke his 0-for-17 slump with a single in the fourth.

4. three-run homer for Tek. =)

5. Coco dives again. must be back to downing the Red Bull.

6. best comic relief of the whole series: Julian *rolling* the ball over to Youk at 1B for an out. i know that we value strikes in baseball, Julian, but ummmm... not of the *bowling* variety. even funnier was Youk trying to hide his laughter behind his glove until he finally gave up, lowered his glove & just roared.

7. Pedroia Pocket. ninth inning. twelve-pitch at bat. finally belts one out of the park. even Gagne (the Rangers reliever) had to tip his hat at that one.

8. Sox win! 6-5! they sweep! and to make it just a little sweeter, the Angels swept the Yankees!

Monday, Game one against the Cleveland Indians
1. no Papi. for the second game in a row. i hope he's ok. and i hope he plays this weekend when the bombing Bombers come to town. because i won't feel the slightest bit comfortable until the Yankees are: a) 25 games back, 2) mathematically eliminated, or d) we have this same lead *after* the All Star Break.

2. you know this series is all about Trot's return to Fenway. i cannot tell you how happy it made me to hear the fans cheering for him. and the standing ovation his first at bat. and Schill stepping off the mound to let Trot have his due. say what you want about Schilling, but he knows how to respect the game & the appreciation of the fans. the smile on Trot's face when he stood there, listening to the Fenway fans... priceless. good to have you back, ol' buddy. miss you over there patrolling your old corner...

3. Big Schill Kd the side to start the game. and went on to rack up ten for the night, his season best. rough outings are hopefully behind him now.

4. make it 20 for Kevin Youkilis!

5. i am thisclose to tackling JD Drew & painting a number one on his back before that seven.

6. here's a tidbit for you: Trot signed a one-year, $3 million contract with the Indians. he's hitting a solid .281, has two home runs and 20 RBIs. in right field now: J.D. Drew, who makes almost five times as much as Nixon, sits at .238. i guess that goes to show, if it ain't broke, don't fix it -- or if it is a little dinged up, don't fix it with something just as dinged up but more expensive.

7. in the park home run for Kevin Youkilis!!

and some major hustle by Mr Nixon to play the ball in CF. all the way from right. i know he couldn't get it in there fast enough, but i would be willing to bet we don't see that kind of hustle from JD Drew.

8. Sox 5 Indians 3 (photo for no particular reason other than we are apparently all about the love for Julian Tavarez this season)

9. Joshy back in action tonight. i think he needs to be fitted with that second skin stuff... no more injuries for our starting rotation, please. and the Indians *better* let Trot play all three this series.


so wrong

some guy walks into the office this morning. he asks me if i was working here twenty years ago. ummmm... no. the only thing i was working on twenty years ago was finishing up the fifth grade.

Michelle (to whom i cannot link anymore) said i should have told him yes, that i haven't aged at all because they keep it so cold in here, i have preserved.

hmph. some freaking people.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

little bits of happy: May 27, 2007

...a summer salad that reminds me of my Gram

super simple. a red tomato cut into thick slices. a yellow tomato cut into thick slices. a sliced cucumber. some thinly sliced red onion. a little bit of fresh basil. some balsamic vinaigrette. layer tomatoes on a plate. add cucumbers, then onion. sprinkle basil. drizzle dressing over entire salad. place in refrigerator to cool & marinate while you cook dinner. serve.


Friday, May 25, 2007

tastes like summer

i love strawberry short cake! takes me back immediately to summer, growing up, spent with my grandparents. Gram would make strawberry shortcake all summer long with berries from Gramp's garden. i'll bet you can guess what i'm having for dessert tonight! ;-)

so, how about you?

What kind of cake?
a slice of pound cake
those little round sponge cakes
a biscuit
something else
no thanks, i don't care for strawberry shortcake
Free polls from

and the berries?
fresh sliced strawberries
crushed strawberries
strawberry sauce
i would prefer some other kind of berry, please
no thanks! i'll just have the cake
Free polls from

and some cream on top?
Cool Whip
whipped cream in a can
only *real* whipped cream for me
something else
i'll pass on the cream
Free polls from


Friday Fill-in: May 25, 2007

Friday Fill-in, #22

1. 10 years at sea; one sick girl!
2. Why is the
clock moving so slowly?
3. Here there be
4. Ah...
Dan does not know which are the *right* Sox.
5. The
boys from the Fens must take at least two out of three in Texas this weekend.
6. Of course it makes you
7. This weekend, I
will hopefully have my car fixed, watch the Sox play and maybe even risk the crowds at WDW for some happy, if my car is working properly & i get too stir crazy! Happy Memorial Day!


Friday's Feast: May 25, 2007

Feast One Hundred & Forty Three

Name a sound you like to hear.

"Sweet Caroline" and baseball noise at Fenway Park

What is your favorite kind of cheese?

mmmmm... cheese... (just not feta)

Do you sleep late on Saturday mornings? Why or why not?

i never sleep in. sleeping late for me translates to about 7.

Main Course
When was the last time you forgot something? What was it, and how long did it take to remember it?

i forget stuff all the time. which is why i make lists, write things down, program it into my phone, send myself email. the last thing i remember forgetting (ha!) was to put toothpaste on my grocery list. i remembered the very next time i brushed my teeth. i was worried i might not make it through the week with what was left, but it looks like i will. and no, i have not been rationing. =P

Fill in the blank: I notice ____________ when _____________.
i notice that cars start falling apart when you pay the stupid things off.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

One-Word Sarcomical Sunday: May 24, 2007

courtesy of Sarcomical

One-Word Sarcomical Sunday #10

Ever have the feeling we've done this before?

Oh. That's right.

Yes, you are smart and you know how this goes by now. Also, your hair smells nice.

But for those who are new or are simply not as intelligent and amazing as you are, here's what you do. After you read my responses, copy and paste the entire list into your comment and replace my answers with yours. You can only use ONE word to answer each item, no matter how much it hurts your head. It will be okay. Take some Advil.

Feeling: quiet
Hoping To: settle
Mental State: disconnected
Current Snack of Choice: strawberries
Last Purchase: SkinEffects
Your Mom: 49
A Wish: repeat
Your Most Ticklish Spot: feet
Your Most Tense Spot: shoulders
Your Desk: glass
You Sometimes Pretend To: understand
A Favorite Fruit: berries
A Favorite Vegetable: broccoli
People Sometimes Think You Are: unhappy
...But You Are Really: quiet
Your College Mascot: hawk
Location of Your Largest Scar: palm
Your Stomach: full
A Favorite Comfort Item: blanket
Where You'd Like to Vacation Next: Pacific


Saturday Six: May 24, 2007

Episode 159

1. What’s your favorite kind of bread?
well, it really matters what you're doing with it! are you having it with a meal? cooking with it? making a sandwich? what *kind* of sandwich? making toast? i like all kinds of bread for all kinds of situations. i can't really say that i have a favorite! i know i don't really care for rye or pumpernickel.

2. As a kid, did you eat more warm sandwiches or cold ones?
probably about even, actually.

3. Which of the following side items do you most prefer with a sandwich: french fries, potato chips, or cole slaw?
fries with a sandwich? not usually. unless it's a big chicken sandwich at a restaurant, or something like that. and i am *super* picky about my coleslaw. i don't like it soggy. ::shudder:: i would have to say chips.

4. Take the quiz: What kind of sandwich are you?

You Are a Turkey Sandwich

Conservative and a bit shy, you tend to stick with what you know and trust.

You are very introverted, and you prefer to blend in whenever possible.

Though you may be hard to know well, anyone who does know you considers you a true friend.

Your best friend: The Ham Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

5. If you could only use one of the following condiments, are you more likely to use mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard on a sandwich?
mustard, please!

6. A question of deli etiquette: do you eat the dill pickle spear before, with or after your sandwich?
with! i didn't realize there was a particular etiquette that was involved with pickle consumption though... hmmmm...

Episode 162

1. Do you order Girl Scout cookies each year? If so, how many boxes do you buy in an average year?
i don't order any. i usually buy a box or two from the Girl Scouts that set up outside my local gorcery store though.

2. How long does it take you to finish off a box of cookies?
i don't know... a while. they don't go stale or anything though.

3. What's your favorite kind of cookie to dip in milk?
ew! none!

4. Take the quiz: What kind of cookie are you?

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.

You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!

5. If you had to bake cookies for a party, what flavor would you bake?
i would make chocolate chip, simply because they are so universally liked & would probably make the most people happy.

6. What's the right way to eat an Oreo? As a whole, or by licking off the filling and then eating the two wafers individually?
take a bite. chew. swallow. repeat with remainder of cookie.


Five on Fridays: May 24, 2007

brought you by Five on Fridays

Maternal Instincts

1. If you're out shopping and hear a baby cry, what's your first thought?

i usually feel bad that they are crying, and that the parent(s) seem to look embarrassed. it can't be helped that babies cry. sometimes i wonder what's wrong. other times i can tell by the cry. (there's those old daycare instincts, still alive & kicking!)

2. Are the passengers in your car required to buckle their seat belts regardless of age?
i don't think i've ever had to tell someone to buckle up in my car. they just do. but yes, i would ask them to if they didn't. Florida makes a huge deal out of "Click it or Ticket," and i am not smudging my driving record & paying a ticket for someone to be riding belt-less in my car.

3. Do you ever feel the need to clean/straighten your loved ones? With your own spit?
sometimes. if there's "debris" or lint or string or something on them. or if a tag is sticking out. i am more likely to point it out though than to just take the liberty of doing it myself. and *no* spit. gross.

4. Some people are described as having "a face only a mother could love." What people or things in your life do you love unconditionally?
i don't love any *things* in an unconditional way. just doesn't seem possible to me. i may value things, but unconditional love is reserved for people. and the ones that are important to me are loved without condition.

5. In what ways are you like your mother? What habits, catch phrases, and tricks have you picked up from her?
i am not much like my mother. the ways in which i am similar: our handwriting has a lot of common characteristics, we sound almost exactly alike on the telephone, and we both raise our right eyebrows *exactly* the same way. i can't really think of anything else... considering how minimal my opportunities were to pick up traits from my mother, i really wonder how much of this stuff was actual *natural*. voice makes sense, but the handwriting & the eyebrow thing? hmmm...



photo from The Boston Globe

1. i was kind of hoping Schill might teach Slappy's elbow a lesson, but there was a "secret pre-game meeting" between the managers & the umpires. i would be willing to bet it was a warning to keep the game clean. oh well. he'll get his...

2. observation: i think if i did play-by-play synopsis of Sox games here on my blog, i could start many of them with: "Lugo made an out to start the game." doesn't really justify him being lead off hitter, does it. =P

3. Youk consecutive hitting streak watch: 16

4. i think Greasy's square head may have gotten bigger...

5. after two innings, i was seriously contemplating reaching through my television screen & cracking WMP's & Lugo's heads together. between the one covering RF not even *trying* to get the ball to home for an attempt at a play, and the other throwing the ball away into the OF, instead of to 2B... ::shakes head:: i know he's small, but Pedroia isn't *invisible*.

6. i can't tell you what happened during the rest of the giant smoking crater where a ball game should have been. it was on. i was staring at it. but i just plain tuned out. i know our pitching stunk to high heaven. and i know that there was many an adventure in the outfield, starring Manny Ramirez, Coco Crisp & Wily Mo Pena. and i know we lost to the MFY, 8-3.

7. blessed off day. tomorrow, the Hundred Million Dollar pitcher faces the Rangers. but for today, we rest.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

going to my happy place

first, for Janet -- sorry about the quality. you can't use a flash on the ride, and the lighting in the store kind of stunk. =/

the better Pirates of the Caribbean is celebrating it's 40th anniversary. i think the deisgn they picked for this celebration is so much fun. when Nichole & Daniel were here on vacation, Nichole saw the cutest tops with this same theme. when i was back a week later, there wasn't a trace of them to be found. we were commenting on how the labels in them all said Disneyland. i bet they were never supposed to be on WDW property in the first place. too bad. they really cute!

i am trying to decide which Test Track photo i like better. the first one, i used the flash; the second one. i didn't. i like the way the lights & the signs glow in the first one, but the glare from the flash in the foreground of the photo kind of bugs me. the second one, i like that the focus is softer on the cars ahead of me, and that there's no glare, but it's just not as fun when the signs don't glow!


slow motion

photos from Yahoo Sports, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald

1. The Dodgers are pounding the pavement for a power hitting third baseman. They're looking at everyone from Toronto's Troy Glaus, to St. Louis' Scott Rolen and even Boston's Mike Lowell. The Dodgers have good young players like Matt Kemp and James Loney to move. It would seem far-fetched for the Sox to give up Lowell with the team playing so well and because Lowell has been one of Boston's most productive hitters. (Extra Bases)
are we starting this crap again? leave my third baseman please-and-thank-you. he is third for the Sox in total hits (52, Papi has 53, Youk has 57); one behind Papi in RBI with 36; and when he went deep last night, he tied Ortiz to lead the Sox with nine homers. why do we need to keep revisiting this topic?

2. make that fiften consecutive games now with a hit for Youk!

3. i always find myself tilting my head when Moose pitches. he has such a... unique wind-up & delivery. he starts by bowing low to the ground. then he stands up & stares toward home plate, motionless. then he winds up & releases, with a quick knee-jerk kick. the first part is so slow, but then the end of it is rushed. it sort of reminds me of when MLBtv runs super slow & then races to "catch up," almost like watching the players on fast forward.

4. Julian turned 34 yesterday. for his gift, Manny brought a bat & knocked in a three-run whammy in the first. Manny makes it look so effortless. i just wish he were swinging like this a little more often.

in an effort to make myself feel a little better, let's compare 2007 to 2006.
Manny's stats through May 22
2007: 41 hits. 22 runs. 7 HR. 28 RBI. 32 Ks. .244 BA
2006: 42 hits. 23 runs. 8 HR. 22 RBI. 39 Ks .294 BA
and we all know that by the end of last year, those numbers exploded. so what we've learned here is: all in due time...

5. first inning of last night's game: Youk - single. Papi - single. Manny - home run. Lowell - double. Tek - single. well, would you look at that. apparently, the Sox *did* bring bats to NY with them after all. just not for Wake. >=[

6. spoken by Michael Kay (at least i'm pretty sure that's who it was -- it was one of the Yankee's tv announcers anyway) in the middle of the first: "Nothing against Julian Tavarez, but you don't feel like he's the kind of guy who's going to shut you down." i wonder if he'd like to retract that statement as Julian is now 2-0 against the Yankees in 2007.

7. in-game realization: Monday's game stole my optimism. brought me right back down to earth. i feel wary. like suddenly, it all seems too easy. i feel like i am looking over my shoulder all of a sudden, like reality is going to come sneaking up on me any time now. like the sky will fall in & i will find myself dumped unceremoniously back in the second half of 2006. even a five run lead late in the game felt tenuous & fragile.

8. i have often been proud of the 'C' Tek has on his jersey. he embodies the very definition of what a Captain should be. last night, i learned that Varitek was reluctant to have the 'C' on his jersey, and while this makes me respect him even more, i am so happy that his teammates insisted he wear it anyway. because they are *that* proud to call him Captain.

9. JD Drew continues his downward spiral as JD Don't. Tito has faith that he'll recover & start swinging again. i hope he has faith enough for both of us, because, right now, mine is dwindling in direct relation to JD's batting average.

10. was anyone else flabbergasted to see Jonathan Papelbon shake off Varitek?! dude... lesson learned now, right?

11. tutorial for Alex Rodriguez on the proper way to break up a double play:
the right way:

the cheap-shot, this-just-ain't-cool, elbow-in-the-gut way you employed last night:

i would say pick on someone your own size, Slappy, but i'm thinking Pedroia Pocket, wee though he may be, just might be scrappy enough to take you on.

12. some games have the ability to make you feel like time is moving backward. last night was one of those games, even though we pulled off a win, 7-3, against the stupid ass Yankees. dare i say that i am actually ready for Thursday's off day? sixteen games in a row (rain outs don't count when you follow them with double headers) seem to have drained my spirit. i am having a hard time getting into the last few games and this is against the *Yankees*. i didn't even pace when Papelbon started off the ninth by walking back-to-back hitters.

13. once again, another respectable game from our number five. two runs on three hits. 106 pitches. he didn't go as deep as he did his last turn (i originally thought he pitched 6.2 last night, but i have since read that it was 5.2, indicative of how long this game felt to watch), but i'll take another solid start and a mark in the W-column.

14. why do i have the sneaking suspicion that Schill & Pettitte will not make this a snappy game tonight...? oh well. i'll be front & center, watching quietly, because i *will* watch, even if my energy has been tapped.


And I Quote: May 23, 2007

How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize we have discovered a friend.
(William Rotsler)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the one with the game that makes me wish i had one of those Neuralizer pens from Men in Black

photos from Yahoo Sports, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald

1. it still makes me shake my head that the Red Sox had only 66 errors last year, best in Major League Baseball, yet not a single member of last year's team was awarded a Golden Glove. they were talking about it again last night. The Year of the Perfect Infield. poetry. we so don't have that playing out before us this year.

2. i tried to bite back a laugh at Jeter last night when he bobbled a hit in the second. i should have tried harder. it always comes back to haunt me...

3. Lugo cut off a throw Manny made in the bottom of the second. it ended up allowing a run to score for the Yankees. even *Manny* knew that throw shouldn't have been cut off.

4. the fickle knuckleball did not flutter for Timmy last night. as beautiful as that pitch is when it's on, when it isn't, things get ugly *fast*. we weren't even out of the second inning before i knew this game wouldn't end well.

5. thank heaven for small favors. last night's game was on ESPN, and we got Dave O'Brien & Rick Sutcliffe. no Joe Morgan! yay!

6. Youk doubled in the fourth to extend is hitting streak to fourteen games! there's nothing like a happy Youk. i saw this cartoon this morning though & it reminded me of how Youk acts when he doesn't do what he wants to accomplish.

7. Manny made a heck of a catch last night. i always wonder if he really has defensive talent but doesn't apply himself, or does he just get lucky every so often?

8. i thoroughly enjoyed watching Mike Lowell tag Slappy out at third on an attempted double steal.

9. Papi got an RBI double in the fifth, scoring Youk. even though it still freaks me out, this is the first (and possibly only) time i was happy to see The Big Man slide, since it ended up knocking the ball away from Jeter, allowing Papi to be safe at 2B. i love the way this photo makes it look like Jeter is looking into his empty glove with astonishment, while the ball lays on the ground in front of him. (but i'm not laughing!)

10. there was a really bad call on Youk. a ball was called a strike on a full count. it might have ultimately cost the Sox some runs. it was at least partially paid back in the fifth though, when a double play was turned on Posada. Posada was safe at first by a mile but was called out. let's just say that the officiating in this game left quite a bit to be desired.

11. i am really not that impressed with JC Romero yet. i have a vague twinge reminiscent of last season's bullpen when i see him warming. it carried over to Manny Delcarmen, who was brought up from Pawtucket for yesterday's game, but it was unwarranted, as Little Manny pitched a perfect seventh inning.

12. the one moment of the game when i smiled: Dougie calling himself safe at first as he crossed the bag. (and he was.)

13. eighth inning. bases loaded. two outs. down by four runs. Julio Lugo stepping up to the plate makes me pace just like i did last year when Rudy Seanez was on the mound.

14. lost the series opener to the stupid Yankees, 6-2.

15. Julian for the good guys. Moose for the bad guys. i am trying not to be worried, but i don't want to lose this series to the Evil Empire. let's hope that Julian does what he's been doing & rises to the challenge when he faces the good pitchers, even though he falters against what should be a more equal match up... lucky jersey on. let's play ball.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings: May 21, 2007

Week 223

I say ... and you think ... ?

Film :: camera
Dragon :: knight
Hunger :: starving
Plucked :: eyebrows
Dissolving :: koolaid in water
Executive :: decision
Ridiculous :: silly
Mist :: what it did in Boston this weekend, according to Rem-Dawg
Minority :: sensitive subject
Map :: road trip

Week 224

I say ... and you think ... ?

Coastguard :: boats
Buddies :: pals
Nap :: naps are good. i like naps.
Groan :: moan
Sitcom :: Friends
Reader :: what i have one or two of here on my blog
Heroes :: villains
Amazing :: incredible
Woman :: feminine
Don’t! :: that!


Monday Madness: May 21, 2007

This week's questions; all about birthdays! Have fun and thank you for playing each week. =)

1. Name one thing you received as a gift on your last birthday
a trip to California =)

2. What would be the "perfect" birthday gift?
time with the people i love is always the best gift.

3. Do you look forward to birthdays?
not particularly. i don't mind that another year has passed so much as i don't really care to be the center of attention.

4. On your birthday, do you treat yourself to something special each year?
not usually.

5. Do you bother keeping up with your horoscope on a regular basis?
if i run across it, i will read it, just for ha-ha's.

6. What zodiac sign are you, and do you think you fit the description for that sign?
i am a Libra. from everything i've ever read about being a Libra, i fit the description to a tee. i thrive on balance & harmony. i believe in justice. and i hate confrontation.


when it rains, it pours

photos from Yahoo Sports, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald

1. just one more piece of evidence that Julio Lugo is not normal...

2. where was that defense from Renteria when he played for us?! =P

3. meteorologist Jerry Remy declares that the Sox played Saturday's second game in a *mist*, not rain. whatever you want to call it, i'm surprised my boys weren't growing webbed feet by the end of this past weekend's interleague series against the Braves.

4. i believe the back up catcher for Atlanta has the longest name i have ever seen. either that or he just got stuck with all the left over uniform letters they needed to use up: Saltalamacchia

5. happened to stumble across another photo of Eric Hinske going splat against the Tigers the other night. that play was totally worth a second mention. it may be one of the craziest catches i have seen in the last few years. if you missed seeing it when it happened, you can see it (for now, anyway) here. i still can't believe how hard his head bounced, face first, in the dirt of the warning track -- and i have seen this clip a bunch of times now.

6. the first game on Saturday was a run fest for the Sox. solos for Lugo & Whiffy Mo. a two-run shot for Youk. and the huge grand slam by Mike Lowell. and that only accounts for eight of the thirteen runs scored by Boston.

7. i still can't believe they didn't call the second game as soon as it was official. if i didn't know better, i would say that the Sox let the Braves pull far enough ahead that they couldn't be caught, just so they could end the game & dry out. watching that soggy three hour game could only have been more miserable if i had been at Fenway, suffering through it in the rain (er, mist, sorry, Jerry...).

8. how many Red Sox does it take not to catch a ball? =P

9. Youk went three for three, plus a walk, on Sunday. one of those hits was another solo home run. as difficult as it is to watch Youk beat up on himself when he doesn't perform up to his own self expectations, it is joyful to see his face like this. he's on a thirteen game hit streak right now.

10. Cora continues to make monster plays in the field. sliding all over the place in the rain. leaping in the air. throwing accurately, while spinning on his knees. Julio Lugo could do this too -- in his dreams! Cora for SS!

11. the bats were like Goldilocks & the three bears: this one is toooo hot (Game One, Saturday: 18 hits). this one is toooo cold (Game Two, Saturday: 3 hits). this one is just right (Sunday: 9 hits).

12. quite a gem in Saturday's early game from Zaka-san. solid eight innings. gave up three runs on nine hits. Kd six. walked none. he's 6-2 now in nine starts. no complaints from me. Sox win for Matsuzaka, 13-3.

13. i *really* felt bad for Devern Hansack. he pitched in the rain. the Sox refused to hit the ball. i can't believe an outing like that isn't discouraging. it wasn't just him though. the only Sox pitcher in that game that didn't give up a run was JC Romero. Hansack & Pineiro both gave up four. Lopez & Donnelly gave up three each. add up that disaster, and you get a Sox loss, 14-0. i don't remember the last time we got shut out that badly.

14. what an outing by Kason Gabbard on Sunday! way better than i dared to even hope. five innings, giving up two runs on six hits. walked one but struck out *seven*. Donnelly struggled a little bit, but Lopez, Snyder, Oki & Papelbon came in to kick butts & take names. Sox win, 6-3.

15. The Wakabelli Show is on tonight. please let there be bats. Wang gets the nod from the Evil Empire (not sure why they swapped his start with Mussina). Sox enter the series with quite a record... and quite a lead. and that's all i can say about that. =X


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